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Chapter 497 Mother-in-law In Trouble!

Two of the most beautiful women in the entire US were standing inside this servants room.

One was wearing a maids uniform, while the other was wearing an elegant red dress.

This was the first time these two beauties were interacting so closely.

Beautiful people had their pride and rarely took the initiative to approach others.

“I can only accept Victoria as Jordans mistress.

I wont agree for it to be you! You betrayed Jordan when you were with him, and not only once.

If you get together with him again, Im afraid youll do the same thing and hurt him again.”

Hailey retorted, “If it wasnt for your brother, who came to threaten me and slept with me to avenge you, would I have cheated on Jordan! Youre responsible for what I did to Jordan! I suspect that you asked your brother to do it so that I would end up having another mans child.

That was what made Jordan abandon me.

Only then did you have a chance to take my place!”

Hearing Haileys accusations, Lauren hurriedly defended herself, “I didnt ask Brad to do that! Also, even without Brad, you cheated with Tyler and Cayden.”

Hailey argued, “I was just impulsive with Tyler! Moreover, Jordan forgave me when he found out.

After we remarried, I didnt betray him! I didnt do anything with Cayden during our marriage!”

Lauren said, “You know very well whether you did or not.

Anyway, I wont agree with you being Jordans mistress.

When we find Victoria, you can discuss with her and see if shell let you be the second mistress.”

With that, Lauren turned to leave.

She just wanted to establish a good relationship with Jordans son.

She did not expect Hailey to make such an outrageous request.

Hailey cried pitifully.

“You want me to be the second mistress Why are you and Victoria treating me like this! I was Jordans first wife! I should be the boss.

You guys should be the mistresses!

“Lauren, dont think that youre very beautiful.

Dont think that youre very outstanding.

Let me tell you, if I didnt cheat on Jordan, he wouldnt even give you a second look! You wouldnt have stood a chance!!” Hailey screamed hysterically at Laurens departing figure.

As Lauren was well brought up, she chose to leave and completely ignored Hailey.

Only a loser would create such a scene.

Four oclock in the morning, at the casino.

Marissa and her friends were still playing Punto Banco in high spirits.

Many onlookers had gathered around them.

“Wow, Marissa, you won again! Your luck today is too good!”

“Marissa, weve been playing all night.

Youve won enough.

Why dont we go back to our room to rest”

Marissa had gambled from the afternoon until four in the morning.

She had used a million pounds to win five million!

Five million pounds!

Marissa couldnt stop smiling.

“Hahahaha, I won five million pounds tonight.

Im going to call my husband and tell him the good news.”

Marissa called Stefan, but he did not answer.

“Come on, its already four in the morning.

Your husband is already asleep.”

Marissa snorted and happily went to exchange her chips for money.

After that, they left the casino happily.

However, the moment they stepped out, a few young men immediately rushed forward and pointed their guns at Marissa.

“Dont move! Get in the car!”

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Marissa immediately had a bad feeling.

It was all her fault for being too ostentatious and refusing to leave after winning so much.

Everyone in the casino knew that she had won a lot of money in one night.

This must have attracted the attention of some bad guys.

They had come to rob her!

Marissa hurriedly said, “Dont shoot.

If you want my money, I can give it to you.” The armed man said fiercely, “Cut the crap.

If you dont want to die, get in the car obediently!” “No, no!”

The ladies were so frightened that they screamed and wailed.

Marissa was terrified and exclaimed, “Let me tell you, were not ordinary tourists.

Were very influential in England.

Dont mess with us!”

The robber was amused.

“Oh Are you connected to the mafia”

Marissa said, “Im connected to the Steele family! My son-in-law is Jordan Steele! Hes the person who rode in the golden carriage yesterday!”

The robber was stunned for a moment.

“Steele family A golden carriage It sounds like theyre very rich.

Very good.

I can take you hostage and extort money from them!”

“Hahaha, I love robbing tourists the most, haha.”

“Bring them into the car!”

Half an hour later, Lauren, who was sleeping soundly, was suddenly woken up by her phone.

Opening her eyes, she saw that it was her mother.

In a daze, she picked up the call.

“Mom, its already so late.

Whats the matter Dont tell me how much youve won.

Im not interested,” Lauren muttered groggily.

Meanwhile, Marissa was crying.

“Lauren, Ive been kidnapped! Get Jordan to save me!”


Lauren was jolted awake and immediately sat up.

Likewise, Jordan was woken up by her movements.

Jordan patted her shoulder and asked, “Whats wrong”

“My mother has been kidnapped.” Laurens face was pale.

“Put your phone on speaker!” Jordan instructed.

It was no longer Marissas voice on the other end of the line, but a man.

“Hello” Jordan replied, “Who are you” The man continued.

“Youre Steele, right I heard youre the son-in-law of this lady Haha, your silly mother-in-law threatened us, saying that youre very influential here and asked us to let her go.

Otherwise, youll make us wish we were dead.

She sure knows how to brag.” The Steele family was very private and preferred to stay under the radar.

Even in England, few people knew about them.

“What do you want” Jordan asked calmly.

The most important thing now was to ensure his mother-in-laws safety.

As long as he could bring her back safely, it would be easy to deal with these small-time criminals after.

The man replied, “I heard youre very rich.

Bring 10 million pounds here to redeem your mother-in-law!”

Jordan agreed immediately.

“Alright, 10 million pounds is no problem.

Whats the address”

After learning the address, Jordan immediately got off the bed to change.

Lauren kept crying.

What if something happened to her mother

Seeing his wife so distressed, Jordan pulled her into his arms and comforted her, “Lauren, dont be afraid.

They must have targeted Mom because shes rich.

As long as we give them the money, they will let her go.

Ill get Butler Frank to prepare the money now.”

Lauren was a little ashamed.

“Im sorry, Hubby.

You have to fork out so much money because of me.”

10 million pounds was not a small sum of money.

A smile was on his face.

“They may get the money, but they wont be alive to spend it.”


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