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Chapter 488 The Steele Castle!

Hailey had always been deferential toward Brad, constantly trying to please him and ingratiate herself to him.

But now, she was actually scolding him like this.

Brad was also angry.

“Hailey, are you crazy! How dare you talk to me with such an attitude! You even threw something at me! Do you still want to be with me!”

“Who wants to be your mistress! I want to be the Steele familys daughter-in-law! I want to sit in a golden carriage and be the Queen of English Bars!” retorted Hailey.

A sneer appeared on Brads face.

“Do you think youre worthy to sit in the Queen of Englands golden carriage Look in the mirror and see if youre worthy!”

Hailey said arrogantly, “I look in the mirror every day! Im very beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous! Im not inferior to Lauren at all! Moreover, Ive already given birth to a son for Jordan.

Lauren only gave birth to a daughter! I must go to England and find Jordans grandfather to demand justice!”

Bang! Hailey slammed the suitcase shut and said, “Ill bring Jordans son with me to England tomorrow morning.

You can take care of our daughter!”

With that, she left Brads room.

“You… you b*tch, come back here! Youre not allowed to go to England to find Jordan! Youre mine!”

Brad had always treated Hailey as just a cheap lay.

But now that she was about to leave, he couldnt bear to let her go.

Hailey was indeed very charming and attractive.

She could easily move the hearts of most men.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Lauren were still sitting in the golden carriage on the streets of London, accepting everyones worship.

After leaving her schoolmates behind, Lauren asked, “Hubby, where are we going To the hotel”

Jordan looked at the increasingly beautiful night ahead and said, “Were not going to the hotel.

Were going to my familys place to see Grandpa.

Your father is having dinner with Grandpa.”

Lauren immediately became nervous.

“Oh, are we meeting Grandpa tonight No, Ive drunk a lot.

If I go see Grandpa like this, he will definitely think that Im not a good woman.

Hubby, Im nervous and scared.

Can we meet him tomorrow morning”

Jordan smiled.

“Even the ugliest wife has to meet her in-laws.

Moreover, youre so beautiful.

Whats there to be afraid of My grandfather is a good person and open-minded.

He thinks nothing of women drinking.

My sisters all know how to drink.”

Some elders might frown on women drinking.

They might think such women were not proper ladies.

But Jordans grandfather was very forward in his thinking and did not mind at all.

Despite Jordans words, Lauren became increasingly nervous, even though the night sky in front of her was getting more and more beautiful.

As the golden carriage approached an extremely secluded and prestigious district, there were no longer any pedestrians on the streets.

The two of them arrived at a beautiful green park.

Lauren looked around happily.

“Hubby, is your grandfather staying here This place is so beautiful.”

Jordan said, “Were not there yet.

We have to pass the hill in front, after which we will see a castle.

My grandfather lives in the castle.” “Castle”

Lauren was looking forward to seeing what kind of castle her husbands family lived in! Since it was Laurens first time here and she was in a horse carriage, Jordan asked the driver to slow down so that she could enjoy the scenery.

The scenery along the way was lovely.

Lauren was enjoying the beautiful sights and she kept taking photos.

Soon, they arrived at a designated spot.

Lauren suddenly said, “My phone has lost its internet connection.”

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Jordan said, “Were here.

Look at the castle in front.

Its the Steele Castle.”

Lauren looked ahead and saw a majestic castle! “Wow, what a beautiful castle! Its called Steele Castle Named after your family” Lauren asked.

Jordan smiled.

“Which other Steele family do you know”

Lauren blushed.

“You are so annoying.”

Jordan held Laurens hand and said, “Lets get off.

Well walk over.”


Jordan and Lauren held hands as they walked side by side, blissful under the stars.

The castle before them was Jordans home.

A place where he was very familiar.

However, at that moment, Jordan suddenly thought of someone.

Victoria Clarke!

Victorias beautiful face suddenly flashed across Jordans mind!

‘I thought that Victoria would be the woman I would bring home…

Actually, Jordan had often fantasized about this moment, when he would bring a woman home! In the beginning, he thought that he would be bringing Hailey here.

Later on, he thought that he would be bringing Victoria.

He never expected that the first woman he was bringing home to be Lauren.

There was no need to think about Hailey.

She had failed Jordan.

She was not worthy of entering the Steele Castle!

But Victoria…

‘Victoria, do you know how much I want you to come and see my home

Jordan felt a little sad as he held Laurens hand!

“Ah! Theres someone over there!” Lauren cried out.

She realized that there was a figure standing in the garden.

Jordan greeted the woman with a smile, “Hi.”

The woman smiled and bowed respectfully to Jordan and Lauren.

“Thats our gardener.

Theres a flower garden and a fruit grove outside the castle.”

When Lauren saw the red and yellow flowers, she couldnt help going forward to take a closer look.

“Wow, what beautiful flowers.

Ive never seen such flowers before.

What are they called Ive never seen anything like this fruit grove either.

Are they all edible”

When he heard his wifes barrage of questions, Jordan smiled.

“Dont be anxious.

We have plenty of time.

Ill show you around the outside tomorrow during the daytime.” Finally, they passed through the garden and fruit grove and entered the castle.

Two royal soldiers were guarding the entrance of the castle.


They saluted the moment Jordan and Lauren came over.

Lauren smiled and nodded before walking in nervously.

“What should I do, Hubby Im so nervous.

Why are there royal soldiers at your house Dont tell me that the Queen of England is also in the castle”

Jordan held Laurens hand tightly and quickened his pace.

He had to let her meet his family members as soon as possible.

Otherwise, she might faint from her nervousness.

The interior of the castle was extremely grand and majestic, leaving Lauren stunned.

She had never seen such a grand and luxurious castle.

She couldnt resist asking, “Theres actually such a luxurious castle in England Why havent I heard of it before”

“Steele Castle.

You wont be able to find anything about it on the internet.

You cant locate it on Google Maps either.

Only a few people know about its existence,” Jordan explained.

As they ventured through the numerous hallways, Jordan finally pulled Lauren to a dining hall the size of her house.

“Grandpa, I have brought my wife to meet you!”


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