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Chapter 498 Chimera In Action!

England was Jordans territory.

How dare someone kidnap his mother-in-law They must be courting death!

Jordan brought Lauren to the living room and called Butler Frank to prepare 10 million pounds in cash.

Many wealthy people were only asset-rich.

They might not be able to fork out so much cash on such short notice.

But to the Steeles, 10 million pounds in cash was no big deal.

This castle was not only filled with cash, but also gold, silver and jewelry.

Right at that moment, Jesse walked down the stairs in his pajamas.

“Jordan, Lauren, its already so late.

What are you doing” Jesse walked over curiously.

Jordan looked at his brother.

“Jesse, did we disturb your sleep”

Jesse shook his head.

“Oh, no.

I was just getting up to go to the washroom when I heard something.

I came over to take a look… Huh What are you planning to do with so much money”

Jordan answered truthfully, “Laurens mother won money at the casino.

She was kidnapped the moment she came out.

The kidnapper asked us for 10 million pounds.”

“What Kidnapped Whos so bold to kidnap our in-laws!”

Jesse immediately became very agitated.

Picking up his phone immediately, he instructed, “Jordan, you dont have to prepare the ransom.

Theres nothing our family cant settle in England! Tell me the address.

Ill get Chimera to save your mother-in-law.”

Marissa was Jordans mother-in-law.

She looked down on Jordan and kept saying bad things about him.

But she was still his wifes mother.

Now that Marissa had gotten into such a mess, Jordan, as her son-in-law, wanted to save her personally.

Jordan replied, “No need.

Ill get Dragon to save Mom.”

At this moment, an unfathomable smile appeared on Jesses face.

“Why, Jordan You dont believe that I can save your mother-in-law, right Thats right.

Dragon is indeed stronger than Chimera.

Alright, let Dragon go then.”

The conversation made Jordan feel very uncomfortable! Based on seniority, Dragon should have been assigned to Jesse, Chimera to Jamie, and Phoenix to Jordan.

However, Charleston had assigned Dragon, who was the most powerful, to Jordan, the youngest brother.

Although Jesse had never said anything, Jordan knew that his brother was unhappy about it.

He would definitely feel that it was unfair!

Jordan did not want to hurt his brothers feelings, so he immediately replied, “How can that be Jesse, what are you thinking I didnt mean it like that.

We all know that Chimera has been stationed in the underworld for longer than Dragon.

He is more familiar with the criminals here.

“Ill have to trouble you to let Chimera save my mother-in-law.”

Jesse smiled when he heard Jordans agreement.

He nodded.

“Dont worry, Ill bring Aunty back safe and sound.”

With that, he walked away and made a call.

Jordan patted Laurens shoulder and comforted her, “Honey, dont worry.

Jesses subordinate, Chimera, is very powerful.

Hes very experienced in handling such matters.

Since these kidnappers dared to extort money from the Steeles, it means that theyre not some major syndicate.

Otherwise, they would have heard of our family.

“It should be easy for Chimera to deal with such small-time gangsters.”

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After Jordan analyzed the situation, he truly believed that Chimera would be able to resolve this matter perfectly.

There was no need to send Dragon.

It would be like a simple basketball maneuver during a game.

If a primary school student could do it, why get an NBA player Of course, the difference between Chimera and Dragon was not wide.

If it was a one-on-one fight, Dragon would have an approximately 60 percent chance of winning over Chimera.

What made Dragon more formidable than Chimera was his intelligence, ability to see the big picture, personality and superior ability to react in a chaotic battle.

Half an hour later, at an abandoned factory in the suburbs of London.

Before dawn, a man nearly two meters tall walked in with a heavy bag.

It was Chimera, one of the three fierce right-hand men of the Steele family!

He was 1.98 meters tall and weighed 103kg.

With tattoos all over his arms and back, he gave off a very foreboding aura.

There were guards at the door.

When they say Chimera, they were a little afraid.

However, they were armed and so they stood their ground.

“Youre from the Steeles Did you bring the money” One of the guards asked.

A wicked smile spread across Chimeras face.

It was the kind of sinister smile that would only appear when one was about to kill.

He didnt say anything and just lifted the bag in his hand.

“Search him!” One of the guards said to the other.

The guard searched Chimera but did not find any weapons on him.

“Go in!”

Since Chimera was not armed, they would let him enter.

Although Chimera was tall and appeared to have extraordinary combat strength, the people inside were all holding guns.

They were not afraid of him at all.

Chimera walked in with his bag and spotted Marissa and her friends tied to chairs.

The other ladies were nothing special.

They were all fat, middle-aged women.

However, Marissa had maintained her figure very well.

The ropes wound around her only accentuated her good figure.

When one of the kidnappers noticed this, he couldnt resist.

He wanted to molest Marissa, but she quickly told him that she was already in her 60s.

The kidnapper immediately drew back his hand.

With her well-maintained looks, the kidnapper did not realize that Marissa was that old.

When the leader of the gang saw Chimera, he asked, “You brought 10 million pounds Can such a small, lousy bag hold all that money”

Chimera smiled.

“If you dont believe me, you can check.” The leader snorted.

“Ill kill you if I dont see 10 million pounds in there!”

The leader walked over with a gun in his hand.

He unzipped the bag and saw that it was filled with scrap paper!

The leader was furious.

“F*ck! Youre courting death! How dare you fool me!”

The leader immediately raised his gun, wanting to shoot Chimera, but Chimera reacted with lightning speed and punched his chest.

In the next second, Chimera snatched the gun and killed the leader!

There were more than a dozen gangsters at present.

They all took out their guns and pointed them at Chimera!

However, Chimera was not afraid at all.

He fired a couple of shots before rolling across the ground to snatch another gun.

Using one of the dead bodies as a shield, Chimera soon killed all the gangsters in the room!

The two guards at the door were also shot to death by Chimeras men, who were hidden outside!

The kidnappers never stood a chance!

Seeing the bloodbath ensue in a matter of seconds, Marissa and her friends were overjoyed.

“Were saved! Were saved! It must be Marissas good son-in-law who sent someone to save us!”

“Wow, this mans skills and marksmanship are outstanding! Marissa, your son-in-law is impressive to have such a subordinate!”

Marissa cried excitedly as well.

“That b*stard, Jordan, he didnt disappoint me after all!”


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