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Chapter 478 Jordan Is A Liar


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Lauren panicked when she heard the waiters words.

She didnt expect the waiter to be so indifferent to her identity.

So she quickly tried to explain.

“Its not that we dont want to pay for our drinks.

What I mean is, doesnt this Churchill Bar belong to the Greene King Bar Group Im the biggest shareholder of the Greene King Bar


As the boss, I have the right to have a few bottles of wine from the bar, right”

Lauren spoke in a very soft and gentle voice.

Seeing this, Fanny commented.

“Lauren, youre the boss.

Why are you being so humble to a waiter”

She then shouted at the waiter, “Hey! This is your boss! This bar belongs to her! We can order whatever we want!”

The waiter laughed out loud.

“Are the four of you trying to run a scam You wish to drink for free If you want to drink for free, please look for one of the customers in the bar.

Some of them might be willing to treat

you to drinks, but you girls will have to spend the night with them.

“However, dont even think about having a fine wine worth thousands of pounds.

Women like you are cheap.

A night with you is probably only worth a few dozen pounds.”

The waiters sarcastic insults incensed Fanny and the group!

Fanny and Zara slammed the table in anger.

“What did you say! Who do you think you are talking to Apologize to us immediately!”

The waiter continued to wipe the glass as he pointed at Lauren with a smile.

“This lady was the one who lied first.

The Churchill Bar has nothing to do with the Greene King Bar Group.

“The owner of our bar is Michael McDonald.”

Lauren clenched her fists.

She was very upset.

If it werent for her, she and her friends wouldnt have been humiliated like this.

However, Lauren was puzzled by the waiters words.

Didnt this bar belong to the company

under her control

Jordan clearly said that all the bars in England were under the Greene King Bar Group.

Fanny suddenly said, “Michael McDonald Isnt he the president of Enco Corporation”

The waiter confirmed.

“Thats right.

Do you know him Hes the most outstanding young tycoon in England! Hes not even 30 yet, but hes already worth billions of pounds!”

Zara suddenly said, “Why does this name sound a little familiar”

Fanny said, “Michael McDonald is my husband!”

Realization dawned upon Beatrice.

“Oh, right.

Your husbands name is McDonald! So this bar belongs to your husband!”

Lauren was stunned as well.

She had been touted as the Queen of English bars and promised to bring her schoolmates here for a drink.

But now, it turned out that Fanny was the bar owner instead.

Taking out her cell phone, Fanny immediately made a call.

“Hey, honey, let me ask you.

Did you buy the Churchill Bar What You really bought it Why didnt you tell me Im at the Churchill Bar now, and the waiter here insulted me and my friends.

I want you to fire him


After hanging up, Fanny smiled at the three girls.

“Oh my god, this bar really belongs to my family.

Sigh, its all my husbands fault for being too rich.

He likes to buy bars and wineries for no reason.

| didnt even know.”

Lauren and the other two looked at Fannys expression.

Was she putting on an act on purpose

What a coincidence.

She was the one who chose the bar for tonight and it just happened to have been bought by her husband And she was claiming that she didnt know

Beatrice spoke up.

“Fanny, are you deliberately trying to embarrass your old schoolmate”

Beatrice could tell at a glance that Fanny was putting on an act.

She was trying to humiliate Lauren and expose her husband.

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Beatrice and Zara had no qualms seeing Jordan exposed for fraud.

However, they did not wish to see Lauren humiliated like this.

Apart from their sisterly friendship, Beatrice and Zara lived in the same state as the powerful Howard family.

It would be unwise for them to mock Lauren.

Therefore, Beatrice decided to speak up for Lauren.

Fanny hurriedly defended herself.

“How can you say that I am not! Lauren, dont misunderstand.

I really didnt know that this bar belonged to my family.


Lauren smiled awkwardly.

“Alright, theres no need to explain.

I believe you.”

Lauren knew that Fanny had been very jealous of her since their university days.

Even back then, Fanny was jealous that Lauren was prettier and had a better family background.

At this moment, the waiter suddenly received a call.

He immediately apologized to Fanny.

“Im sorry, Mrs.


I apologize for what I said earlier! 1 hope you can be magnanimous and forgive me this time.

Dont fire me!”

Fanny snorted.

“You insulted my dearest friends and you still wish to work in my place What are you thinking! Get lost now!”

Fanny was merciless.

The waiter bowed respectfully and apologized to the four of them.

“I am very sorry.

Ladies, Ive disrupted your night out.

Ill take my leave now.”

With that, the waiter left.

Zara praised happily, “Fanny, youre so domineering! Whoever insulted us should be gotten rid of!”

Beatrice added.

“Its a good thing that you turned out to be the boss.

Otherwise, we would have been helpless against the waiters insults.”

Lauren also thanked Fanny.

“Thank you, Fanny.”

She had to struggle to say those words.

She should have been the boss here.

If anything happened, she should have been the one solving the problem for her friends.

But now, Fanny had snatched away all her glory.

Fanny was very happy and gestured to another waitress.

“Open four bottles of the most expensive red wine here immediately!”

“Yes, Boss.”

The waitress was very obedient and prepared red wine glasses for the four of them.

However, Lauren rejected it.

“Sorry, I wont be drinking.

Give me something non-alcoholic.”

“Huh Why arent you drinking” asked Fanny.

Lauren explained.

“I still have to meet Jordans family later.

Its really rude to smell of alcohol on our first meeting.”

Fanny said helplessly, “Lauren, why do you still take that liar husband of yours seriously You still want to see his parents Hes a liar.

Whats the point of meeting his parents”

Zara added, “Thats right, Lauren.

Didnt your husband say that the Churchill Bar belongs to the Steeles He also said that all the bars in England belong to their family.

On your wedding day, he generously gave them all

to you.

But now, we realized that its not true!”

Beatrice also piped in.

“I also dont think Jordan is rich.

An old Bentley was sent to pick him up.

I wonder if its secondhand or rented.

It cant compare to your new car.”

Lauren felt very uncomfortable being doubted and mocked by her good friends!

Was Jordan… really a liar.


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