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Jordan was a sensitive person.

He sensed that something might have happened to Lauren at the Churchill Bar.

“Lauren, did you encounter any trouble at the bar Tell me honestly, its alright.

Im also a major shareholder of the bar group.

I have the right to know.”

Lauren also felt that if the Steeles really owned the Churchill Bar, she would have to report the incident to Jordan.

Lauren said, “I revealed my identity to the staff here.

I also said that Im the boss of Greene King Bar Group, but they dont know me or our company.”

Jordan was confused.

“What That happened Wait a minute.”

Jordan put down his phone and covered the receiver with his hand.

He asked Butler Frank, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, “Butler Frank, does the Churchill Bar belong to the Steeles”

Butler Frank nodded.

“Of course, Mr.


Jordan picked up his phone again and said to Lauren, “Ill handle this.

Wait for me at the bar.

Ill come to find you now.”

Stefan saw that Jordan looked troubled after hanging up the phone.

He immediately asked with concern, “Whats wrong, Jordan Did something happen to Lauren at the bar”

Jordan smiled.

He knew that Stefan was concerned about his daughter.

After all, she was a young lady and it might be unsafe for her to visit bars in a foreign land.

Jordan said, “Its alright, Dad.

The waiter over there doesnt know


Ill go over personally.

Driver, stop the car.

Ill alight here.”

Butler Frank asked, “Mr.

Jordan, do you want me to help you settle this”

Jordan said, “No need.

Send my father-in-law and daughter to see


Ill just look for Dragon.”

Butler Frank smiled at the mention of Dragon.

“Thats right.

Youre back in England.

You can ask Dragon to assist you.”

Dragon was a formidable right-hand man that the Steeles had assigned to Jordan! He was just one person, but even so, he could be considered a mighty force of nature!

To help Jesse, Jamie and Jordan succeed the Steele family, Charleston had assigned three fearsome right-hand men to each of his grandchildren!

They were Dragon, Chimera and Phoenix!

Dragon was under Jordan, Chimera was under Jesse, and Phoenix was under Jamie.

Not only did the Steele family let Jesse, Jordan and Jamie undergo all sorts of training as children, but they also made Dragon, Chimera and Phoenix endure all kinds of harsh training from a young age!

To fill the roles of Dragon, Chimera and Phoenix, Charleston had started with a hundred candidates, carefully training them, weeding out the weak and promoting the best.

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After more than 10 years of training and selection, he finally determined who was worthy of the roles of Dragon, Chimera and Phoenix.

While Jordan and his brothers had experienced battles before.

But these three right-hand men had endured even more!

Jordan and his brothers had undergone trials in the business world.

But Dragon, Chimera and Phoenix had already been immersed in commerce for years!

In reality, going by their abilities and business connections, the Steele brothers were not as outstanding as their three right-hand men! However, no matter how outstanding the three of them were, they were still the servants of Jordan and his brothers.

Jordan smiled at the thought of Dragon.

This fellow was really outstanding.

He was the most powerful among the three.

He was even more powerful than Chimera and Phoenix!

“If Grandpa allowed me to have Dragon help me in the US, I wouldnt have had to suffer so much frustration!”

Charleston had a rule that Jordan was not allowed to get Dragon to help him during his time in the US.

This was because Dragon was too powerful.

Basically, he could resolve every single issue that Jordan had encountered within minutes! Now that Jordan was in England, he could contact Dragon again, Jordan called Dragon.

“Dragon, how are you”

Jordan was happy to be able to talk to this old friend.

Actually, Dragon was only 32 years old.

“My lord”‘

A deep and powerful male voice came from the other end of the line.

It was Dragon!

Jordan insisted.

“Call me brother!”

Dragon replied, “Master!”

Jordan was exasperated.

“F*ck, you still refuse to call me brother!”

Jordan had wanted Dragon to call him “Brother” for many years, but to this day he never succeeded.

Dragon asked, “Master, youre back”

Jordan smiled.

“Thats right.

I cant contact you even if I dont come back.”

Dragon asked, “What instructions do you have for me”

“Its not a big deal.

Find the person in charge of the Churchill Bar and get him to meet me at the bar immediately.” Dragon replied, “Got it! Any other instructions” Jordan said, “Not for now.

Just be on standby!”

“Got it”‘

Jordan hung up and called a taxi to go to the Churchill Bar.

Arriving at the bar, Jordan immediately saw Lauren and the other three sitting at the bar drinking.

Fanny immediately put on a fake smile when she saw Jordan walking over.

“Wow, the dear husband is here.

Please take a seat.

Handsome Jordan, you have to drink with us.

We ordered the most expensive bottles here.

Dont waste them.”

From the enthusiastic way Fanny welcomed Jordan, it was as if she was the host entertaining a guest.

Meanwhile, Zara and Beatrice looked at Jordan in disdain.

They refused to talk to him.

After Fanny invited Jordan to sit, she took the initiative to pour him a glass of wine.

She smiled as she smoked.

“President Jordan, your bar is really nice.

Its all thanks to you that we can have free drinks today.

Come, lets toast to President Jordan, okay”

Zara and Beatrice sneered.

They had no intention of raising their glasses.

Jordan was a sharp man and could tell that although Fanny seemed to be very nice to him on the surface, she was actually being a hypocrite.

She didnt mean what she said.

She liked to mock and ridicule others.

Although she called him President Jordan, it was meant as a sarcastic insult.

This was because these drinks were not courtesy of Jordan at all.

They were courtesy of Fanny.

However, Fanny didnt expose him.

She tried to appear magnanimous and noble in front of her friends.

Lauren was speechless and felt especially aggrieved.

Jordan was no fool.

There was no way he would accept the wine.

He said in a serious tone, “Ms.

Fanny, you dont have to say such things.

Ive already heard that Lauren encountered a problem here.

The waiter here doesnt know her.”

Seeing that no one was drinking with her, Fanny took a sip on her own and muttered to herself, “If you want to be recognized, you have to be capable first.”

Jordan felt that Fanny was a vicious person.

Every word she said seemed to be filled with thorns.

It was very likely that it was Fanny who made Lauren cry earlier!

‘Damned woman, you dare to make my wife cry! A wave of annoyance washed over Jordan.



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