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Chapter 472: Dealing With Cayden!


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Only then did Cayden realize that Jordan could see!

Jordans gaze was like a blazing torch as his eyes were emitting endless light and fury.

He obviously wasnt blind! He recalled Cayden drugging him and then pretending to be innocent and addressing him with respect before trying to snatch Lauren away.

Previously, Jordan had given Cayden a chance to live but today, he would no longer have that opportunity!


Jordan punched Cayden in one of his eyes!


Cayden immediately shrieked in pain and covered his eyes with both hands.

Jordan had not held back and he was certain that his eye would swell up in no time.

“Cayden Huxley, of course you want me to go blind! You want to take revenge on me and snatch my wife away again.

But Im telling you, Lauren is not Hailey.

Not to mention that Im not blind, even if I was, you would never be able to snatch her away from me!”

Lauren looked at Jordan gratefully, feeling heartened about what he said about her and Hailey.

That also showed that Jordan didnt think that Lauren was as heartless and disloyal as Hailey who would abandon her husband for another man, as long as they treated her well and were rich.

Horrified, Cayden hurriedly jumped in to explain, “Jordan, you misunderstood.

The person who harmed you is Tyler Collins, not me!”

Tyler spoke up too.

“Bull**! Last night in Bangkok, you admitted that you were the one who drugged Jordan and youre the one who brought this woman and this bottle of medicine here.

I dont know her at all!”

Covering his face with one hand, Cayden pointed at Tyler with the other in exasperation.

“Tyler Collins! How dare you betray me! Are you crazy Were like brothers.

Were relatives! How dare you speak for him and not stand on my side Have you forgotten what he did to you in the first place Hes the

reason youve lost your manhood!”

Tyler wrapped his arms around his chest and humphed coldly.

“Stop trying to make it look like were close.

When did you ever treat me as a brother When my family went bankrupt, none of the Huxleys were willing to help! If you hadnt fallen in love with Hailey and wanted to shag her, would you have

been willing to cooperate with me Youre the reason Im in this plight today!”

“You…” Cayden was furious.

At this point, Cayden knew that the evidence against him was all in place.

Besides, Jordan had long set him up for the trap and any further explanation from him would be pointless!

Cayden cowered in the corner and trembled while looking at Jordans murderous eyes.

“Mr… Mr.

Jordan, my brother and friends all know that Im here today.

Dont mess around or get up to anything nonsensical.

If you suspect me, you can go through the legal route to sue me.

If you dare to deal with me, the… the Huxleys are definitely not going to let you off!”

Cayden was afraid that Jordan would castrate him like how he had castrated Tyler!

Jordan said, “You wont face the treatment that Tyler had because Salvatore isnt here today.”

Salvatore had not returned since Jordan sent him to find Victoria more than ten hours ago.

“Cayden, I gave you a chance, but you didnt cherish it.

Tyler can at least still stand here in good health, but you You will never get this chance again.”

Hearing Jordans words, Cayden turned pale with fear.

“What are you going to do! Are you going to kill me! Dont try to mess around! The Huxleys are also a famous family.

If something happens to me now in the Howards home, the Howards cant get away either!”

At this moment, Lauren said to Jordan, “Honey, why dont we leave it to my grandfather to deal with him”

Jordan certainly had a hundred ways to dispose of Cayden, such as directly killing him, or throwing him into the sea or ano mans land.

However, Jordan wanted to know the Steeles attitude!

The Howards would soon find out that Jordan wasnt blind and then continue to rely on Jordan to find the Steeles secrets.

Since the Howards were counting on the Steeles for benefits, Jordan wanted to know what the Howards would do to their enemy!

“Okay, call your grandfather.”

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Lauren immediately informed Martin that the culprit who harmed Jordan had been found.

Half an hour later, several cars arrived outside the gate, each protected by special personnel.

Martin, Stefan, Marissa, and Brad, had all arrived!

“Grandpa! Dad, Mom.”

Lauren quickly stepped forward to receive them.

Martin nodded with a serious expression.

“Well, where is the culprit who harmed Jordan”

Martin appeared to be furious.

Someone actually had the guts to frame his grandson-in-law and ruin his plan to uncover the Steeles secrets.

He simply deserved to die!

Lauren pointed at Cayden who was cowering in the corner and said, “Its him.”

The crowd was shocked, and Marissa was in greater disbelief.

“It was Cayden who harmed Jordan No way, could there be some kind of misunderstanding”

To Marissa, Cayden was the next best candidate for a son-in-law.

Since the last time she exchanged numbers with him at the birthday bash, he had been showing her kindness and trying his best to get into her good books.

Cayden hurriedly got on his knees in front of Martin.


Howard Sr., I didnt do it.

Jordan Steele is just jealous that Lauren and I are getting along well, and so he framed me!”

Marissa believed Caydens words and accused Jordan, “Jordan, you were the one who allowed Cayden to exchange numbers with Lauren.

Yet, now that theyre getting along well, youre jealous.

As a man, cant you be more magnanimous”

Lauren hurriedly said, “Mom, dont listen to Caydens nonsense.

Hes the culprit behind this and these two people can testify against him.”

Martin looked at Tyler and the waitress who drugged Jordan.

It was at this moment that Tim walked over with a laptop and showed it to Martin.


Howard Sr., this is the surveillance footage of that night.

Look, the woman who was the closest to Mr.

Jordans glass in the video is the woman in front of you.”

Putting on his glasses, Martin carefully compared the two women, only to see that it was indeed that woman who had drugged Jordan.

In fact, Martin had long checked the information of all the waiters that night.

It would be easy to find him but not that easy to find the culprit.

One must have been bribed to do that.

Martin looked at the waitress and said, “Young lady, tell me, who is the person who instructed you to drug Jordan If you dare to lie to me, I guarantee that your family will suffer the same misery as you.”

Although the waitress didnt know Martins true status and ability, she could sense that he was much more powerful than Cayden!

‘The waitress instantly got on her knees and exclaimed, “Cayden Huxley was the one who instructed me to drug this man!”

Oh **! Caydens head was about to explode.

Knowing that there was no point in explaining, he stopped kneeling to Martin and instead, knelt to Marissa and hugged her thigh.

“Maam, you have to save me.

I treat you like my mother-in-law or rather, my own mother..

You must save me!”


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