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Chapter 493 Letting Hailey Stay!

Hailey cried out as she knelt on the ground pitifully.

“Grandpa, you personally selected me to be your granddaughter-in-law.

You must like me very much, thats why you chose me from so many candidates.”

“Im sorry, Grandpa.

Ive disappointed you! Please give me another chance.

Ill be loyal to Jordan.

I swear!”

Hailey wasnt a fool.

She had thought about it carefully.

The Steeles were such a powerful family, so they must have conducted a major selection process to decide who would marry into their family.

In fact, it was true that a lot of effort had gone into selecting a wife for Jordan then.

Charleston looked at her.

This was the first time he had seen her in person.

Previously, he had only seen photos and realized that she was much more beautiful in real life! Even though Hailey had given birth before, her figure was still impeccable.

Charleston said, “Girl, youve misunderstood.

I wasnt the one who chose you to be Jordans wife back then.

It was his brother Jamie.”

Hailey was taken aback.

She thought she was chosen by Charleston.

Hailey hurriedly said, “Jamie has good taste.

I heard that he selected Lauren as well.

Lauren and I are both outstanding.

Jamies judgment will definitely not be wrong!”

Lauren was speechless.

She didnt expect Hailey to praise her.

At this moment, Jesse snorted.

“Hailey, youre just an ordinary girl from a third-rate family.

You might be pretty, but youre not worthy of our Steele family at all!”

“It was your greatest fortune that Jordan decided to marry you!”

“But you didnt know how to cherish him.

Not only did you make him suffer for those past three years, you even betrayed him! You cheated on my brother!”

“You hurt my brother and humiliated our family.

How dare you come here today!”

“Grandpa, we have to avenge Jordan and punish this bad woman!”

Jesse looked very indignant, but Charleston was frowning.

Although he hated women like Hailey, he had let Jordan marry her as part of his character training.

Charleston had expected the eventual outcome.

However, he did not expect Jordan to love Hailey so deeply that he had his heart broken.

Charleston looked at Jordan and asked, “Jordan, tell us how you want us to punish Hailey so that you can vent your anger.”

Jordan glanced at Hailey, who was kneeling on the ground.

They had been husband and wife for three years after all.

He did not want to be too ruthless.

If he really wanted to punish her, he would have already done so after hearing the recording of her tryst with Tyler.

In reality, there were many men who killed their wives because of such things.

Jordan did not want to become a ruthless murderer like those men.

If there was no longer any love, they could just split up.

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Jordan looked at Charleston.

“Ill follow along with whatever Grandpa says.”

Charleston could tell that Jordan had already washed his hands off Hailey.

There was no real need for revenge.

Charleston said, “You betrayed my grandson because he didnt have any money.

The best punishment for you now is regret.

You will live in regret for the rest of your life and never be happy again.” “Hailey, leave the kid behind.

You can go.”

Hailey cried out hysterically, “No, no! Grandpa, dont chase me away.

You can punish me however you want.

Dont chase me away, and dont let me separate from my child.

Please.” As Hailey wailed, she secretly dug her nails into the childs body.

The kid immediately cried in pain.

Hailey hurriedly coaxed the child.

As she patted the child, she said, “Baby, dont cry.

Grandpa said that he was just playing around.

Grandpa wont separate us.

Mommy wont leave.

Mommy will raise you together with Daddy.”

No matter how bad a woman was, the sight of a mother with her child would win the sympathy of onlookers.

Jesse insisted.

“Grandpa, we cant let her leave just like that.

That would be letting her off too easily!”

“Since she wants to stay here, why dont we let her be a maid in Steele Castle She can water the plants, sweep and clean the toilets.”

Hailey was a vain woman who always felt that she was of the upper classes.

If she were asked to do such things, she would definitely feel very humiliated.

“What Be a maid to the Steele family” Hailey was stunned.

Her dream was to be a daughter-in-law of the Steele family!

Back then, asking her to go on a blind date with Butler Franks grandson was already an insult to her.

Now, they wanted her to clean the house

Jesse smiled.

“What Youre not willing If youre unwilling, leave the child behind and get lost.

We wont stop you.”

Hailey bit her lips.

She felt extremely humiliated.

She had a high status during those three years when she was married to Jordan.

She had been served like she was a young, rich scion.

But now, they wanted her to serve Jordan and Lauren!

“For how long” Hailey asked.

“At least a month,” Jesse said.

“Alright, Im willing!”

Hailey had actually agreed to Jesses request!

Jordan walked over and said to Hailey, “Hailey, leave.

Youve been so proud your entire life.

You dont even know how to cook or wash clothes.

You cant do the work of a maid.”

Hailey hugged the child tightly, afraid that Jordan would snatch him away.

“No, Im not leaving.

This is my punishment for doing something wrong.

Ill reflect on myself this month and make up for the hurt Ive caused you.”

“Jordan, I hope youll give me a chance to make it up to you.

I hope you can see that I really want to change…”

Jordan shook his head.

“Hailey, it doesnt matter if you change or not.

Its finished between us.

Its impossible.”

Hailey was indulging in a fantasy.

Jordan did not even know how to split himself between Lauren and Victoria now.

And she thought she could join in

Jordan would rather choose Victorias younger sister, Emily, than choose Hailey!

Butler Frank brought Hailey around to familiarize herself with the place and her duties.

Charleston called Jesse to his room.

Jesse walked behind him and asked with a smile, “Grandpa, is there something you want me to do”

Charleston asked with a stern expression, “Jesse, why did you deliberately keep Hailey in our house”

Jesse immediately dropped his smile.

Indeed, Charleston could see through him.

He asked Hailey to be a servant to the Steeles not just to punish her or avenge Jordan.

His true motive was to keep Hailey at Steele Castle.

Jesse said seriously, “I dont know if Butler Frank has mentioned it to you before.

I feel that Jordan has done very poorly in the emotional and character trial.

A mere woman like Hailey managed to make him lose his rationality and do so many impulsive things!”

“How can I trust Jordan with the huge responsibility of bearing our familys secret”

“Thats why I chose to let Hailey stay on.

I want her to be around Jordan again, to continue honing his character!”


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