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Chapter 484 Best Treatment In The World!!

Jordan held Laurens hand tightly and smiled, but he did not answer her.

After all, talk was cheap.

He didnt want to use his mouth and words to tell her how powerful he was.

He wanted Lauren to experience it herself!

The carriage did not come alone.

In front and behind were two teams of royal guards.

They were armed and were obviously there to protect the owner of the carriage.

The carriage was getting closer to Jordan and the rest.

Fanny was very unhappy when she saw that Lauren and Jordan were still standing, while the rest of them were kneeling

Fanny shouted at Lauren and Jordan.

“Hey, whats wrong with you two! Kneel down now! This is England, not the US.

Theres still a king and queen in England! Are you that ill-mannered and uncultured Dont you know that you have to kneel before the royal family”

Lauren was also a little nervous.

She asked Jordan, “Is the Queen of England really in the carriage”

Jordan shook his head.


The carriage stopped in front of Jordan and Lauren.

The moment it came to a stop, countless pedestrians surrounded it and took out their phones to take photos.

Countless cars also stopped to watch this scene.

Two men in royal uniforms came down from the carriage.

They led the way, followed by a group of armed royal guards.

“My lord!”

The two of them placed their right hands on their chests and bowed to Jordan and Lauren respectfully.

Fanny and the rest were stunned.

These people from the golden carriage had walked toward Lauren and Jordan! They were behaving so respectfully to them!

“Dont tell me… The golden carriage is here to pick them up How is that possible!”

Fanny was in a daze!

One of the uniformed men said, “Mr.

and Mrs.

Steele, welcome back to England! Where do you wish to go”

Jordan replied, “We want to tour the major bars in London.”

The two men immediately extended their arms and said respectfully, “My lord, please get in the carriage!”

Hearing this, Fanny and the rest immediately stood up and walked over.

The golden carriage was indeed here to pick up Jordan and Lauren! They were here for them! There was no need to kneel!

In the face of Jordans golden carriage, Fannys white Rolls-Royce cars, which were worth more than one million each, were instantly downgraded to scrap metal! So what if the cars were worth a million each Even if her cars cost 100 million each, so what

How could they be compared to this golden carriage that was the epitome of prestige and status!

Moreover, the cost of crafting this golden carriage was definitely higher than just an ordinary Rolls-Royce! Just the diamond and gold inlay were worth more than 10 million!

The price of Jordans golden carriage was probably equivalent to the price of a huge mansion in the most expensive district in the

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How to compete!

“Golden carriage! Oh my god! I didnt expect to see the Queen of Englands golden carriage! Oh my god, its too luxurious.

I want to cry.

I want to take photos and post them on my social media.


Zara was so excited that she was incoherent! This golden carriage was like the Holy Grail to people who worshiped money and status! It could instantly win over even the most arrogant and seasoned socialite!

Beatrice was also jumping up and down excitedly.

She held Zaras hand and said, “Are you stupid! Why are you taking photos from the outside Lets go and sit in the carriage to take photos!”

Taking photos of the carriage exterior was clearly too basic.

Those who were image-savvy knew that one had to take selfies while inside the carriage to make people envious!

“Yes, yes, yes! Well sit in the carriage! Fanny, Im sorry.

We wont be taking your Rolls-Royce anymore.”

Zara and Beatrice ran to Jordan and Lauren with smiles on their faces.

All the while Zara kept praising Jordan.

“Handsome Jordan, youre dashing!! Im so happy for Lauren that she is married to a man like you.

Im so touched that Im about to


On the other side, Beatrice grabbed Laurens hand, fawning all over her.

“Lauren, you have such good taste.

A man like Jordan is really a treasure in this world! If I were you, I would bear many of his children! Haha.”

Lauren didnt like people to suck up to her.

But after being mocked by them earlier, she felt that their ingratiating words sounded especially satisfying!

Extremely satisfying! She felt proud to have such an outstanding husband!

Zara saw that the interior of the carriage was spacious and there were four seats, she said to Jordan and Lauren, “Beatrice and I will ride in your carriage.

Itll be awesome to sit in the carriage and watch the night scenery!”

However, Jordan rejected them.

“Sorry, you cant get on this carriage.”

On one hand, Jordan wanted to spend some alone time with Lauren.

He did not want anyone to disturb him.

On the other hand, this golden carriage was not an ordinary ride.

Not just anyone could sit in it.

Only someone with adequate status had the right to sit in it!

Zara and Beatrice were just Laurens schoolmates from university.

Moreover, at the bar earlier, they had behaved in a way that upset Lauren.

What reason did Jordan have to allow them into the carriage

Zara drooled when she saw the luxurious carriage.

She continued to beg, “Jordan, I beg you.

Let us ride and enjoy ourselves.”

Jordan replied firmly, “I dont want to be rude, but not anyone can sit in this golden carriage.

This is a rule that was set down even as the carriage was being built.”

In reality, Jordan wasnt being heartless.

It was a rule set down by the Steeles.

It was a national rule.

However, Zara refused to listen.

She started behaving outrageously.

She tugged at Jordans arm and deliberately brushed her voluptuous figure against him.

Would Jordan be interested in such an ordinary woman

Jordan pushed Zara away and said, “Since you insist, I have no choice but to be rude.

Im sorry.

You guys are just not worthy to ride this golden carriage!”

Not just anyone could sit in this regal golden carriage! It would be an insult to the other distinguished passengers!

Jordan would never cheapen the image of this golden carriage!

“Honey, lets get in the carriage.”

Jordan did not care about the other two anymore.

He helped Lauren into the golden carriage.

The moment she sat inside, multiple camera flashlights went off.

It seemed like these photos would soon spread throughout the world and become the headlines of all the major media outlets!

As the carriage started to move, all the cars gave way.

The golden carriage rode on smoothly, even disregarding the red lights! The pedestrians all stood by the roadside and saluted Jordan and Lauren!

Lauren was so excited that she wanted to cry.

Even though she was from a rich family, she had never received such treatment in her life!


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