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Chapter 489 Meeting The Parents!

Jordan brought Lauren to the dining hall in Steele Castle.

The dining hall was expansive and incredibly spacious, with ambient lighting that gave it a special feeling.

Viewed from a distance, it looked like a scene from the movies.

The light fixtures looked like antiques, but on closer inspection, Lauren realized they were actually high-tech amenities.

The dining table was enormous as well.

Jordans grandfather, mother, brother, sister-in-law, aunt, Stefan and Chloe were all sitting at the dining table.

The food on the dining table was a dazzling sight, seeming to encompass a full range of colors, aromas and tastes.

In this era, although the inhabitants of a castle were not necessarily of royal descent, they could still enjoy being treated like princes and princesses!

When Charleston saw Jordan, he stood up from his seat and walked to him excitedly.

Holding Jordans shoulders, Charleston asked with deep concern, “Jordan, are your eyes alright”

“I am fine, Grandpa.”

Charleston heaved a sigh of relief.

“Boy, you havent been home for more than three years and you have suffered much.

However, Grandpa believes that you must have grown from your experiences.”

Jordan smiled and nodded.

He then walked to his mother and hugged her.


Jordans mother had a very noble bearing.

She wore elegant clothes and patted Jordans shoulder.

“I missed you so much.”

According to the Steele family rules, parents could not secretly meet up with their sons while they were in training overseas.

Therefore, it had been more than three years since Jordans mother last saw him.

After hugging his mother, Jordan greeted Jesse and Yumi.

“Jesse, Yumi.”

Jesse looked at Jordan and smiled happily.

“Jordan, welcome home.

Good job on your business trial!”

“Thank you.”

Jordan looked at his aunt.

“Aunt, youre here


Jordans aunt was a very well-groomed woman with a refined aura.

She smiled.

“Today is the day of your return.

Its such an important occasion.

Of course I must be here to see you.”

Jordan smiled and introduced Lauren to his family.

“Grandpa, Mom, Aunt, let me introduce you to my wife, Lauren.”

At this moment, Lauren was extremely nervous.

She surveyed the Steele family members dining in this huge and elegant dining hall.

Everyone was very poised and sophisticated, their clothing was expensive-looking and tasteful.

This made her even more nervous.

Lauren quickly greeted Jordans family respectfully.

“Hello, Grandpa, Mom, Aunt, Brother Jesse, Sister Yumi.”

Seeing how nervous she was, Charleston smiled and said, “Lauren, were family.

Relax, sit down and eat with us.”

Jesse said, “Yes, Lauren.

Grandpa and Mom are very easy-going people.

I heard that you were drinking at a bar earlier.

We are drinking too.

Come, lets drink together.”

Stefan, on the other hand, felt a little embarrassed.

He immediately berated Lauren, “Lauren! Youre too outrageous! This is your first day at your husbands house, yet you ran off to go drinking with your friends.

That is too rude! Who is more important Your friends or your in-laws! You are a girl but you came in smelling of alcohol.

This is outrageous.


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Jordans mother hurried over.

She held Laurens hand warmly and said, “My dear, theres no need to apologize.

Stefan, no need to be so formal with us.

Were family.”

Charleston added.

“Thats right, Stefan.

All the women in the Steele family drink.

Its not a big deal.

Come, Lauren, have a seat.

Tell me what you want to eat and I will have the kitchen prepare it.”

As Jordan led Lauren to her seat, she looked at the sumptuous food on the dining table and said, “Theres no need to trouble yourself.

There are so many dishes.

I dont even know where to start.”

Stefan berated Lauren again.

“Lauren, how can you think of eating now Youre so insensible! Go and pour wine for everyone!”


Lauren hurriedly got up and poured some wine for Charleston.

Jordan said to Stefan, “Dad, you dont have to be so tense.

My family is very easy-going.

We dont have so many rules.”

Jordan knew that Stefan never scolded Lauren like this back at their home.

In fact, he rarely spoke at home.

If anything, Marissa was the one who would say such things.

It was obvious that his father-in-law was just feeling nervous in the Steele family home.

Lauren obediently poured wine for everyone.

Jordans aunt kept staring at Lauren as she praised her.

“Your name is Lauren, right Not bad.

You are both beautiful and graceful.


Howard, youve raised a wonderful daughter.”

Stefans face turned red.

He picked up his wine glass and said excitedly, “Youre too kind.

How can I accept such high praise I… Ill toast you.

Thank you.”

With that, Stefan downed his wine in one gulp.

Jordan was surprised by his action.

‘F*ck, whats wrong with my father-in-law today Hes so edgy.

Jordan observed Stefans expression when he was looking at his aunt.

He realized that Stefan looked different when interacting with her.


A smile was on Jordans face.

Now he understood what was going on.

‘No wonder Stefan begged me to bring him here.

He wanted to see my aunt. Jordan could tell that Stefan was interested in his aunt.

Back then, the Howard family had wanted Stefan and Jordans aunt to get married.

Fortunately, they didnt succeed.

Otherwise, Lauren wouldnt be here today.

When Lauren saw her father downing his wine, she thought that he would want her to do the same.

Lauren stood up with her wine glass and said, “Grandpa, Mom, Aunt, Brother Jesse, Sister Yumi, Im sorry, I was rude and came late.

Ill punish myself by finishing this glass of wine.” With that, Lauren downed her glass of white wine.

Jesse smiled and clapped.

“Wow, well done.

You are indeed an outstanding woman.

Not bad, not bad.”

After Lauren sat down, Jordan tugged at her hand and whispered, “Honey, youre so fierce today.

You drank red wine, brandy and now white wine.

Take it easy.

We still need to christen our new bed tonight.”

Lauren was indeed feeling a little dizzy.

“Hubby, if I get drunk later, you have to watch over me and not let me make a fool of myself.”

Jordan was also very curious because he had never seen Lauren drunk before.

He had gone drinking with her a few times and realized that her alcohol tolerance was pretty good.

Jordan asked, “Honey, what do you usually do when youre drunk”

Lauren replied, “I sing…”

Jordan was surprised.

He immediately snapped his fingers and asked a maid to come over.

“Prepare a microphone.”

Lauren: “”


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