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Chapter 474 To England!


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Stefan and Martin were most concerned about Jordan going to England as soon as possible to inherit the Steele family business and learn the family secret!

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, Im preparing to go to England with Lauren tomorrow to see Grandpa.”

As he spoke, Jordan held Laurens hand tightly.

Lauren looked blissful at the mention of going to England.

When Marissa heard that, she grumbled.

“Young man, youre leaving tomorrow Why didnt you tell us in advance How will I have enough time I have to pack my luggage, my clothes and everything else.

Stefan, lets

go home now.

Theres no time.

If I dont go back now, Ill have to spend the entire night packing!”

Marissa was even more excited than the rest of the Howard family when she heard that they were going to England.

Stefan also seemed to be looking forward to going to England.

He quickly said, “Oh, okay, okay!”

However, Jordan cut in.

“Sorry, Im only going to bring Lauren and Chloe along.

I dont intend to bring you there.

Therefore, you dont have to be so flustered!”

With Marissas efficiency rate, she would be scrambling all night if she had to leave the country tomorrow.

Marissa was taken aback.

“What Only Lauren”

Martin was also a little stunned.

“Well… Jordan, I havent been overseas for a long time.

I was just thinking of taking this opportunity to travel and relax.

I want to meet your grandfather and have a drink with him.”

But Jordan remained resolute.

“Grandpa, you havent been feeling well lately.

Its not good for you to go on a long trip.

You should rest for a while first.

Ill arrange a meeting at a later date.”

It was nothing new that Martin wanted to know the Steeles secret.

Jordan did not want him to be too close to the Steele family.

Marissa chided.

“Jordan! Im your mother-in-law! You married my daughter, and as Laurens mother, its only right for me to meet your parents! What right do you have to not let me come along! My daughter is now

also part of the Steele family.

I havent even met your grandfather and parents.

As her mother, how can I be at ease How will I know if they are good or bad people!”

Marissa was also curious about the Steeles.

Therefore, she wanted to go to England to meet Jordans parents.

Most importantly, she wanted to see if Jordans family was as powerful as the rumors claimed.

“I believe Lauren knows how to judge people better than you.

Moreover, Lauren married me, not my parents.

My parents character has nothing to do with our marriage,” returned Jordan.

“You… do you even treat me as your mother-in-law!” Marissa was furious.

Jordan retorted immediately, “Do you treat me as your son-in-law! If I were really blind now, Im afraid your son-in-law would be Cayden!”

He was still angry at Marissa for trying to get a new husband for Lauren.

Martin could tell that Marissas rotten idea had truly angered Jordan.

That was why Jordan refused to let the Howard family go to England.

“Tsk, whats so great about England”

Brad snorted and left first.

Immediately after, Marissa, Stefan and Marissa left as well.

Walking out of the courtyard and standing in front of their car, Marissa was still indignant.

“I knew that having a son-in-law like Jordan wouldnt bring any good to our family! What an ingrate.

Hes not even letting me

meet his parents in England.

How can there be such an insensible child In my opinion, hes not as good as Cayden!”

Martin placed his hands behind his back, feeling both happy and worried.

He was happy that Jordan did not lose his sight.

But he was worried that the Howard family had offended him and made him upset.

Martin reprimanded Marissa, “Enough! If it werent for your insistence on choosing a new husband for Lauren at my birthday banquet, would Jordan be doing this How many times have I told you Jordan is very

important to the Howard family.

Dont be so insensible just because of Brads matter.

Its just a small matter! Are you happy now None of us are allowed to go to England with Jordan now!”

Stefans head was lowered ever since he walked out of the house.

It was as if something was on his mind.

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After Martin got into the car, Stefan suddenly said, “Dad, I want to go back and beg Jordan to see if I can go to England with him and Lauren.”

Martin was a little surprised.

He didnt expect his son to be so stubborn about going to England.

Could it be because…

Marissa said, “Why do you need to beg him! Youre his father-in-law! If he doesnt want you to go, so be it.

Who cares!”

Martin waved his hand.

“Go on, discuss it with him.”

“Yes, Dad.”

With that, Stefan happily jogged back to Laurens house.

Jordan was surprised to see him return.

“Dad, why are you back”

Stefan said with a smile, “Jordan, I came specially to apologize to you.

It was Marissa who insisted on inviting those young masters and making them perform during your grandfathers birthday banquet.

I was firmly

against it, but you know that Marissa doesnt listen to me at all.”

Actually, Stefan and Marissa were already divorced.

They had no control over each other, but Marissa was still considered a member of the Howard family.

In fact, her status and assets were higher than Stefans new


Stefan said, “Do you think you can let me go to England with you both Please, let me meet your grandfather and parents.

After all, youre married to my daughter.

Let me meet your parents and get to know each other.

I can also help you take care of Chloe.”

Lauren rarely saw her father behaving in such a humble manner.

As his daughter, she could not bear to see him like this.

She held Jordans arm and said, “Hubby, let Daddy come with us.”

Jordan knew that Stefan was so insistent, probably because Martin had instructed him to go to England and investigate the Steele family secret.

However, since even Jordan himself did not know the Steele family

secret, he did not have to worry about Stefan finding out anything.

Moreover, although Stefan remained very cold and aloof to him even after he married his daughter, at least he was not as sarcastic as Marissa.

He was already considered not bad.

“Alright, come with us then,” Jordan agreed.

Stefan was overjoyed.

“Alright! Ill go back and pack my luggage now.

By the way, did you book a flight Have it refunded.

Well take our familys private jet tomorrow.”

“Yes, Daddy.

See you tomorrow.”

Lauren waved at her father and he left happily.

Seeing how happy Stefan was, Jordan asked, “Honey, does your father have any acquaintances in England”

“Acquaintances Why do you ask” Lauren was puzzled.

Jordan said, “Seeing how happy your father is, I feel like there must be some old flame waiting for him in England.”

Lauren gave Jordan a light punch.

“Dont talk about my father like that.”

It was getting late, and Jordan and Lauren still had to pack their luggage for the trip.

It was 2 am when the two of them finally finished packing their bags.

Chloe naturally tagged along.

She was still reluctant to sleep even though her eyelids were drooping.

After finally getting Chloe to return to her room to sleep, Lauren suddenly asked, “Hubby, why havent I seen Salvatore over the past two days Will he be going to England with us”.


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