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Chapter 470: Cayden Courts Lauren!


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The following night in ONYX nightclub in Bangkok, Thailand.

Under the DJs control of the music and the scene, all the patrons of the nightclub were getting high, shaking their heads to the rhythm of electronic dance music.

Cayden, however, was seated quietly and sipping on some whiskey.

He wasnt in the mood to party as he was waiting for Tyler.

After contacting Tyler last night, he asked him to meet him here.

Soon after, a charming woman with long hair came over, patted Caydens shoulder with her hand and pointed to the door.

She seemed to be trying to get Cayden to go outside for a chat.

Cayden thought it was because he was handsome and that some girl in the nightclub had taken a liking to him so he hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Sorry, Im waiting for someone.”

However, the woman stubbomly took Caydens hand in a bid to drag him away.

Cayden snapped in exasperation, “Woman, whats wrong with you I told you Im waiting for someone.

Dont you understand English”

Cayden continued to sit down and drink.

To his surprise, the woman was completely speechless and she leaned in before exclaiming loudly into his ear, “Im Tyler Collins!”

Cayden snorted and almost spat out his wine after hearing those words.

He looked at the woman in front of him in horror.

“This is f***ing Tyler Collins

‘The music in the nightclub was way too loud and the lights were dim.

The two of them walked out of the nightclub and Cayden began scrutinizing the woman in front of him.

“Damn it! Tyler Collins, you… you went for a gender reassignment surgery! No wonder you refused to come home.

If your parents find out about this, theyre going to hit the roof!”

Cayden discovered that Tyler had really changed drastically.

He had become thinner and fairer.

Not only that, he had cosmetic surgery done on his face too!

From afar, he looked like a bona fide sexy bombshell!

Cayden said, “Ive heard about what happened to you.

That bastard Jordan Steele actually pulled such a ruthless move on you! Dont worry, Ill definitely avenge you!”

Tyler took out a box of ladys cigarettes from his Chanel bag and smoked one.

He said, “Dont rake up the past again.

We cant afford to mess with Jordan Steele.

Besides, I think its pretty good being a woman.”

Cayden was speechless.

It seemed that Tyler was very satisfied with the status quo!

“By the way, what did you come here to look for me for” Tyler asked as he exhaled a smoke ring.

Cayden asked, “Do you know that Jordan Steele has gone blind”

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Pretending to be shocked, Tyler asked, “Blind No, whos the culprit”

Cayden answered, “Jordan Steele suspects that youre the one who drugged him.”

Tyler immediately seemed innocent.

“Oh God, I didnt harm him.

Im a woman now and I dont have any abilities to deal with a scion like him.”

Patting Tyler on his shoulder, Cayden said, “I know youre not the culprit but I hope that youll take the rap for it!”

Tyler pushed Caydens hand away with disdain.

“Why should I own up for something I didnt do”

Cayden said, “I shall be honest with you.

Jordan has a wife named Lauren Howard now and shes the heiress of a famous family in DC.

Shes really pretty too.

After Jordan went blind, he decided that he would divorce Lauren.

He promised to let me have her once I help him find the culprit.

“Tyler, if youre willing to help me with that, Ill let your father return to his heyday and Ill even help him achieve greater glory than he did by making him the richest man in Orlando! And Ill treat your child as my own too.

Ill even give them some shares of Breezy Express.

What do you think”

Behaving rather timidly, Tyler said, “But the problem is I didnt do it.

Even if I admit to it, Jordan wouldnt believe me.”

Cayden smiled and said, “Rest assured, Ill bring along the waitress who spiked Jordans drink that day.

When the time comes, you just have to say that you instigated her to do it.

Ill plead for mercy on your behalf.

At most, hell beat you up into a pulp and nothing more than that.”

Tyler was bewildered.

“Why would you know the waitress who spiked Jordans drink Are you the one behind it”

Cayden thought to himself that there was no harm in letting Tyler know the truth since Tyler hated Jordan as much as he did.

“Thats right, I sent someone to drug him! That beast Jordan deprived you and me of the ability to be real men.

Poisoning him to make him go blind is considered a light punishment!”

Tyler sighed regretfully.

Despite wanting to take revenge on Jordan, he knew that nothing good would come out of messing with Jordan again.

He also knew that his cousin was dead meat!

The two agreed to go back to DC to see Jordan together early the next morning, and that night, Cayden returned to the Amana Hotel in Bangkok.

The thought of being able to officially court Lauren after finishing the task Jordan had given him tomorrow made him really excited.

Cayden once again opened the text message chat box with Lauren.

He had deliberately set Laurens photo as the chat background and every time he saw her gorgeous face in the photo, his heart would surge with excitement and joy.

He honestly felt that Hailey and Lauren were on par in terms of beauty but Hailey had never given him such a huge impact before!

‘The reason was that Laurens family was much wealthier than Haileys and a tier superior to the Huxleys.

Just on this point alone, Laurens beauty was superior to Haileys!

Just like how most women love rich people, men too, love rich girls who are unattainable and have superior family backgrounds.

Cayden slowly typed out a text message and sent it to Lauren.

“Lauren, Ive found the culprit who poisoned your husband.

Its that bastard Tyler! Ive caught him and Ill take him to DC tomorrow so that Jordan can deal with him!

Lauren quickly replied, “Amazing, thank you!”

In fact, the one who replied to the text wasnt Lauren herself but her maid, Felicia.

Since the two of them had exchanged numbers, Felicia had been the one responding and chatting with Cayden via text message.

Because she was younger, her speaking style was really cute and she would send some emoticons and stickers from time to time, causing Cayden to mistakenly believe that this was a sign of Lauren becoming very fond of him.

Cayden was just as excited to receive a reply.

He continued to ask, “Is Jordan asleep”


Cayden said, “Lauren, can I chat with you via voice message”

Cayden had drunk some alcohol so he was quite tipsy at the moment.

Besides, after chatting with her for over a day, Cayden felt that it was time to take things a step further because he realized how enthusiastic she seemed to be in her replies!

For example, he wanted to whisper some raunchy sweet nothings.

Felicia, who was in the maid chamber in Laurens home, felt like she was getting a headache.

She replied, “My throat hurts, I dont wish to speak…”

Cayden replied, “Its okay, you can stay silent.

Ill be satisfied even with just hearing you breathe… Lauren, youre just like a goddess from Heaven to me.

Your breathing and smile are enough to make one feel really satisfied…”

Felicia immediately felt that his words were really mushy and she couldnt help but mutter, “Cayden Huxley is lusting over someone whos out of his league..

How dare he try to court Lauren!”


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