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Chapter 464: Blind Bach!


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This was not just a birthday celebration!

After all, Henry, Matthew and Cayden had been informed by Marissa that they were candidates to be Laurens next husband.

So this performance was a competition for the Howard familys new son-in-law!

Henry kept showing off his many skills and manly charm.

All of this was for the benefit of Jordans wife, Lauren! As Laurens husband, how could Jordan tolerate other men acting so boldly in front of him!

As he flashed a smile at everyone who had been praising him, Henry said, “Thank you, everyone.

Actually, this isnt my most impressive slam dunk.

My most impressive move is a slam dunk while leaping over someones head!”

“slam dunk while leaping over someones head Oh my god, you can do something so difficult”

The guests were all shocked.

Many of them expressed their desire to witness this feat.

A sudden idea seemed to have popped into Henrys head and he walked toward Jordan.

He asked, “Jordan, can you do me a favor How about you stand under the basket and dont move Ill leap over your head and complete the slam dunk.”

Jordan was already unhappy with Henry showing off in front of his wife.

Now, this fellow dared to make such an insulting request! He wanted to leap over Jordans head for a slam dunk!

Bam! Jordan slammed the table angrily.

“Henry, say that again if you have the guts!”

Henry was not scared at all when he saw that Jordan was angry.

“Dont worry, Jordan.

Im very good at jumping.

Ill clear your head and complete the slam dunk.

I wont end up riding on your neck.


Jordan stood up angrily.

“How dare you provoke me Youre from Orlando.

Dont you know who I am”

Jordan could be considered the King of Orlando!

After he became the President of Ace Corporation in Orlando, he monopolized almost all industries to take revenge on those who wanted to kill him.

He had destroyed at least dozens of companies!

Up until now, the faces of many families and companies in Orlando would turn pale at the mention of Jordan Steele!

Henry laughed.

“Does everyone from Orlando need to know who you are Hehe, you think too highly of yourself.

You were only the President of Ace Corporation for a while and dealt with a few small minions.

After I returned to the state, I did hear about you from my friends.

They said that you were so

awesome and domineering, That you were the richest man in Orlando and even managed to win over our number one beauty, President Victoria Clarke.

“Haha, but Im sorry.

The wealthiest in Orlando has always been the Zeller family.

You are no match for us.

Moreover, Im very familiar with Victoria.

Before I went abroad, she often asked me out for coffee, movies and drinks at bars.

She even confessed to me that she wanted to be my girlfriend, but I

rejected her.

“Indeed, shes quite beautiful.

Its a pity that shes already 30 years old and an orphan.

How can she be worthy of me”

Jordan was furious.

“Bullsh*t! Would Victoria chase after you”

Henry said, “Why not My family is the biggest in Orlando.

Im handsome, young and an all-around genius.

I have many women pursuing me.

Victoria is just one of the many.”

“Handsome You”

Even with sunglasses on, Jordan could see Henry clearly.

Admittedly, his figure was not bad as he exercised regularly.

However, his facial features could not be described as handsome.

At most, they were only passable.

This shameless fellow actually called himself handsome

Henry said shamelessly, “Thats right.

Im much more handsome than you.

Its a pity that youre blind and dont have the chance to see my handsome face!”

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To think that Henry dared to deceive Jordan just because he could not see him.

He wanted Jordan to think that the person standing before him was a perfect man who could not be faulted in every aspect.

He wanted Jordan to back off and give up on Lauren.

Unfortunately, Jordan could see his face.

Henry said proudly, “Jordan, Im the perfect man with handsome looks, multiple abilities, great talent, good family background.

Only a man like me is worthy of Ms.


Since ancient times, only heroes are worthy of beauties.

I have also admired Ms.

Lauren for a long time, thats why I rejected many

outstanding women, including Victoria.

“The reason why I didnt pursue Ms.

Lauren right from the start was that I wanted to continue improving myself.

I swore to come to find Ms.

Lauren after I became a perfect man.

Jordan, if youre not blind, I can fight you fair and square.

Ill make you feel ashamed and give up Ms.


“Its a pity that youre already disabled.

Theres no need for me to bully you.

Just give up on this marriage and stop dragging Ms.

Lauren down!”

Henry was challenging Jordan in front of the Howard family and all the guests.

He boldly stated that he wanted to snatch Jordans wife!

However, when the Howard family heard Henrys outrageous words, they all remained silent! They were giving tacit agreement to Henry to snatch Lauren away!

“Looks like the Howard family is already prepared to change their son-in-law.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have let Henry talk to Jordan like that.”

“Thats right.

No wonder theres an additional performance at this years birthday banquet.

It looks like those who are participating in the performance are all potential sons-in-law.”

“No wonder.

After all, Jordan is already blind.

Its not unreasonable for them to abandon him.”

“Its a pity.

I heard that Jordan was also an all-around genius when he was healthy.

He might not lose to Henry in a proper competition!”

Everyones eyes were focused on Jordan.

Jordan only had two choices now.

He could either defeat Henry and make everyone realize that he was stronger than him.

Or give up Lauren.

Jordan said, “You want to compete with me Alright, its rare for someone my age to be as formidable as me.

Ill give you this opportunity!”

Henry was shocked.

“You want to compete with me What You cant even see!”

Jordan smiled.

“Thats right.

Im blind now, but it is still no problem for me to win against you.”

Caydens interest was piqued as Jordan continued, “You performed the piano and slam dunk earlier.

Ill perform those two skills too.”

“Honey, help me to the piano.”


Inall honesty, Lauren had had enough of the narcissistic Henry.

Initially, she thought that Henry was somewhat good-looking, but not considerably handsome.

She did not expect him to say so many outrageous things to Jordan.

He even lied that he was very handsome.

It was too disgusting.

Everyone was shocked.

“What is Jordan doing Is he going to play the piano too”

“[heard that the world-famous pianist, Evan Cadence, is his junior.

His piano attainments are definitely above Henrys!”

“But hes blind now.

He cant see.

Is he going to perform blind”

Lauren smiled.

Only she knew that Jordan was actually not blind.

She knew that her husband would not lose face.

Instead, he would shock the entire audience!

‘When Henry saw Jordan sitting by the piano, he asked loudly, “Jordan, what tune are you going to play!”

Jordan answered, “Prelude and Fugue in G minor.”

Henry raised his eyebrows haughtily..

“If you can play this song blind, Ill kneel and bow to you, then acknowledge you as my teacher!”


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