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Chapter 467: Setting A Trap for Cayden!


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Stefan walked towards Martin as well and said softly, “Dad, its a little too early to give up on Jordan now.

I think we should wait a little longer.

Maybe he will turn for the better.”

As Jordans parents-in-law, Stefan and Marissa had completely different attitudes towards him.

It was apparent that Stefan was more tolerant of Jordan.

Of course, he also hated Jordan for hurting his son.

On the other hand, Stefan had some kind of history with Jordans aunt.

Martin had always wanted the Steele and Howard families to be connected by marriage.

When Stefan reached the appropriate age for marriage, Martin wanted to matchmake his son and Jordans aunt, who was the younger sister of Jordans father.

They had met once before.

Stefan was attracted by the other partys carefree, beautiful and otherworldly aura.

He instantly fell in love with her.

Unfortunately, their dalliance did not lead anywhere in the end.

Martin nodded.

“Thats right.

We cant give up on Jordan so easily.”

Lauren helped Jordan back to his seat.

Marissa felt guilty when she saw Jordan howling in anger and sorrow earlier.

She felt that she had let him down.

He was already blind and Lauren was all he had now, but Marissa still tried to snatch her away from him.


In the end, Marissa was still a woman after all.

She felt pity for Jordan and she poured him a cup of tea, then took the initiative to bring it to him.

“Jordan, have some tea.

“Dont be sad.”

Normally, Jordan would have felt honored and happy if his arrogant mother-in-law served him tea.

However, Jordan was in no mood to talk to her now.

‘The only thing on his mind at this moment was Victoria!

‘Salvatore, you must catch up to Victoria!”

At this moment, Clarice suddenly cleared her throat.

“Ahem, Aunt Marissa, the performance isnt over yet.

You invited all these young masters.

Dont keep everyone in anticipation.

Let them perform.”

Marissa was taken aback.

She thought that the performances were all done.

Only then did she remember that Cayden, the most outstanding one in the group, had yet to perform!

“Yes, Cayden from the Huxley family!”

Cayden had given them a meteorite worth tens of millions.

He was a VIP.

Hurrying over to Cayden, Marissa invited him over.

Cayden stood in front of Martin and said, “Mr.

Howard Sr., Im not that knowledgeable or cultured, and I dont have much talent, so I wont perform.

Ill only embarrass myself.”

Although Cayden had prepared some talents, he no longer planned to perform.

Jordan had just played the piano and carried out a slam dunk blind.

Any subsequent performance by Cayden would be nothing after that!

“However, I studied architectural design at university.

In my spare time, I designed a villa in the capital which garnered awards for interior, architectural and garden at the Architecture Master Prize.”

Marissas eyes lit up.

“Wow, the Architecture Master Prize is a major global award.

Your design must be very beautiful.

Do you have any photos Let me see them.”

“Yes, I do.”

Cayden returned to his seat and brought over a magazine.

It had photos and detailed information about Caydens villa.

‘Taking the magazine, Marissa flipped through it.

She saw a beautiful and modem photo of the villa.

“Lauren, come and take a look.

Caydens villa is so beautiful,” Marissa said as she leaned toward Lauren.

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Lauren also liked design very much.

She didnt expect Cayden to be so talented in design either.

She looked at the villa carefully and praised it.

“Yes, its indeed beautiful.

The materials used are simple.

Just wood, stone and glass.

I like this design.”

Cayden was delighted by Laurens praises.

He took the initiative to describe further.

“Yes, be it the overall structure or extensions, including the furnishings in the room, the main theme is classical elegance.


Lauren, it looks like we have the same taste.”

Lauren could feel his deep and meaningful gaze.

Although he was behaving politely on the surface, his eyes were another matter.

They were full of amorous intent and it was obvious that he was trying to seduce Lauren.

The only reason he dared to flirt with Lauren like this was because he believed that Jordan could not see.

“Despicable Cayden, how dare you try to seduce my wife!”

Of course Jordan saw everything.

At that moment, he finally dragged himself out of his reverie about Victoria.

Marissa was still looking at the magazine and suddenly said in surprise, “Wow, Lauren.

Look, the name of the villa isThe Laurel.

Thats so close to your name.

He named his villa after you!”

Lauren was also shocked.

She took a closer look and saw that it was indeed called “The Laurel”!

The Laurel

Jordan was stunned as well.

Cayden actually named his villa after Lauren.

Jordan immediately thought of “Hailey Residences”, which had been named after Hailey.

It seemed like Cayden wanted to copy him.

He could not help feeling jealous and asked, “Cayden, you used my wifes name for your award-winning design.

Are you planning to give this villa to my wife”

Cayden looked at Jordan.

However, he was not as brash as the earlier men.

Instead, he explained politely.

“Jordan, yes, I plan to give this villa to you and Ms.


The two of you can stay together there.”

Jordan was shocked.

Was this guy really so generous He wanted to give him the villa

“Are you sure you want to give it to me” Jordan asked.

Cayden smiled.

“Youre Ms.

Laurens husband.

Of course your name has to be included in the gift.

Ive brought the contract.


Lauren, Jordan, you can sign it.

The Laurel will be your new love nest.”

Jordan was very surprised by Caydens actions!

“Damn it, Cayden is such a hypocrite.

Hes not easy to deal with!”

Jordan knew that Cayden would never be so generous as to give him the villa, especially since he had harmed him.

He had even personally designed it as a love nest for Jordan and Lauren

He probably specially designed it for Lauren alone! However, Cayden wanted to curry favor with Jordan and dispel his suspicions!

However, the more Cayden did that, the more Jordan suspected that he was guilty!

“Thave to find the culprit who harmed me as soon as possible and find Victoria!”

Jordan wanted to settle this as soon as possible.

Therefore, he suddenly said to Cayden, “Cayden, can you help me to the hotel”

“Oh, okay.”

Cayden did not understand Jordans motives but he pretended to be friendly.

He helped Jordan to the hotel lobby and did not try to do anything strange.

After they sat down, Jordan asked, “Do you have a cigarette”

Cayden handed one to Jordan and lit it for him.

After taking two puffs, Jordan sighed and said, “Cayden, weve known each other for a long time.

I know your situation well..

If the Howard family wants to choose another husband for Lauren, I hope that the person will be you!”


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