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Chapter 466: Victoria Is Here!


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Henry looked at Jordan and asked, “Jordan, how do you plan to do your slam dunk Do you want to stand under the basket and jump Hehe, if thats the case, I dont think you need to perform anymore! I can also do the same blindfolded! And I can even perform a windmill slam dunk!”

For people with good jumping ability, it was very easy for them, they didnt even need to look at the basket.

Jordan said, “Of course not.

I want you to stand under the basket.

I want to leap over your head!”

“What did you say!”

The words made Henry infuriated.

Jordan wanted to leap over his head! After all, he had made the same request to Jordan earlier, so Jordan wanted to humiliate Henry in the same way!

Henry, who had always been very arrogant, was naturally unwilling to let anyone jump over his head.

But on second thought

‘Jordan is blind.

He would probably fall to his death if he tried something so difficult!”

Henry felt that this was a good way to get rid of Jordan!

If anything happened to Jordan during this stunt, if he fell to the ground and got a concussion from hitting his head, Jordan would definitely cease being Laurens husband.

‘Then Henry would have a chance.

“Alright, Im willing to let you leap over my head for your slam dunk!” Henry agreed.

But Martin stopped them.

“No, we cannot allow such a risky move.

Its too dangerous.”

Martin was afraid that Jordan would lose his life from this stunt.

However, Jordan insisted, “Grandpa, dont worry.

Ill be fine.

Ill definitely complete this slam dunk!”

This was the first time Jordan had called him Grandpa.

Martin felt a warmth in his heart.

He treated Jordan like his own child.

However, this child was so stubborn.

Henry went to stand in front of the basket and said to the Howard family, “Uncle, Aunty, Ms.

Lauren, dont worry.

If Jordan jumps and falls, Ill support him and not let him get hurt.”

Although he was saying that, he was having completely different thoughts in his mind.

He didnt care if Jordan lived or died!

Wasting no further time, Jordan grabbed the ball with one hand and stood a few meters away from Henry.

He suddenly sped up and charged!

Since Jordan was supposed to be blind, he pretended to rely on Laurens prompts.

Lauren waited for the right timing and called out to Jordan.


Jordan leaped into the air with the ball in one hand!

“Damn, his timing is so accurate!”

Henry was shocked.

He had no idea that Jordan was not relying on Laurens prompt.

Instead, Jordan was relying on his own eyes.

Jordan leaped high into the air and flew over Henrys head!

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Henry couldnt believe his eyes.


Jordan slammed the ball into the hoop with one hand!

Everyone at present was dumbstruck!

However, just as Jordan was about to land, Henry suddenly turned and said, “Tll catch you.”

Henry was pretending to be kind, but he suddenly stumbled and fell where Jordan was going to land! If Jordan really could not see and landed like that, he would probably sprain his ankle!

“Be careful!”

Jordan suddenly heard two very familiar voices.

One was Lauren, and the other seemed to be… Victoria!

There was no way Jordan would let Henry succeed.

He avoided Henrys body perfectly and did not step on him.

“Victoria… that was Victorias voice just now!”

Jordan looked around and suddenly noticed that one of the hotel staff standing in the distance looked like Victoria!


Jordan felt that this must be the real Victoria because he had already warned the fake one.

She would never dare to pretend to be Victoria again! Moreover, Jordan recognized that voice.

It was Victoria!

Jordan wanted to rush over but he could not do that! After all, he was blind right now and couldnt see Victoria! If he rushed over to Victoria now, his blind act would be exposed.

If Cayden was really the culprit behind his attack, he would probably become even more cautious.

Jordan would never be able to find anyone who harmed him!

After Victoria was spotted by Jordan, she disappeared into the sea of people.

Lauren also turned to look but she could no longer see anyone.

“Hubby, are you alright” Lauren asked with concern.

Clenching his fists, Jordan took a deep breath before lowering them to the ground.

He shouted as he pumped his fists, “Why! Why!”

He was resentful!

He was feeling very aggrieved!

He had always dreamed of seeing Victoria again.

But today, now that he finally saw her, he couldnt chase after her!

“She must have heard that I was blind and specially came to see me.”

Jordan immediately guessed why Victoria was here.

At the very least, this meant that she was free.

She did not appear before him not because she could not, but because she did not want to.

“Has she given up on me Does she really not want to be with me anymore”

Jordan could not accept Victorias decision.

He had to clear things up with her!

Cayden saw Jordan go into a frenzy and even accidentally punched Henrys manhood.

Cayden thought to himself.

“Why Hehe, why are you blind Because you antagonized me! Not only will I make you blind for the rest of your life, but I will also snatch your woman away! Soon, your beautiful wife will be under me! Just like your ex, haha!”

He had the confidence and the substance to back it up.

He had managed to snatch Hailey away before.

Therefore, he believed that he could steal Lauren too.

Salvatore hurried over when he saw Jordan in a frenzy.

This was also one of Jordans goals.

He wanted to lure Salvatore over.

Hugging Salvatore, Jordan whispered in his ear, “Victoria is here.

Go after her.”

Salvatore was startled.

Victoria was here, so perhaps Emily was also here.

He immediately went to find her.

Meanwhile, Jordan gradually calmed down.

Henry was beaten up by Jordan and was sent to the hospital for a checkup.

The all-around genius had been turned into trash by the disabled Jordan.

The guests were full of praise.


Howard Sr., although Jordan is blind now, he can still move freely.

He can play the piano, walk and even jump.

Hes not much different from a normal person.”

“Not bad.

Moreover, technology is so advanced now.

Blindness is no longer an obstacle.

I heard that someone overseas has created a camera for blind people using AR technology.

Blind people can also sense this world now.”

‘Martin was overjoyed as well..

He thought to himself:If Jordan can live like a normal person, he might still be qualified to inherit the Howard familys secret!”


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