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While Zack was in shock, a waiter walked out of Cloud Cafeteria with a signboard in hand that was placed at the entrance.

The crowd of onlookers quickly walked over to check it out.

“Its this weeks program lineup for Cloud Cafeteria!”

“Travis Scott is performing tonight! Tomorrows show is a singing performance and the day after tomorrow, therell be a live band performance…”

Ray looked over and said extremely agitatedly, “Mr.

Smith, the owner of Cloud Cafeteria, is really generous.

They invited the most popular singers around!”

Zack glanced at Ray cynically because he had never listened to mainstream pop music and usually preferred listening to old-school music.

He said in disdain, “Theyre just some bush-league singers.

Theres no need to bother.

I can guarantee that Cloud Cafeteria will fold within a week!”

Two hours later.

Tyler had just gotten out of bed and was holding a beautiful Tiffany ring box elatedly.

It contained an exorbitant diamond ring that he had spent a large amount of money on.

He decided to propose to Hailey today!

Last night, Elle called Tyler to say that the president of Ace Corporation had taken a liking to Hailey.

That made Tyler feel a sense of crisis, and he made up his mind to win Haileys heart as soon as possible!

When Tyler managed to get through to Hailey, he said, “Baby, are you busy at the moment Shall we have lunch together”

Hailey answered, “I cant make it for lunch.

Im now the deputy director of the Hailey Residences project, and I have plenty of things to take care of.

Lets have dinner instead.”

Diana was thrilled to know that Hailey had successfully clinched the contract.

However, Diana appointed Hailey and her father as deputy directors and Herman as director.

Tyler said, “Okay, lets have dinner then.

Ive made a reservation for two at Sunny Restaurant, which is near your office.”

Hailey paused for a moment before saying, “In downtown Orlando Since were going there, why dont we dine at Cloud Cafeteria instead”

“Cloud Cafeteria Is there such a restaurant”

As Tyler was preparing to propose to Hailey, he didnt have time to scroll through Twitter or look at the group chats with his friends where everyone was talking about the new restaurant in town.

Hailey said, “Seems like youre not very well-informed.

The restaurant opposite Sunny Restaurant had a name change overnight, and its now called Cloud Cafeteria.

It has an eye-catching signboard, and Travis Scott will perform his hit single at the restaurant tonight.

I know you listen to his music all the time.”

“Damn it! Are you serious If Travis Scott is really going to perform there, we have to have dinner there tonight!”

Tyler hung up the phone and called Zack, but his number was often engaged.

Hence, Tyler decided to just drive there.

When he arrived at the entrance of Cloud Cafeteria, Tyler was dumbfounded.

“Cloud Cafeteria! Its so grand and opulent! Zack is really something.

He acquired yet another restaurant and hired so many popular singers.

I shall propose to Hailey in Cloud Cafeteria tonight!”

Thinking that Cloud Cafeteria belonged to Zack, Tyler reckoned that it didnt matter which one he patronized since both restaurants were owned by Zack.

Hence, he entered Cloud Cafeteria with great pleasure.

“Hello, sir, are you here to make a reservation”

A waitress took the initiative to come forward and asked.

Tyler looked at the waitress and found that she was quite pretty, polite, and presentable.

He had no idea that the waiters and waitresses of Cloud Cafeteria were sent to Orlando overnight by Butler Frank.

Their service quality and mannerisms were a notch higher than other average service staff.

Tyler nodded and said, “I havent been here before.

Id like to first take a look at the environment.”

The waitress hurriedly introduced, “Please come with me, Sir.

Let me introduce you, the first floor is where the ordinary tables are, and these ornaments here are expensive pieces that our boss has bought from various places.

Now, please follow me to the second floor.”

“The private rooms are all on the second floor to the fifth floor, and theres a variety of sizes available.

Sir, for how many are you making a reservation for”

Tyler extended two fingers.

The waitress said, “In that case, a small room should be enough for you.”

However, Tyler scoffed and exclaimed, “Small room Hah, girl, I intend to book the entire floor! Besides, Ive already given your boss a deposit!”

“Huh I didnt hear him mention such a thing,” the waitress asked in shock.

They were still accepting reservations at the moment, so the boss would have definitely informed them if someone had booked the entire floor.

Tyler said condescendingly, “You can call your boss to confirm.

My name is Tyler Collins.”


The waitress immediately dialed Jordans phone number.

She said, “Mr.

Steele, theres a man named Tyler Collins who claims to have booked a floor of our restaurant.

He also mentioned that he had given you a deposit.

Is that true”

“None of that sort.

Tell him to get lost.”

Jordan replied furiously as soon as he heard Tylers name.


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