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Chapter 499 Stefans Affair!

Over one night, Marissa had gone from extreme joy to extreme fear.

Now that she was finally saved, she was so emotional that she couldnt stop crying.

After getting rid of the gangsters, Chimera walked to Marissa and asked, “Youre Mr.

Jordans mother-in-law, right” Marissas hands and feet were tied, so she could not wipe her tears.

She nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, Im Jordans mother-in-law, Marissa.

Thank you for saving us.”

Chimera smiled and took out a dagger.

He cut the ropes on Marissas body and handed her a packet of tissue to wipe her tears.

He then untied the other ladies.

They all thanked Chimera profusely.

These middle-aged women rarely met a man as tall as Chimera.

They were also very impressed by his skills just now.

Marissa asked Chimera, “Mister, what is your name”

Chimera answered respectfully, “I am called Chimera.

Im Mr.

Jesses subordinate.

Im here on his orders to save you.”


Marissa was stunned.

Why was it Jordans brother, Jesse Why wasnt it Jordan who saved her

“Damn you, Jordan.

How dare you not send someone to save me I thought this tall and mighty man was Jordans subordinate!” Marissa had been very grateful to Jordan earlier.

But now, her gratitude had vanished in an instant.

“Ill take you all out of here,” Chimera continued.

Chimera drove them back to downtown London.

Marissas friends were all frightened.

They didnt dare to stay in England anymore.

They hurriedly bought plane tickets and went straight to the airport.

Meanwhile, Chimera drove Marissa to Steele Castle.

Jordan, Lauren and Jesse were waiting in the living room.

It was six in the morning when Marissa finally arrived at Steele Castle.

“Sir, I have completed the rescue mission!”

Chimera walked over and reported to Jesse.


When Lauren saw Marissa following behind Chimera, she immediately ran over excitedly.

Mother and daughter were so emotional that tears flowed freely.

It was clear they both had a great fright.

Jordan walked over and asked in concern, “Mom, are you alright”

When she saw Jordan, Marissa rolled her eyes in contempt!


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Ignoring him, she walked towards Jesse first and smiled at him.

“Hello, Jesse.

We meet again.

Do you still remember me”

Jesse smiled.

“Of course.

Youre Jordans mother-in-law.

We met at Jordans wedding previously.

Youre so beautiful, how could I forget” Marissa returned his smile.

“Jesse, is Chimera your subordinate Thank you so much for sending your man to such a dangerous place to save us.

When I saw Chimera barging in alone to deal with so many people, I was really worried for him.”

Jesse laughed.

“Aunty, dont worry.

This is just a small matter.

Dealing with those criminals is nothing to Chimera.

When I gave this mission to him, I especially instructed him not to let Aunty get hurt at all.

I wonder if he managed it successfully Were you injured at all”

Marissa hurriedly waved her hands.

“No, no! Those kidnappers didnt even have the time to make a move on us.

Chimera finished them off in just a few seconds! Hes too amazing!

“Its all thanks to you that I was saved.

Lauren, come over quickly and thank your brother-in-law!”

Jesses subordinate had saved them, so the credit naturally had to be given to him.

As a result, Jordan had become completely invisible.

If Jordan had sent Dragon, he would have also been able to save Marissa!

Lauren walked over and thanked Jesse.

“Thank you, Jesse.

Thank you, Chimera.”

Jesse hurriedly said, “Mrs.

Howard, Lauren, youre treating me like an outsider.

Jordan and I are brothers.

His family is my family.

As his elder brother, I wont shirk my duty.

By the way, Mrs.

Howard, you had a major scare earlier.

Ive already asked the servants to prepare a rose bath for you.

You can take a bath first to relax.”

Marissa was delighted.

“Look at how considerate Jesse is.

He even prepared a rose bath for me.

Thank you so much.

But I want to see Laurens father first.

Isnt he here too Where is he now”

Jesse said, “Oh, hes probably still asleep.

We didnt want him to worry, so we didnt wake him to tell him about your kidnapping.

Ill bring you to him.”

“Thank you.”

Marissa followed Jesse and arrived at Stefans room.

After knocking several times on the door, there was no response from the inside.

“Is Dad not in the room” Lauren asked curiously.

Jesse called the servants over and asked, “Is Mr.

Howard in the room”

“He went to Ms.

Steeles room,” the maid answered.



Everyone was stunned.

Jordans sisters were not home.

There were no Ms.

Steeles in Steele Castle now.

‘He probably went to Aunts room. Jordan thought in his mind.

He could tell that Stefan liked his aunt.

In fact, he specially came to England for Jordans aunt! Jesse was also puzzled.

“Could he have gone to Aunts room”

Marissa immediately became very agitated.

She grabbed Jesses arm and said, “Jesse, bring me to your aunts room.

That b*stard, Stefan, must be there! I was curious as to why he insisted on coming to England Its because of a woman! He hasnt given up on Ms.


Marissa knew about Stefan and Jordans aunts story.

She knew that the woman whom Stefan liked the most back then was Jordans aunt, not Marissa.


Jesse was in a dilemma.

Marissa grabbed Jesses hand.

She said in an agitated manner, “Please, bring me over.

I promise I wont cause trouble.

I just want to see if that b*stard, Stefan, really did such a shameless thing!” Lauren quickly defended her father.

“Mom, its not like that.

Dad might have gone looking for Aunt for some innocent reason.”

“Alright, lets go take a look then.”

Jesse led the way and arrived at his aunts floor.

Just as he approached, he saw his aunt and Stefan walking out of the room.

They were holding hands like a couple, their faces brimming with happiness.

When Marissa saw her husband holding hands with another woman, she broke down on the spot!

Stefan was so startled when he saw Marissa that he quickly let go of the aunts hand.

“Ma… Marissa, why are you here”.


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