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Hailey pushed Jordan away with all her might before opening the door to leave.

As soon as Hailey opened the door, she was surprised to find that Victoria was standing right outside.

“Miss… Miss Clarke.”

During their previous meeting, Victoria gave Hailey a tight slap on her face.

Although Hailey was highly jealous and resentful towards Victoria, she was now at the office of the company Victoria worked for.

Besides, they would be cooperating very often in the future.

Being a member of a prestigious family, Hailey was sensible enough to focus on the bigger picture.

“Miss Camden.”

Victoria nodded at Hailey with a smile.

After a simple greeting, Hailey left very quickly.

On the other hand, Jordan was gripping the contract tightly in his hand as if he was trying to rip it apart.

Jordan had always thought that he would no longer care about Hailey since they had already gotten a divorce.

However, when he heard her say she would have a meal with Tyler just now, he still felt rather uncomfortable.

Victoria sought to win Jordans heart, whom very few knew was a tycoon, and thus had been trying to use her favorable position as his close subordinate to her advantage.

Since Jordans ex-wife had come to see him today, Victoria naturally wanted to know what they had talked about.

When she saw how upset Jordan was, Victoria knew that Jordan must still harbor strong feelings for his ex-wife.

She reckoned that it would probably be challenging for her to take advantage and come in between them anytime soon.

It would probably take a long time for her to conquer Jordans heart.

Victoria said, “If Hailey Camden has angered you, you can just tear up the contract and decide not to cooperate with the Camdens.”

Jordan gradually loosened his grip on the contract and said, “I wont go back on my word.”

Victoria knew that Jordan was a man of his word who took his promises very seriously, which was also one of the attributes she admired him for.


Steele, I just accidentally overheard your conversation with her.

Well, you know how much I love food, and Im always curious when it comes to nice restaurants.

Wheres that restaurant you guys mentioned just now Can you take me there”

Victoria wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to Jordan while he was being upset with Hailey.

She knew that Jordan definitely wouldnt turn her down if she asked him out for a meal at this juncture.

Having dated so many men, Victoria had long gained enough experience in dealing with them and winning their hearts.

She knew that men are all impulsive and vindictive.

Since Hailey had the guts to say that she would be having a meal with another man, Victoria was confident that Jordan would certainly find another woman to accompany him for a meal.

Sure enough, Victorias guess was correct.

“Ill take you there,” Jordan said slowly.

An hour and a half later, the two arrived at a relatively secluded street on the citys outskirts, which was clean and wide with very few people.

There were many empty parking spaces along the roadside, so they managed to park the car soon upon arrival.

After alighting, Jordan asked, “This is not a five-star restaurant.

Its just an ordinary one.

Im afraid you wont like the food here.”

Victoria said with a radiant smile, “Its price does not determine the deliciousness of the food.

I really enjoy street food like hot dogs that cost a couple bucks each too.


Steele, Im not a spoiled brat who only patronizes expensive places.”

Jordan smiled.

He could tell that in order to succeed, Victoria had relied almost entirely on her own talents rather than her family, and he surmised that she must have endured many hardships.

She was indeed different from the majority of pretty and wealthy women.

When they were walking towards the restaurant together, Victoria suddenly held onto Jordans hand.

“Im sorry, Mr.

Steele, theres a huge puddle of water at the entrance, Im afraid…” Victoria explained.


Jordan felt that it wouldnt be nice to turn her down, so he held her hand as well, and they walked into the restaurant together like a couple.

Jordan thought to himself emotionally,For the past three years, Ive been trying to walk into this restaurant with Hailey, hand in hand, but she refused to let me hold her hand every single time.

Today, I finally got to know what it feels like to hold her hand.

Jordan was not a Saint but an ordinary man with feelings too.

Of course, he would want to have Hailey, especially since she was so beautiful and his lawfully wedded wife.

Jordan wished he could have Hailey, but the truth was that even Tyler had gotten intimate with Hailey before, but Jordan never had the chance!


Steele… youre hurting me,” Victoria reminded.

It turned out that Jordan was holding Victorias hand so tightly that it was causing her pain.

Jordan hurriedly snapped out of his trance and apologized, “Im sorry.

Victoria, you can just call me by my name when were not in the office.”

After entering the restaurant, Jordan ordered the signature dish, chicken noodles, and a few other dishes.

They then proceeded to get seated.

After sitting down, Victoria realized that Jordan had remained silent with a stern expression on his face.

She asked, “Jordan, whats on your mind You seem to be out of sorts.”

Jordan poured himself a glass of water and said, “Its nothing.”

As he sipped on the water, Jordan looked out of the window.

He thought,Hailey Camden should be enjoying a candlelit dinner with that scoundrel Tyler Collins, huh Maybe I should get Pablo to break Tyler Collins member!

Jordan had indeed thought of doing so, but the person at fault was Hailey, and even if she didnt cheat on him with Tyler, she would have cheated with another man.

When a woman decides to be unfaithful to her husband, she cannot be stopped.

In a Starbucks branch of a certain shopping mall in the city center of Orlando.

“Rachel, Im here!”

Hailey was seated by the window, and she waved at her best friend, Rachel Quinn.

She didnt actually ask Tyler out for a meal, and she had merely said that to Jordan because she wanted to spite him.

Rachel didnt come alone.

There was a handsome young man beside her who was roughly about only 20 years old.

With a height of more than 1.8 meters, he was suave and just as dashing as the hottest young male celebrities.

Rachel was holding onto his arm while walking over.

“This is Hailey.”

Rachel took a seat and introduced Haily to the hunk.

He was very polite as he greeted, “Nice to meet you, Hailey.”

Hailey returned the greeting with a smile, “Hello, handsome.”

Afterward, Rachel ordered him, “Get me a coffee and after you do, go do some window shopping here or something.

Ill call you again once were done chatting.”

“Alright,” he agreed and left obediently.

That made Hailey green with envy.

She asked, “Rachel, whos this young hunk Did you just get to know him recently Have you slept with him”

Rachel took her cell phone out of her purse and said smugly, “Of course I have.”

Hailey said, “Youre really amazing.

This is the third one youve slept with since you got married, right”

Rachel extended four of her fingers.


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