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Chapter 482 Im the Boss!

England was Jordans territory.

Jordans grandfather and parents lived here, and his familys main assets and power were also here.

As such, Jordan should be able to get whatever he wanted here!

However, now that he had come to his own bar in England, Jordan was being treated as a liar and forced to apologize!

At this moment, Lauren suddenly stood up with a stern expression.

She took off the expensive watch on her wrist and placed it on the bar counter.

“Im sorry.

I said that I would treat you guys to drinks today, but I didnt manage to do it.

I dont have much cash with me.

Take this watch as compensation for those four bottles of wine.

Ive disappointed you girls.

I was too boastful.

You can mock me as much as you want.

I apologize to you.

“But I will never make my husband apologize to you! Hubby, lets go!”

Lauren grabbed Jordans hand and prepared to leave with him.

Although Lauren usually looked gentle and weak, when it came to certain matters, she still had a certain spirit and dignity.

She knew that Jordan was proud.

He would never apologize to anyone.

Jordan was incredibly touched.

He recalled how when he was with Hailey, he had encountered Hailey and Tyler checking into a hotel.

He had accidentally dropped Tylers takeout.

Even under those circumstances, Hailey had wanted Jordan to apologize to Tyler!

Caught in this situation, Lauren looked like she was about to cut ties with the three of them.

Even if she ended up offending her good friends from university, she wouldnt want her husband to lower his head!

However, Jordan did not leave.

He held onto Lauren and said, “Honey, this is your bar.

No one can mock you.

If anyone is to leave, it should be them!”

Fanny said angrily, “Youre still pretending at this stage!”

At this moment, a fat, middle-aged man walked in.

When he saw Jordan and Lauren, he took out his phone and compared them to a photo.

He immediately bowed respectfully.


and Mrs.

Steele, welcome to the bar! Im Bob, the person-in-charge of Churchill Bar.”

Jordan looked at him.

“You are the person-in-charge here”

No wonder Fannys husband didnt know him.

He wasnt the person-in-charge at all.

He was a fraud!

Fanny asked Bob, “What nonsense are you talking about! This bar belongs to my husband! Who the hell are you”

Bob glanced at Michael and asked, “Oh Sir, are you sure this bar is yours I took over this bar five years ago.

Two years ago, I sold it to the Greene King Bar Group, which belongs to Mr.

and Mrs.


There are still past photos of me and my friends hanging on the wall.

I can also take out a contract to prove my claim.

What evidence do you have to say that this is your bar”

Michael was at a loss for words.

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Fanny was anxious and kept urging him.

“Hubby, say something.

Didnt you buy this bar”

Michael said, “Honey, Im sorry.

You asked me to buy this bar at the last minute yesterday.

I asked my assistant, and the bar here is owned by a large corporation.

Its not for sale.

I thought that you were just treating your friends to a drink here, so I bribed the waiter here.”

The truth was finally revealed.

It turned out that after Fanny learned that Lauren would be coming to England, she had specially asked her husband to buy this bar!

And Fanny had pretended not to know anything earlier!

Beatrice chided her.

“Fanny, you went a little overboard.

This bar is Laurens, but you didnt believe her.

You secretly tried to buy this bar while putting up an innocent act.

We were once schoolmates but your actions are very disrespectful to Lauren!”

At the drop of a hat, Zara likewise stopped being on Fannys side.

“I knew it.

When has Lauren ever bragged If she says that the bars in the entire England are hers, then it must be true.”

Fanny looked embarrassed.

How could she expect her silly husband to expose everything in front of her friends She tried to defend her actions.

“Lauren, weve been good friends for so many years.

Why would I try to humiliate you I was worried that you would be cheated! Thats why I asked my husband to buy the bar so that you can see your husbands true colors!”

Jordan scoffed and looked at her.

“Do you see my true colors now”.

Fanny retorted, “Dont be so smug.

This bar might be yours, but there are so many bars in the whole of England.

There are countless in London alone.

Its impossible that every single bar belongs to your family!”

Jordan said with a smile, “I like to help narrow-minded people expand their horizons.

Ill prove this point tonight.

However, Im very angry that your idiotic actions made my wife cry.

“So, if I prove that Im not bragging, I want you to apologize to my wife.

Also, I want you to slap yourself!”

When Jordan first saw Fanny, he found her face quite beautiful.

But now, whenever he looked at that face, he just wanted to give it one tight slap!

Fanny was also angered.

“Alright! If you can prove yourself, I will slap myself and call you Daddy!”

Jordan smiled.

“Its a deal then.

I hope you wont try to wriggle your way out of it later.”

Jordan immediately called Dragon.

“Dragon, Ill give you two hours.

In two hours, I want the lettersLH and my wifes photo on every bar sign in the city of London.”

“It wont take two hours.

Itll be done in an hour.”

Jordan never had to worry about Dragons efficacy.

“Everyone, do you mind waiting an hour” Jordan asked.

Beatrice replied, “Not at all.

We havent finished our drinks.”

“Thats right.

The four bottles of wine that Fanny had us open are a treat from Lauren, right Thank you, Lauren!” added Zara.

Beatrice also looked at Bob and thanked him.


Bob, thank you too.

We are drinking the most expensive wine in your bar, haha.”

Bob had no idea how these people were connected to Jordan.

He looked at Jordan and Lauren.

“Boss, they are…”

Lauren said, “Oh, theyre my university schoolmates.

I came here to entertain them.”

Bob said, “These four bottles are the most expensive wines in the wine fridge out here, but theyre not the most expensive drink in the entire bar.

We also have a bottle of Louis XIII Rare Cask in our special storage.

Ill go and get it for you now.”

Lauren felt a little embarrassed.

“Are you sure”

Bob smiled.


Steele, all the alcohol here belongs to you.

Of course you can drink whatever you want!”


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