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Chapter 494 Mother-in-law Arrives!

“Let Hailey be around Jordan again”.

Charleston frowned.

“Hailey is indeed the most suitable candidate to hone Jordans character.

Jordans emotional and character trial wasnt too successful.”

“However, Hailey hurt Jordan so badly.

Wouldnt it be too cruel to let him see her around all the time” Jesse said, “Grandpa, only by enduring this kind of unbearable experience can one cultivate a resilience beyond most ordinary people.”

“Ever since we were young, youve always taught us to bravely face things that ordinary people dont dare to face.”

“Jamie and Jordan have undergone all sorts of training since we were young.

After we grew up, we went to various parts of the world to train.

We didnt have a deep relationship with our parents.” “Initially, I was very envious of ordinary children.

I was envious that they could be with their parents every day.”

“However, later on, after I learned about our family secret, I understood Grandpas good intentions.”

“Grandpa, in order to make Jordan an even more outstanding and more emotionally-mature successor, we have to be ruthless to him.

Only then can he take on the great responsibility in the future!”

Charleston sighed.

He seemed unable to refute Jesse.

“Lets put this matter aside for now.

Let me think about it.” “Yes, Grandpa.”

At that moment, Jordan and Lauren were holding hands as they returned to the fruit grove outside the castle to admire the exotic fruits.

Jordan asked, “Honey, Hailey will be living in the castle too.

Are you upset by that”

Lauren shook her head.

“No, I know you dont love her anymore.

Im not worried that youll secretly meet her behind my back, hehe.”

Jordan smiled.

“I wouldnt do such a thing with her.

Honey, if you have any dirty clothes or anything you need in the future, just tell her to do it.”

“She has always felt superior to you and thinks shes prettier than you.

From what I know of her, if you can deliberately anger her, she will stomp off on her own in a rage.”

Lauren held her hair and lowered her head to dodge a drooping branch.

She smiled.

“Im not that kind of woman.

Besides, I think she still loves you very much.

When she was pursuing Brad, my mother liked her very much.”

“I believe that it wont be long before she gets our familys approval and becomes Brads wife.”

“To be honest, the Howard familys wealth and status are good enough for her.

If shes only pursuing material things, theres no need for her to abandon Brad and risk everything just to come here to find you.”

“She still likes you.”

Jordan recalled what Hailey had said when she caught up with him at the song concert.

Jordan commented.

“She does love money and she does still like me.

But she came to England only because she was supposed to have what you have now.

She feels cheated.”

Lauren nodded.

Just then, her phone rang.

Taking out her phone, she saw that it was her mother, Marissa.

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“Hello, Mom.”

Marissa asked, “Daughter, where are you Are you with Jordan”

Lauren answered, “Yes, Jordan and I are taking a walk in his fruit grove.”

Marissa said, “Oh, okay, okay.

Um, tell Jordan to send his familys golden carriage to pick me and some friends up at the airport.”

Lauren was stunned.

“Mom, youre in England Didnt Jordan tell you not to come Why did you suddenly…”

Marissa said angrily, “Unfilial child! Do you think you are not my daughter anymore just because you married Jordan! How dare you speak up for him” “I cant come just because he doesnt allow me to As your mother, whats wrong with me coming to see the in-laws!”

Jordan asked Lauren, “Your mother”

Lauren nodded awkwardly.

“Sorry, she has come to England.”

Jordan smiled.

“Its alright.

After all, shes your mother and my mother-in-law.

I didnt let her come previously because I was angry at her for choosing a new husband for you.

Since shes here, let her come.

Come, give me the phone.” Jordan was quite polite.

Although he was not on good terms with his mother-in-law, he could not be too heartless.

Jordan took the phone.


Marissa was surprised.

“Ah, Jordan.

I have come to England to visit you.

Im at the airport now.

Can you send someone to pick me up”

Jordan said, “Alright, Ill personally drive to the airport to pick you up.”

Marissa said, “Jordan, dont drive.

I want to ride in your familys golden carriage.

Is that okay” Jordan was in a dilemma.

“Sure, but the carriage is slow.

Its very far from the airport.

You will have to wait for a long time.” Marissa smiled and said, “Its alright.

We can easily entertain ourselves in the meantime.

It doesnt matter if we have to wait another hour or two.


“We”” Jordan was confused.

Didnt Marissa come alone

Or was Brad here too

Marissa said, “Oh, its just some of my friends.

Theyre all rather plump.

How many people can fit in that golden carriage of yours I dont think one is enough.

Why dont you find the Queen of England and borrow another one Well take two golden carriages.

It will definitely be more majestic!”

Jordan started to get angry.

“Mom, apart from the royal family, only the leaders of major countries are qualified to sit in the Queen of Englands golden carriage.

I myself am not qualified to sit in that carriage.”

“The same goes for the Steele familys golden carriage.

If push comes to shove, I can consider you as sort of part of the Steele family, thats why I agreed to let you ride it.”

“As for your friends, they have no right to sit in our familys golden carriage!”

The two golden carriages were produced by the same craftsmen and almost identical.

Only the most powerful people in the world had the right to sit inside.

However, Marissa did not understand.

She felt that since it belonged to the Steele family, she could request for anyone to sit inside.

She felt that Jordan was being petty.

“Jordan, isnt it just a carriage belonging to your family My friends are all rich and powerful socialites.

How are they not qualified to sit in it!”

Jordan said, “Mom, you dont understand the meaning behind the golden carriage at all.

Do you know how large a police force will be deployed to protect the golden carriage Even the military is involved.”

“Your friends are just ordinary civilians.

If I mobilize the English police and military forces just for some friends of yours, how do you expect me to explain this to the Prime Minister and the royal family”

“Anyway, the golden carriage is a no-go.

If you want, Ill come pick you up in a Bentley.”

Marissa retorted angrily, “Who cares about your Bentley! My family also has a Bentley! You useless son-in-law.

Back home, you eat and drink my familys food, stay in my daughters house, and drive my daughters car.

I didnt even complain about all that.”

“Now that were in your territory, I cant even use your lousy carriage How am I going to explain this to my friends!”

“Scoundrel, Im not going to your house anymore.

You dont have to pick me up!”


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