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Chapter 468: Tricked!

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Cayden, who was sitting beside Jordan, jumped up in shock!

He couldnt help but stammer, “J-Jordan, what are you talking about You and Lauren are a match made in heaven.

I… I have never thought of snatching your wife! Did you misunderstand me Actually, it was your mother-in-law who invited me and specially instructed me to give your wife a gift to make

her happy.

I dont know anything aside from that.

“The original name of that villa was notThe Laurel.

| changed it at the last minute.

If you dont believe me, you can check the official website.”

Jordan reached out a hand and said, “Cayden, dont be so anxious.

Sit down.

Actually, the relationship between Lauren and I is beyond salvageable.

Were destined to divorce!”

Cayden sat down and asked, “How can that be”

Jordan sighed and said, “You have no idea.

Ive always had a conflict with the Howard family.

The Howard family tried to kill me once.

I was the one who broke Brads legs.

They made me their son-in-law because they wanted to use me to get the Steele family secret.

“Now that I am a cripple, Im useless to them.

Moreover, I dont want to implicate Lauren.

Therefore, our divorce is destined!”

Cayden was delighted.

Jordans words made sense.

He did not realize that Jordan was just trying to trick him!

Jordan continued to lie.

“My mother-in-law shortlisted more than 10 men for Lauren.

However, I have no idea what the rest look like apart from you.

I dont feel secure about any of them.

But I know you very well.

I know that youre not bad in terms of family background, looks, physique or character.

“Hailey married you while carrying my child last year.

During those 10 months, you cared for her and doted on her like a princess.

If it were me and my wife was pregnant with another mans child, I wouldnt even smile at her, much less treat her well.

Just based on this, I know you would definitely treat

Lauren and my daughter well if you marry her.”

Cayden slapped his thigh in excitement after being praised by Jordan.

“Of course! Im a man who loves my wife.

I never flare up at women! If Lauren marries me, Ill definitely treat her like a princess!”

“Jordan… Are you really willing to give your wife to me”

Who would be willing to give such a beautiful wife to someone else

Of course, there was no way Jordan would give his wife away.

However, in order to lure Cayden into his trap, he had no choice but to bait him with this so that he would expose himself.

Although Jordan had the capability and the men, Cayden would never admit to his crime even if he was tortured to death.

Some people might think that it was better to kill the wrong person than risk letting the real culprit off.

However, what if the culprit was not one of Jordans past enemies, such as Cayden, but someone else

Once he confirmed that Cayden was the culprit, Jordan would be able to carry on his life in peace after killing him.

Jordan said, “Of course I cant bear to! But so what if I cant bear to! Im blind.

Do I want Lauren to serve me forever! You know my personality very well.

A proud person like me will never drag Lauren down with me for the rest of her life!”

Cayden nodded.

It was true that Jordan would never be such a selfish scoundrel.

At the thought of this, Cayden hugged Jordan excitedly.

“Brother! Youre my blood brother from now on! Thank you! Ill definitely treat Lauren and your daughter well.

I swear!”

Pushing Cayden away, Jordan interjected, “Hey, wait.

Dont thank me yet.

I can give Lauren to you, but I have one condition.”

Cayden said excitedly, “Tell me! Ill agree to 10 conditions if need be!”

He thought that as long as he could marry a great beauty like Lauren and be connected to the famous Howard family through marriage, he would be willing to do anything.

“My condition is that you have to help me find the culprit who blinded me.”

Cayden was stunned for a moment.

“Find the culprit”

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Jordan said, “I suspect that it was your cousin, Tyler, who caused me to lose my sight.

I sent someone to castrate him because of Hailey.

He disappeared after that and I cant find him.

Hes the person whos most likely to take revenge on me!”

In reality, Tyler was in Thailand and had been under Jordans surveillance all along.

After Jordan lost his sight, his men immediately interrogated and investigated Tyler.

There were surveillance cameras and various other evidence that proved Tylers innocence.

Actually, Jordan had an ulterior motive for accusing Tyler.

Cayden was stunned.

“You castrated him”

Ever since Cayden and Tyler went their separate ways, they had not contacted each other at all.

This was the first time Cayden had heard about what happened to Tyler.

Cayden thought for a moment and said, “It must be that b*stard, Tyler! That kid is vengeful.

Back then, he knelt before me and begged me to help him take his revenge on you, for causing the Collin family to go bankrupt.

If that b*stard hadnt begged me to chase after Hailey, I wouldnt have provoked

you, Brother Jordan!”

Jordan snorted coldly in his heart: “Youre the one whos audacious enough to do whatever you want.

Youre the one who saw Hailey and disregarded me.

Thats why you so blatantly snatched my woman.

How dare you pin all the blame on Tyler!

Outwardly, Jordan said, “Lets not talk about the past.

Anyway, Ive divorced Hailey, and youre Tylers cousin.

If you can find him and the evidence that he harmed me, Ill personally send Lauren to you!”

Cayden couldnt help conjuring the image of Lauren lying on his bed.

He swallowed hard.

Marrying Lauren would be a major boon for both himself and the Huxley family!

Almost immediately, Cayden agreed.

“Alright! Ill definitely capture that b*stard Tyler and hand him to you!”

“Okay, lets go back.”

Jordan stood up slowly.

Cayden quickly helped Jordan.

“Brother Jordan be careful.

Come, Ill hold you.

Walk slowly.

Be careful of the steps.”

Cayden served Jordan as though he was his grandfather.

When he returned to his seat in the courtyard, Cayden immediately looked at the radiant Lauren and thought to himself.

“This woman will be my wife soon.

Hailey and Lauren.

Hahaha, I wonder which of these two women will be more unforgettable Hehe.

Even as Cayden continued his wicked fantasies, he asked Lauren politely, “Ms.

Lauren, shall we exchange phone numbers”

Lauren didnt agree.

She never messaged unfamiliar men.

However, Jordan said, “Honey, exchange numbers with Cayden.

Since the two of you love design, you should be able to get along well.”


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