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The waitress hung up and looked at Tyler with a smile.

“Sir, you may be mistaken.

Our boss hasnt accepted your deposit.

Please leave.”

Although Jordan told her to tell Tyler to get lost, she was just a service staff and didnt dare to be rude to him.

“What That scoundrel Zack Smith is not trying to go back on his word, is he”

Tyler appeared embarrassed.

The waitress said, “Zack Smith is not the name of our boss.”

Only then did Tyler realize that Cloud Cafeteria didnt belong to Zack!

At this moment, Zack called and asked, “Mr.

Collins, Im so sorry, Ive been busy just now.

What did you call me for Please rest assured, Ive already set up the venue for your proposal.

Will you be coming in the afternoon or the evening”

Tyler began to hem and haw.

“Um… Mr.

Smith, Im afraid I cant make it.

Im really sorry, my girlfriend suddenly wants to have dinner elsewhere.”

Slightly disappointed, Zack said, “Alright then, Ill refund the deposit to you.”

After hanging up, Tyler looked at the interior design of Cloud Cafeteria smilingly.

He discovered an artificial stream in the middle of the second floor and beautiful petals flowing on the surface of the water.

There was also a private room.

The roof of the room could be opened to make it an open-air dining space.

Tyler walked over and said, “This is a good spot.

Ill take it!”

The waitress said, “Sorry, Sir, but a customer has already booked this room for $15,000 because theres a singer who will be performing here tonight, so its costly.”

Spending $15,000 on a reservation for a meal at a restaurant was considered expensive, but $15,000 was peanuts to Tyler.

Tyler took out a $1000 gift card from his wallet and handed it to the waitress.

“Give me that customers number.”

At 7pm, Tyler drove his BMW 7 Series to the restaurant and parked his car in the parking lot that Jordan had just purchased.

He then walked in together with Hailey.

At this time, the first to fifth floors of Cloud Cafeteria were already crowded with people.

On the contrary, there was no one in Sunny Restaurant because all the patrons had decided to go to Cloud Cafeteria instead.

The influence of a famous singer was powerful.

Tyler and Hailey came to the second floor.

Pointing to the particular spot, Tyler said, “Hailey, I spent $90,000 to book this seat! The singer will be performing here later.

If it were a concert, this would be considered a VVIP seat!”

Hailey said, “Spending $90,000 for a meal is too extravagant, isnt it”

Hailey had a habit of eating very little at dinner because she was afraid that she would gain weight if she over ate.

Tyler chuckled and said, “$90,000 is like nine bucks to us.

Hahaha, dont worry.”

Hearing Tyler boasting about his wealth, Hailey smiled and said, “Even if youre rich, you shouldnt squander your money like that.”

Tyler said, “Yes, yes, after we get married in the future, Ill let you hold the pursestrings and manage my hundreds of millions worth in assets, okay”

Hailey couldnt help but look forward to it when she heard the wordshundreds of millions.

At this moment, Jordan, Victoria, and Ashley also came to this floor.

“Hey, Jordan, Miss Clarke, and Miss Rose, what a coincidence.”

Tyler greeted the three of them with a smile when he saw them.

Jordan and Hailey exchanged glances without greeting each other, both feeling a little awkward.

Tyler asked, “Miss Clarke, which room are you guys headed to”

Victoria answered, “307.”

Tyler frowned when he heard that.

“Third floor The view of the performance wont be great from that position.

I spent $90,000 on the private room in the middle.

Miss Clarke, why dont you join us during the performance later”

Victoria sneered and said, “Its alright.

Jordan and I initially planned to have dinner there, but I dont like the song that Travis Scotts going to perform, so weve decided to go upstairs.”

As the owner of the restaurant, Jordan naturally had the priority to choose.

The private room that Tyler went to great lengths to book was actually the one that Jordan didnt want to dine in.

Just like Victoria, Jordan wasnt interested in the song that was going to be performed tonight.

However, it was one of the hottest hits now.

Jordan knew that it would definitely appeal to the patrons here, so he decided to invite Travis Scott.

If it was a fine dining restaurant, a classical music performance would be more suitable.

That was actually part of Jordans plan.

He would set up a range of food establishments from cafeterias that were well-liked by the people to fine dining and restaurants serving international cuisines.

Jordan wanted to monopolize the food industry of Orlando!

At this time, Hailey remembered the last time Jordan helped her and thought that he still loved her deeply.

She said to Jordan, “Jordan, you can join us here during the performance later.”

Tyler didnt expect Hailey to invite her ex-husband, Jordan, to the room, and he certainly didnt want Jordan to join them.

However, he pretended to be magnanimous.

“Yeah, Jordan, youve probably never been so up close to a rapper in a live performance before.

Ill do you a favor and let you take a photo with Travis after the performance so that you can show it off on Instagram.


Tyler was an ignorant fool who didnt even know that Jordan was the one who invited the rapper.

Jordan ignored Tyler and said to Hailey, “Its alright, you guys take your time and enjoy.”

After saying that, he headed upstairs.


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