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Chapter 471: Youre Not Blind!!


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“Is it okay” Cayden repeated.

Lauren had given complete authority to Felicia to deal with Cayden.

Although Felicia hated Cayden, she couldnt just patronize him.

Since Cayden said it was okay for her to stay silent and let him hear her breathe, Felicia finally replied, “Okay.”

Seeing the reply, Cayden was overjoyed and immediately called her.

There was nothing but silence.

From the second the call was connected, the two parties had been extremely quiet.

Cayden asked softly, “Lauren, is Jordan sleeping next to you”

Felicia assented.

Cayden was overjoyed and proud.

“Hahaha, Jordan Steele, how is it Im still better than you, arent I!! Your wife waited for you to fall asleep and secretly called me, just like when Hailey Camden came to the hospital for a rendezvous with me!

“So what if you broke my finger and caused me to become infertile!! Youll never be as good as me when it comes to toying with women! Ive taken every wife youve ever had away from you.


Cayden was overjoyed because he thought that Lauren was answering the call beside Jordan.

If that was the case, Lauren being willing to answer the phone so late at night meant that she had a good feeling about Cayden!

Cayden continued, “Lauren, you are so gorgeous.

Youre one of the most beautiful women Ive ever met in my life.

To be honest, Ive never had an inferiority complex all my life but when I met you, I suddenly feel that my self-esteem has dropped somewhat…”

However, faced with Caydens confession, Felicia didnt respond, for fear that she would let the cat out of the bag.

Cayden said softly, “Lauren, I know you still like Jordan now but hes a really arrogant person and he has gone blind now.

How can he bear to implicate you Ah, Jordan has already said that he would divorce you and hand you over to me.

“How can Cayden Huxley be worthy of you I dont even dare to fantasize about cuddling with you in my dreams because I dont think Im worthy at all! However, Jordan is my close friend whos in the same boat as me.

Since he already gave me those instructions, how can I let him down!! Lauren, if you

give me a chance, I promise to only love you in this lifetime.

I will make you the happiest woman in the world!”

All the while, Cayden kept confessing to her but she didnt respond.

However, although Lauren did not say yes, she didnt say that she wasnt willing either.

So Cayden took her silence as consent!

Cayden was elated.

“Lauren, I know Jordan is right next to you now so youre too shy to talk about this.

Besides, youre not divorced yet.

But Im already grateful enough for the fact that youre willing to quietly listen to my confession and not reject me! Well get to see each other tomorrow.

Its getting late,

go get some rest.”

At this moment, Felicia assented again.

Hearing Felicias voice, Cayden mistook it for Laurens.

He covered his phone and closed his eyes to reminisce.

“What a gentle voice… Lauren must have conceded with silence! Ive long heard that Lauren is a fussy and ill-tempered woman who behaves like a princess.

If she doesnt like a man, she will turn

him down directly without mercy even if he has a noble status.

Yet, she didnt reject my confession just now! Hahahaha Lauren Howard will soon become my woman!”

Late at night, Cayden brought two people over to Laurens home.

Jordan, Lauren and Tim were all sitting in the house and had been waiting for a long time.

Cayden entered with Tyler and a young woman.

“Jordan Steele! Lauren…”

Cayden greeted Jordan and Lauren excitedly, completely unaware that today would be the day of his death!

Lauren happened to be wearing a very grand and beautiful low-cut dress that she had worn to a party that she accompanied her father to attend this afternoon.

From the moment Cayden saw her, his imagination ran wild and he could hardly contain his desire.

‘Is Lauren wearing this dress because of me She really does value me as her future husband, haha!”

Cayden was completely unaware that when one was closer to success, they also tended to be closer to danger!

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“Cayden, did you bring Tyler Collins” Jordan asked.

With a brusque chuckle, Cayden said flippantly, “Yeah, this woman is Tyler.

Oh, right, I forgot that you cant see anything, Jordan, you know what After Tyler was castrated by you, this kid went for a gender reassignment surgery and has now become a woman.”

“Whos that woman beside Tyler” Jordan asked.

Cayden hurriedly replied, “This woman is the person Tyler sent to drug you! Speak up!” Cayden barked at the young woman.

The young woman hurriedly got on her knees to beg Jordan for mercy.


Jordan, Im sorry! It was me who drugged you to harm you that night under Tylers instigation.

Please spare my life.”

The young woman had long been bribed by Cayden.

Even if she was asked to die here, she was willing to do so because Cayden had paid her enough.

“What kind of drug did you use to harm me” Jordan asked.

The young woman took out a bottle of medicine and handed it to Jordan.

Jordan asked in bewilderment, “My doctor said that he has never seen the drug that was used to drug me.

Cayden Huxley, who made this bottle of drugs”

Cayden said, “Its from an amazing doctor Tyler found in Thailand.

I tried to find him for you but to no avail.

Jordan, Ill help you find a doctor later.

Its up to you to deal with Tyler and this woman, regardless of whether you want to kill them or hit them!”

After saying that, Cayden took the initiative to walk toward Lauren and he even fantasized about reaching out to touch her hand.

“Lauren, something bloody might happen next.

Ill take you outside first.”

Cayden felt that with Jordans personality, he would give Tyler and the young woman a harsh beating.

He might even break their limbs.

So he wanted to bring Lauren away as a gentlemanly gesture.

However, to his surprise


Lauren slapped Cayden on his face and snapped, “Im Jordans wife.

Who are you to touch me!! Also, who are you to call me by my name”

At this moment, Lauren already knew that Cayden was the piece of trash who harmed Jordan so she stopped being polite.

Covering his face, Cayden was bewildered by the apparent ire she held toward him.

“Lauren, we were having a good chat last night.

How did you…”

Lauren said, “Cayden, listen carefully, Ive never even said a single word to you at all.

It was my maid who texted you!”


Cayden was astonished.

At this moment, he looked at Jordan again, only to see that Jordan was slowly getting up from his seat with fury in his eyes.

Cayden suddenly got goosebumps all over! Then a prickling feeling of dread washed over him as he recalled something that Jordan said earlier.

“No, this isnt right! How did you know that the person beside Tyler was a woman Jordan, you… Youre not blind!”


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