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Chapter 483 Golden Carriage!!

Bob, the person in charge of the Churchill Bar, went behind the bar to personally serve the group.

He opened the rare and precious bottle of Louis XIII Rare Cask for Lauren and her guests.

Zara, Beatrice and the rest tasted the top-notch cognac.

Holding their glasses, they were immersed in the exquisite taste.

To be honest, Laurens three friends all came from good family backgrounds and had imbibed their fair share of fine wines and liquors.

However, they were now enjoying the feeling of drinking without needing to spend a single cent.

They were enjoying the privilege of being hosted in this bar, where everything belonged to their good friend!

Discrimination against foreigners still existed in many parts of the world, even in cosmopolitan London.

Zara, who frequently traveled overseas for work, had encountered unequal treatment many times.

But here in this bar in England, they could drink whatever they wanted.

They did not have to worry about anything.

This was their good friends territory.

Lauren would take care of them.

And they were basking in this experience.

Zara picked up her wine glass and toasted Lauren.

“Lauren, thank you for treating us so well.

Bob looks like he comes from a distinguished background himself, but he is still serving us in such a humble manner.

This feeling is amazing!”

Beatrice also raised her glass.

“Thats right.

The last time I came to an English bar to drink, I was teased and insulted by a local.

Not only did the boss of that bar refuse to help me, he even joined in and mocked me.

I was so angry.”

Lauren happily raised her glass and clinked it with theirs.

“As long as you guys have fun.”

At this moment, Bob said to all the guests in the bar, “Dear customers, let me introduce you all to the boss of our Churchill Bar.

This is Lauren Howard from the US.

Shall we give her a toast”

Most of the people here were long-time customers and knew Bob.

Everyone raised their glasses and toasted Lauren.

“Lauren, thank you for providing us with such a wonderful place.

I hope you can let the bar continue operating!”

“Lauren, youre the most beautiful American woman Ive ever seen!”


All the customers toasted Lauren.

She was flattered as she stood up and picked up her glass.

“Thank you, everyone.

Thank you for coming to Churchill Bar.

Thank you for your support.

I know this is a place with a long history and a lot of personality.

The former prime minister, Churchill, many other Liberal Party prime ministers, as well as the writers HG Wells, George Bernard Shaw and even our own Ernest Hemingway from the US, often patronized this bar.

“I believe that the customers here are all people with class and talent.

Im very honored to meet you all.

All drinks tonight are on me.

I hope you all have fun!”

When everyone heard that Lauren was going to waive all the bills, the customers exclaimed excitedly and thanked her loudly.

Jordan looked at her and smiled as well.

It was rare for her to behave in such a high-profile manner.

Having been humiliated earlier and mocked by her schoolmates for being the fake Queen of English Bars, she had to do this now to show off her power as the boss!

Lauren also drank happily with a brilliant smile on her face.

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Jordan hugged Lauren and caressed her hair.

He asked, “Honey, are you happy”

Lauren nodded.

“Thank you, Hubby.

I knew that my husband was an unrivaled hero.

He would definitely come to save me!”

Jordan smiled and kissed her.

45 minutes later, Jordan received a call from Dragon.

Dragon reported, “The front signs of all the bars in London have been modified!” Jordan said, “Very good.

Send a car to pick us up at Churchill Bar.”

To Fanny, the past hour had felt like a year.

After the hour was finally up, Fanny spoke up.

“Jordan, your time is up.

Weve also finished your bottle of Louis XIII.

Isnt it time for you to bring us to visit your other bars”

Jordan knew that Fanny still did not believe that all the bars in England belonged to him and Lauren.

Not only did Fanny not believe it, but even Zara and Beatrice also might not really believe it too!

After all, anyone at their level could buy over a single bar.

Jordan stood up.

“Lets go.

Laurens LH logo is now on the front signs of every bar in London.

Ill come with you guys and we will verify them one by one!”

Fanny stood up as well.

“Alright! I dont believe youre really that good.

Lets see whether you can buy so many bars!”

Everyone walked out of the bar.

Fannys expensive white Rolls-Royce was parked outside.

When Fanny saw her luxury car, she grew arrogant again and asked, “Jordan, how did you get here”

Jordan answered truthfully, “I took a taxi.”

Fanny chuckled.

“Yo, the entire Churchill Bar is yours.

Dont tell me you dont even have a car in England Forget it.

Lets just take my Rolls-Royce.

Its my car anyway, and theres a lot of space.

It can accommodate all of us.”

But Jordan scoffed.

“Who said I dont have a car Look over there.

Its coming, isnt it”

Under the dark starry sky and bright street lamps, a shining carriage was being driven over! The carriage wove through the bustling city streets without any trouble.

The entire carriage was golden in color.

Lit by the surrounding neon lights, it looked just like a piece of gold.

No, it looked like a big chunk of gold!

It was a golden carriage!

The golden carriage had four wheels.

The first two wheels were slightly smaller, while the two wheels at the back were very large, making it look very imposing.

The chauffeur was wearing a royal uniform with a black hat on his head.

He looked very dignified.

Everyone was stunned at the sight of the golden carriage!

Fannys husband fell to his knees in excitement.

“Oh, my god! This is the Queen of Englands golden carriage! Ever since the British Empire constructed this golden carriage in 1762, it has only been used on important national occasions!

“This golden carriage will never be used to ferry commoners.

Even the presidents of some small countries cannot sit in it! Only the leaders of major countries like the US, China and Russia are qualified!”

Michael instructed Fanny, Jordan and the others.

“Kneel! This carriage is definitely here to pick up someone important!”

Fanny, Zara and Beatrice were all frightened.

Seeing that Michael was already kneeling down, they hurriedly got to their knees as well.

Everyone thought that the current Queen of England must be sitting inside.

For a moment, even Laurens legs felt a little weak.

However, Jordan held her hand tightly and refused to let her kneel!

Swallowing hard, Lauren looked at Jordan, who was smiling.

“Hubby, dont tell me that this golden carriage is here to pick us up”


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