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Chapter 461: You Dont Have The Ability Of A Husband!


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Martin did not inform any outsiders about Jordan going blind, so only a small number of people present knew about it.

Hearing Matthew exposing Jordan in public, everyone was astounded.

“Laurens husband is actually blind Thats not right.

I remember that he was clearly a normal person when they got married some time ago.

He even toasted me!”

“He should have gone blind only recently.

No wonder he has been wearing sunglasses.

It turns out its to hide his blindness!”

“Ah, hes so young and hes already gone blind.

I feel really bad for Lauren for being married to a blind man.

How is she supposed to live from now on”

“Even if the Steeles are powerful, she must divorce him!”

Seeing that the crowd was discussing incessantly, Martin got up and said, “Everyone, my grandson-in-law, Jordan, got into an accident some time ago and he was drugged, which resulted in his blindness.

I hadnt had the chance to inform you all about it.”

Hearing Martins words, everyone got up one after another.

“Whoever had the guts to lay a hand on Mr.

Howard Srs grandson must have a death wish! Mr.

Howard Sr, I will help you investigate this matter thoroughly!”

“Thats right, if you dare to touch the Howards, youll be going against us.

We will definitely support Mr.

Howard Sr.! We will punish the scoundrel!”

It could be seen that these bigwigs were still very supportive of Martin.

Hearing those peoples words, Cayden could not help but feel a chill in his spine but he knew that the identity of the guests were extraordinary because they were all not any weaker than the Huxleys.

If others were to know that he was the one who drugged Jordan, he would definitely be killed.

However, he felt that he had good acting skills.

After all, he had slept with many A-list actresses.

Cayden was overjoyed to see that someone had exposed Jordan for being blind in public!

“Hah, it seems that someone has humiliated Jordan Steele for me.

I dont have to do anything myself.


Cayden remained seated quietly and drank some soup.

Since Jordan chose to wear sunglasses, it was to hide his “flaw”, but Matthew actually exposed him in public mercilessly.

The viciousness of his heart was revealed.

However, Jordan sneered.

“Master Matthew, it seems like youre not that impressive.”

Jordan was worried that in case Matthew was powerful and smart enough to tell that he was pretending to be blind, it would ruin Jordans plans.

He didnt expect Matthew to fail to realize that he had been pretending!

Jordan continued, “I asked you to look at my face.

So, can you tell if Im blind or not”

Matthew humphed coldly and said, “Dont panic, let me see your face clearly! Your face…”

Matthew secretly exclaimed in amazement while sizing up Jordans face.

“This guy has a high and straight nose bridge.

Hes very lucky in his career, wealth, and love.

Except for some ups and downs in his relationships, everything else is simply perfect! Damn, this guy is handsome too!”

Matthew actually knew a little bit about face-reading, though it was only the tip of the iceberg.

Besides, he could tell that Jordans face really was flawless.

Jordan was certainly not a perfect person but Matthew wasnt capable enough to tell what Jordans true flaws were.

“Whats wrong, Master Matthew How exactly is my face Why arent you saying anything”

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Jordan was actually staring at Matthew too.

He could already tell that Matthew was surprised by the results of his face-reading.

Any competent master of face-reading would definitely praise Jordans face if they see him.

In fact, Jordan had once gone on a vacation with Hailey to climb Mount Tai two years ago where an elderly lady insisted on reading Jordans face.

He couldnt refute so he eventually gave in.

In the end, she knelt to Jordan immediately after reading it! She even said that Jordan was a big shot who could dominate the world!

That statement made Haileys belly ache as she burst into laughter.

When she returned home, she even told Sylvie about it as though it was the biggest joke.

Matthew swallowed his saliva and said, “Your life is tough! Your face is dark and so are your lips! Youre not blessed at all and youre destined to be alone and miserable! Jordan, dont think that youll live a happy life with security just because you married Lauren.

Based on your face, Ill boldly deduce that

youll surely suffer a failed marriage in this lifetime!”

“Your first marriage will definitely fail.

The woman who is truly suitable for you and accompany you through your life is your second wife!”

After listening to this, Jordan smiled and said, “Honey, did you hear that Master Matthew said that you are the woman who will accompany me through my life.”

Lauren said with a faint smile, “Well, it seems that Master Matthew is quite good at face-reading.

To think that he even predicted that youve been divorced once.”

Matthews expression suddenly changed and he was entirely confused.

“You… Youve been divorced before”

Matthew simply did not know that Jordan had been married once before, and thought that Lauren was Jordans first wife! After all, based on common sense alone, Lauren was a woman from a wealthy family who couldnt possibly marry a divorced man!

Jordan said, “Yeah, I was married once, and that marriage like you said, ended in failure.

Thank you for your blessings for Lauren and me to be together forever.

After I lost my sight, I was worried that the two of us would be separated because of it.

Master Matthew, youve given me a lot of


At this moment, Cayden couldnt help but curse softly under his breath, “That idiot, Matthew.

How dare he come here and make a fool of himself without even getting a clear idea of Jordans situation!”

Matthew originally wanted to say that Jordan and Lauren couldnt stay together forever but he ended up giving them his blessings instead.

How could that work!!

Matthew immediately changed his tone and exclaimed, “I… I read your face wrongly! Youre destined to end up alone without any woman to accompany you in this lifetime.

Your second marriage is bound to fail too!”

At this moment, Brad interjected furiously before Jordan even retorted, “What nonsense are you f***ing saying Are you trying to jinx my sisters marriage”

Marissa rebuked Brad, “Mind your language! Dont be so uncultured.”

Jordan smiled indifferently.

The fact that Matthew went back on his words was enough to prove that his face-reading abilities were nothing but a sham.

“What else do you see” Jordan asked.

Matthew said, “Ive learned traditional Chinese medicine too.

I can find out about your health by taking your pulse!”

Holding out his arm, Jordan took the initiative and said, “Come on, take my pulse.”

Matthew took Jordans pulse while everyone watched.

While taking his pulse, Matthew thought to himself in amazement,Damn it, this guy is in great health.

It seems like he doesnt have any problems at all! No, it seems like the kidneys are a bit weak!”

Actually, it was because Jordan and Lauren had been suffering from insomnia last night and thus, started getting it on.

Hence, he was rather fatigued now.

Matthew laughed and said, “Jordan Steele, you may seem to be strong and fit but your kidneys are ailing! To put it in laymans terms, you have kidney deficiency! Hmph, as a man, Im afraid you cant even carry out your duties as a husband right now! You cant give Lauren happiness at all..

Youre not

qualified to be her husband!”


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