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Chapter 487 Im The True Daughter-In-Law Of The Steele Family!

The golden carriage looked especially dazzling in the photo.

It exuded elegance and luxury!

Inside the carriage, Jordan and Lauren were waving at the crowd.

Their noble manner was like that of a king and queen!

Hailey was stunned.

She had been in a bad mood ever since she learned that Jordan had brought Lauren to England.

And this photo served a fatal blow to Hailey!

A few taps later, she opened the comments section and checked the comments.

“F*ck! The Queen of Englands golden carriage!! Who are those two sitting inside”

“The girl is so beautiful! Shes like the Queen of England! Her aura, bearing and looks are impeccable!”

“This is the most luxurious vehicle Ive ever seen! Also, this is the most beautiful woman Ive ever seen! Only such a beautiful woman is worthy to sit in this carriage!”

“Ahhh, if only I could have just one ride.

I would be willing to die! This girl is so lucky.

I want to be that handsome mans wife too!”

Hailey looked at the comments, her heart aching! In terms of looks, she was not inferior to Lauren at all.

Moreover, she was two years younger than her.

If Hailey was the one sitting inside the carriage, the image would definitely be just as perfect! The netizens would be praising and envying her, not Lauren!

“The Queen of Englands golden carriage… it should have been mine!”

Hailey was filled with extreme regret!

All of a sudden, she recalled that just after getting remarried, she had talked to Jordan about going to England to visit his family.

Jordan doted on her a lot back then.

He told her that he would definitely arrange for a grand welcome for her when they arrived in England so that she would never forget the experience.

Hailey had been curious and asked what kind of welcome But Jordan refused to tell her, saying that it would be a surprise.

“So this is the surprise!”

Hailey instantly understood.

She bit her lips, tears of jealousy and regret almost flowing out!

If Hailey hadnt divorced Jordan, she would be the one sitting in the golden carriage now, and be the envy of everyone! At this moment, the rich socialites were discussing this matter.

“Marissa, your son-in-law is really amazing.

He actually has such a good relationship with the Queen of England, that he could let Lauren ride in her golden carriage!”

“I heard that not just anyone can sit in this golden carriage.”

“Thats right.

The Steeles are amazing.

No wonder you wanted him to be your son-in-law.

You have good taste!”

“By the way, Marissa, why didnt you go to England with him Didnt Stefan go”

All along, Jordan had been living in the Howards house.

He could not even afford a house or car for Lauren.

This made Marissa lose face in front of her friends.

Now that her good friends were praising Jordan, Marissa felt a little embarrassed.

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“Oh, I was planning to go with them and already packed my luggage, but just as I was about to board the plane, I suddenly got a terrible headache,” Marissa explained.

“That son-in-law of mine really dotes on me.

He was afraid that I would be tired from the journey and that the long flight would worsen my headache.

He asked me to rest for a few days before going over.”

Those ladies praised Jordan again after hearing Marissas explanation.

“Wow, look at Jordan.

Hes so considerate toward his mother-in-law.

If only our own sons-in-law are half as good as yours!”

Marissa laughed out loud.

“Jordan sure knows how to treat people well.

He often massages my feet and things like that.

Hes so good at it.


“I envy you, Marissa.

You seem to be in good health now.

Does your head still hurt”

Marissa paused for a moment before smiling.

“Yes, much better.”

“Then, lets book a flight to England now” One of the ladies suggested.

Marissa was stunned.

“Us Why Do you want to go too”

“Thats right.

We are bored to death in this country.

We can go overseas and experience some new things.

Wouldnt that be great”

“Thats right.

It so happens that my son is in England too.

Your son-in-law is so influential in England.

You have to let me introduce my silly son to Jordan.”

Marissa was feeling rather awkward.

Of course she wanted to go to England too! But Jordan refused to let her go!

However, these ladies were Marissas long-time good friends.

They had known each other for decades.

Since they had taken the initiative to make this request, Marissa couldnt refuse.

“Alright, lets book a flight and go over together.”

With that, Marissa looked at Hailey and instructed.

“Hailey, Im going to England in a couple of days.

Take good care of Brad, okay”

However, Hailey failed to acknowledge Marissas words.

She was still looking at the photo on the screen in a daze.

The photo of Jordan and Lauren sitting in the golden carriage.

Hailey was completely transfixed.

The socialites laughed as well.

“Haha, this girl is in a daze.

It must be because the photo is too mesmerizing.”

“Thats right.

Even though Im almost 50 years old, I still fantasize about being the woman sitting in the carriage!” “Are you serious Do you want to chase after Marissas son-in-law Although youre still charming for your age, he is 20 years younger than you!”

“Age isnt a problem.

If Jordan wasnt Marissas son-in-law, I wouldnt have let this young hunk off.”


As the group chatted and laughed, Marissa smiled awkwardly as well.

She then called out to Hailey again.

“Hailey! Hailey!” Only then did Hailey wake up from her shock and jealousy.

“Sorry, Aunty.

You ladies continue.

Im going upstairs.”

Hailey went upstairs and returned to her room.

After returning to her room, Hailey immediately packed her clothes!

Brad was confused.

“Hailey, why are you packing your luggage Are you going back to Orlando”

Hailey said, “Im going to England!”

Brad was shocked.

“What Why are you going to England”

Hailey threw her clothes into the luggage angrily and shouted, “Im going to find Jordan! Im going to find Jordans grandfather! Im the true daughter-in-law of the Steele family.

I should be the one sitting in the golden carriage, not Lauren!”

Brad had also seen the post on social media earlier.

He laughed out loud.

“Hailey, are you crazy Are you still fantasizing about being Jordans wife Weve already had children together.

Do you think Jordan will take you back Besides, my sister is better than you in every aspect.

Dont even think about competing with her!”

When Hailey thought of what had happened previously, she became incensed.

She picked up a set of undergarments and threw them at Brads face.

“B*stard! Its all your fault! If you didnt seduce me back then, Jordan and I wouldnt have divorced! If you didnt come to me, my two children would have been Jordans! Brad, you bastard!”


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