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Hailey couldnt help but stomp her feet in excitement.

“Oh my gosh, youre incredible! Im so envious of you, you have your husband wrapped around your finger, and you get to date so many other men without him finding out.

Why did I get caught during my first try I even ended up in a divorce! This is infuriating!”

Rachel laughed and said, “Well, what sets us apart is that your ex-husband is a delivery man while my husband is a businessman.

He goes on business trips every so often.

Hes seldom in town.

So, he doesnt have the time to catch me cheating at all, hehe.”

“By the way, what did you ask me out all of a sudden”

Hailey took out her copy of the contract and handed it to Rachel.

It stunned Rachel to see it.

“Wow, darling, you actually clinched a deal with Ace Corporation on behalf of your family, and they even named the project after you! Wonderful.

How did you do it Did you sleep with the president of Ace Corporation”

Feeling somewhat speechless, Hailey said, “Seriously, dont think of me as such an easy woman, okay Am I such a loose woman”

Rachel gibed smilingly, “Yeah, you slept with Tyler Collins all for the sake of roping in an investor for your familys business, didnt you”

“Youre so irritating!”

Hailey tossed her scrunchie at Rachel.

In the presidents office of Ace Corporation on the very same evening.

Jordan was having a meeting with Steve Williams, a restaurant chain owner in Orlando.

Steve was a restaurant mogul who was second only to Zack Smith and the latters longtime business rival.

However, Steve had never been able to beat Zack regarding business tactics and family background.

Hence, he was second-best in the industry.

However, all the restaurants owned by Steve had excellent decor and strategic locations.

Many of the outlets were right opposite Zacks restaurant chain, making them stiff competitors for many years.

During Dianas birthday celebration, Zack was one of the guests who swore to make sure that Jordan would never make a living as a service staff again in the future.

Although Jordan did not have any feud with Zack before that, he had to pay Zack back in his own coin since he wanted to drive him to a dead end.

Jordan handed Steve a cigarette and said, “Mr.

Williams, I would like to take over all your restaurants in Orlando, and I guarantee I can defeat Zack Smith within two months.

And I will even ensure that he loses his foothold in Orlando.

Name your price.”

Steves motivation to compete was waning as he was in his fifties.

He just wanted to earn more money for his son and for the sake of a happy retirement.

After thinking about it for a long time, Steve said, “10 million dollars, Ill let you take over all seven of my restaurants in Orlando for 10 million dollars!”

Jordan agreed without the slightest hesitation, “Deal!”

After purchasing the seven restaurants, Jordan immediately called Butler Frank.

“Have the best graphic designer in the country come up with the perfect logo for the Cloud Cafeteria and have all seven of my restaurants put up the signboard overnight, once the design is finalized.

Ive sent you the addresses of these seven restaurants.

I also want you to hire some of the most popular singers at the moment.”

Butler Frank was on standby 24/7 in Orlando.

“Yes, Mr.


At 8 am the following morning.

There were many people gathered outside a cafeteria in downtown Orlando.

They were all raising their heads and looking at the signboard of the cafeteria—Cloud Cafeteria!

The font of the words was domineering yet beautiful.

The most astonishing thing was the material it was made of, which many could not deduce.

The words seemed to be floating in the air!

“The cafeteria has had a change of name.

Could it belong to the same owner of thatSunny Restaurant across the street”

“I know, the owner is named Zack Smith! Mr.

Smith is so rich.

He has acquired yet another restaurant!”

“He must have spent a ton of money on this.

So cool and grand! Ill have dinner here tonight!”

At this moment, a Mercedes Benz sedan was being driven over slowly, and Zack Smith, the top restaurant mogul of Orlando, was seated on the backseat.

Zacks most famous restaurant was located across the street from Cloud Cafeteria.

He had arrived bright early in the morning.

The reason being last night, Tyler called him to inform him that he would be booking the entire floor of the restaurant for a marriage proposal.

Zack had come to the restaurant personally and instructed the staff members to make preparations and create the perfect ambience for Tylers proposal.

He was surprised, however, to find a large crowd outside the cafeteria opposite his restaurant when he inadvertently glanced out of the window.

“Ray, why is there such a large crowd gathered across our restaurant Pullover here.

Lets go down and take a look.”

Zack said to his chauffeur.

“Yes, Mr.


Ray quickly pulled over by the road and walked across the street with Zack.

Many people soon recognized Zack before he reached the cafeteria.

“Hey, isnt this Mr.

Smith Mr.

Smith, youre really impressive.

You managed to acquire the restaurant of your longtime business rival and even gave it such a nice name.

The signboard is remarkable too!”

Zack looked up and finally saw the signboard that seemed to be floating in the air!


Zack got a great shock because the cafeterias name had been changed to one that was of a similar theme to his!

‘Is this an attempt to use my brand for fame Or are they planning to go against me


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