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Chapter 476 Grand Welcome!


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Looking at Stefans expression, he seemed uncharacteristically eager to go to Jordans house and meet his family.

Jordan nodded.

“Alright, Ill bring you and Chloe to my familys place when we get there.

Ill pick Lauren up later.”

Soon, the plane took off and rose to a high altitude.

The Howard familys private jet was very luxurious.

In order not to disturb the Howard family, Zara and Beatrice went

to another part of the plane.

They did not sit with Jordan and the rest.

After settling themselves with a coffee, Zara and Beatrice started to chat.

Zara said, “Beatrice, why do you think Fanny insisted on getting us to England for a gathering I have a job.

Many things are going on at the company now and I had to

postpone several things at the last minute.”

Beatrice replied, “Hasnt she always been pestering us to go over and see how well she is living now Fanny is a vain person.

She married into a rich family in England and

she loves to show off.”

“But I think that this time, she asked us to go to England together, mainly to see if Laurens husband is rich, right”

Zara nodded.

“Yes, yes, | agree! Fanny always said that Laurens husband is a liar.

She also said that she and her husband have investigated.

There is no famous Steele

family in England at all.”

“Fanny was planning to fly back on the 1st of April to attend Lauren and Chris wedding, but she didnt come when she heard that Jordan was the groom.”

ropping her chin on her hand, Beatrice looked at the clouds outside the window.

“I also dont believe that Jordan is rich.

He has been living in the Howard family

residence since he got married.

Lauren bought everything herself.

As her husband, he has brought nothing to the table.”

Zara took a sip of coffee.

“Everything will be made clear when we get to England.

On their wedding day, didnt Jordans big brother say that he would give Lauren all their

bar properties in England”

“When we arrive at the bar, well know if Lauren is really the queen of the English bar scene!”

Beatrice smiled.

“No wonder Fanny wanted to bring us to a bar for our welcome party.

It looks like she wants to find out more about Jordan.

Hehe, theres going to be a

good show later.”

The two of them chatted for a while before putting on their eye masks and falling asleep.

tt took 10 hours for their flight to reach London.

When they reached their destination, it was already six in the evening.

“Oh, Im going to Daddys house!”

Chloe jumped around happily.

“Walk slowly.”

Jordan held Chloes hand and carefully led her down the stairs.

The others also slowly descended the stairs with their luggage.

The moment they alighted, they immediately saw more than 10 Rolls-Royces waiting for them! They were all limited edition white Rolls-Royces, each worth more than a

million dollars!

Zara and Beatrice were completely stunned by the sight.

“Oh my god, so many white Rolls-Royces Dont tell me all the white Rolls-Royces in the world have gathered here”

“How magnificent.

The Steeles are indeed generous!”

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Stefan said to Jordan happily, “Jordan, your grandfather is too kind.

He sent so many luxury cars to pick us up!”

However, Jordan was frowning a little.

His grandfather was a low-profile person and it was impossible for him to have arranged something so flashy.

There were so many

Rolls-Royces, and they were all white.

Lauren smiled happily as well.

She felt that she was being valued.

She even complained to Jordan, “You lied to me yesterday when you said that your grandfather would

give us a modest welcome.”

At this moment, a tall woman alighted from one of the white cars.

The woman looked very imposing.

She was wearing sunglasses, a short skirt and pink high heels.

“Hey, isnt that Fanny”

As the woman came into view, Zara and the rest immediately recognized her.

She was their university schoolmate, Fanny!

“Damn, so the Steeles didnt arrange these Rolls-Royces.

It was Fanny.”

Only then did everyone know that Jordan had nothing to do with this magnificent scene.

“Hi girls.”

Fanny walked over in her high heels.

She took off her sunglasses and waved at them.

She hugged Lauren first and praised her.

“My dear, youve lost weight again.

How have you managed to maintain such a good figure”

Lauren smiled.

“You clearly have a better figure than me.

After I got married, my husband kept feeding me and I gained several pounds.”

Fanny laughed and then hugged Zara and Beatrice.

“Fanny, did you hire these Rolls-Royces” asked Zara.

Fanny said proudly, “Yes, I asked my husband to arrange for them.

I said I was coming to pick you up.”

Thereafter, Fanny smiled and waved at Stefan and Chloe.

“Hello, Uncle.

Little Chloe, do you remember this pretty auntie”

Surveying the group of people who had alighted, Fanny asked in surprise, “Lauren, why are there so few of you Where are your mother and grandfather What about Brad

and Alex”

Lauren shook her head.

“No, they didnt come.

Sorry, I should have told you earlier.

It must have been very expensive for you to have hired so many cars.”

Fanny smiled.

“What are you talking about You make it sound like these are just rentals.

My husband owns all these cars! Its alright.

Ill instruct them to leave just two


They can drive the rest back.”

Lauren smiled.

She felt that Fanny was being very kind.

She quickly pulled Jordans arm and introduced him to Fanny, “Fanny, this is my husband, Jordan.”

Since Fanny did not attend Laurens wedding, she had yet to meet Jordan.

Jordan took the initiative to greet Fanny.


Fanny replied in a flirtatious tone, “Hi, dear husband.”

Jordan was speechless, and he felt rather awkward.

“What did you call me”

Fanny smiled and explained, “Lauren is my dear, and youre her husband.

Of course I should call you my dear husband, right”


Jordan was speechless.

This woman was quite interesting.

Fanny continued, “By the way, Lauren, Ive made a reservation at the Churchill Bar.

Let uncle and your husband come with us.”

Stefan spoke up.

“No need.

You girls have fun.

Jordan and | are going to his place first to meet his parents.”

Actually, Lauren wanted to go to Jordans place with him as well.

She had asked to have the girls get-together the next day, but Fanny insisted on tonight.

Fanny did not persist.

“Oh, alright.

Jordan, where do you live Take one of my Rolls-Royce.

Ill get the driver to take you to your place.”

Jordan replied, “Thank you, but theres no need.

My grandfather knows that Im here.

Hell probably pick us up soon.”

“Is that so”

Fanny was in no hurry to leave.

She also wanted to see how the so-called Steele family would pick up Jordan and Stefan.


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