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Chapter 486 Top Trending Topic!

There was no one Fanny hated more than Jordan for saying that he was very influential in England.

If Jordan was just an ordinary rich second-generation heir from any other country apart from England, Fanny would not have targeted him like this!

Fanny had always been jealous of Lauren.

The only thing Fanny could feel superior to Lauren about was that she found a rich husband from England!

Therefore, whenever the girls had any issue regarding England, they would look for Fanny because she was the most powerful here and could help them.

Therefore, she didnt want to believe that Laurens husband was also powerful in England!

However, reality had proven that she should not have doubted or provoked Jordan!

Zara nudged Fanny and whispered, “Fanny, dont be so shameless.

Apologize to Jordan.

Were all Laurens close friends, and weve always had a good friendship.

Lets not fall out.”

Having no other choice, Fanny bit her tongue and walked over to Jordan.

She lowered her head and said, “Jordan, Im sorry.

I shouldnt have doubted you.

I apologize.”

Jordan had previously asked Fanny to slap herself.

Raising her hand, Fanny slapped her own exquisite face.

Jordan scoffed and asked, “Do you believe that Lauren is the Queen of English Bars now”

Fanny nodded.

“Yes, I believe you.

I believe that all the bars in England belong to you guys.

You are too amazing.

I was ignorant.” But Jordan insisted.

“No, you still dont believe me! Weve only seen two bars.

How can you believe me like this How much can it cost to buy just two bars Isnt that right Come, lets continue this trip!”

Jordans domineering tone shocked the girls.

Hmph, Fanny had such deep doubts about him earlier, and now, she was so readily claiming that she believed him There was no turning back now, he would make her believe him all the way!

Since he made so many bars put the letters “LH” on their front signs within an hour, he wanted her to witness them all!

“Honey, get in the carriage.”

Jordan held Laurens hand and led her back to the carriage.

When Lauren saw Fannys embarrassed expression, she said to Jordan, “Hubby, Fanny is just a little vain.

Actually, shes not a bad person.

Besides, she should believe you now.”

“You dont have to plead for her.

She wont change unless you teach her a good lesson.

Besides, this is your first day in England.

I want you to tour your businesses and inspect them.”

Just like that, Jordan brought Lauren to the third, fourth… and tenth bar.

Every bar had the letters “LH” on its front signs.

This meant that the owner of the bar was Lauren!

At the entrance of the tenth bar, Jordan asked Fanny and the rest again, “Now, do you believe that I was not making empty claims Do you still think Im some pushover Yes, Im not like your typical husband.

I didnt buy a house or a car for Lauren, and I didnt pay a single cent for the betrothal gift when we got married.

You must think Im a useless man because in your eyes, only a lowly man wouldnt buy a house and a car for his wife, or prepare a betrothal gift.

“Im telling you, there is a whole world out there with many sophisticated and cultured people.

Your trashy values and standards only apply to your own low-class circles.

There are some people in this world whom you will never even begin to comprehend, much less have the right to judge!

Jordan had already brought Lauren to ten bars.

By now, he was a little tired and did not want to continue the trip just to prove to these three women.

Therefore, he lectured them.

Fanny, Zara and Beatrice stood there in a docile manner.

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“Im sorry, Jordan.

We were wrong.

We wont behave like this again.”

“Thank you for the lesson, Jordan.

We will definitely remember what you said.”

“Jordan, youre right.

Were not on the same level as you.

Youre much more sophisticated than us.”

The three of them listened to Jordans reprimand obediently.

However, he did not feel appeased at all! He knew that if he was poor, if he had not prepared this golden carriage today… Those three women would never agree with him!

Jordan did not wish to continue talking to them.

“Lauren and I are going back.

Dont follow us.”

At that moment, Zara said, “Jordan, Lauren, well be staying in England for a few days.

If you have time, can you have a meal with us”

Lauren didnt want to cut off their friendship because of what happened today.

She said, “Ill check my schedule.

Ill come out to find you girls if I have time.”

“Okay, okay.

See you, Lauren.”

“Bye, Jordan.

Bye Lauren!”

It was one in the morning in the US.

Inside the Howard family mansion.

Hailey had just finished satisfying Brad when she heard movement downstairs.

It was the middle of the night but a few rich socialites close to Marissa had suddenly come to visit her.

Hailey changed into a more stylish outfit and put on some makeup.

Brad looked at her as she bent over to apply her lipstick, and he said with a satisfied smile, “Youre really a top-notch woman.

No wonder Jordan loved you so much in the past.

To be honest, Im a little in love with you now!”

Hailey was very happy.

“Really Then marry me, okay”

Hailey put down her lipstick and sashayed over to Brad.

She shook his arm and acted coquettishly.

Brad laughed.

“Marry you Hailey, what are you thinking How can you be my wife Your bankrupt family is not compatible with our Howard family.

However, youre fine as a mistress.”

The words made Hailey very unhappy.

She was not willing to be a mistress!

“By the way, you put on makeup and changed your clothes.

Where are you going” Brad asked.

Hailey replied, “A few of your mothers friends have come.

Im going to make soup for them.”

Brad knew that Hailey had been trying to curry favor with his mother so that she could accept her as her daughter-in-law.

However, Brad was a little puzzled.

“Its already one in the morning.

Are these old women crazy Visiting my mother in the middle of the night”

Hailey also found it strange.

She didnt know why they were here in the middle of the night.

She went to the kitchen and made a simple vegetable soup, which she personally brought to the living room on the first floor.

As Hailey walked toward Marissa, she said, “Aunty, I saw that you have some friends over and specially made a nourishing soup for you all.

Aunty, ladies, please have some.”

The three middle-aged women beside Marissa looked at her and they all praised her.

“Marissa, this girl is so beautiful and virtuous.

Is she Brads girlfriend”

“Not bad.

Will we be attending your wedding


Hailey felt shy at their praises.

“Aunties, you are too kind.

I dont know if I have the honor to be Aunty Marissas daughter-in-law.

Oh, right.

Aunties, it is already so late at night.

Is there a special occasion tonight”

One of the middle-aged women was holding her phone and asked, “Young lady, dont you check social media You dont know what happened”

“Social media”

Hailey was confused.

She immediately picked up her phone and opened her social media account.

The top trending topic was: #TheQueenofEnglishBars!

After tapping on it, she instantly saw the photo of Jordan and Lauren sitting in a golden carriage!


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