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Chapter 501 Jesses Gift!

Something was now going on between Marissa and Jesse.

But the two of them were very good at pretending otherwise.

No one noticed anything strange.

Jesse smiled.

“No problem, Mrs.


You were tied up in the abandoned factory for so long, and there would have been so much dust there.

You should indeed wash up.

Anyway, my grandfather drank last night and will wake up late today.

Ill call him in an hour.”

Marissa gave a faint smile.

“Thank you.”

Lauren helped to pick up Marissas luggage.

“Mom, Ill help you choose your clothes.”


With that, Lauren brought Marissa back to her room.

An hour later.

The Howard and Steele families gathered in the dining room.

Charleston smiled at Marissa.


Howard, is this breakfast to your liking”

Marissa replied politely, “Mr.

Steele, you can just call me Marissa.” She looked at the dazzling array of dishes and was full of praise.


Steele, Ive never had such a sumptuous breakfast before.

The variety of dishes and the presentation are amazing.

You have good taste.

The display of food looks like a painting.

I almost couldnt bear to dig in.”

Lauren also smiled.

“Mom, my husbands family is very particular about style and presentation, unlike us.

We will just fry an egg and eat it plain from a plate.

Their chef, even if its just an ordinary fried egg, will add some green vegetables, fruits, or something to decorate the dish.”

Stefan nodded as well.

“This is the true life of a noble.

Compared to you, were like country bumpkins.


Stefan was the son of the Howard family and usually upheld the pride of his family.

However, he was more than willing to be humble here because Jordans aunt was his goddess.

After tasting the yellow fruit, Marissa found it delicious and asked, “Whats this It tastes a little like mango, but somewhat different.”

Lauren explained, “This is a fruit personally cultivated by the Steeles.

It can only be found here.

Its name seems to have an Italian-sounding name.

Mom, since you like fruits so much, Ill bring you to their fruit grove later.

There are many delicious fruits there!”

Marissa had very good skin.

Although she was a woman in her forties, she looked like she was only in her thirties.

Apart from high-end skincare products, the most important thing was that she liked to eat fruits.

She was a fruit lover and ate them almost every day.

“Sure, sure.”

Marissa agreed happily.

Seeing that Marissa was in a good mood, Charleston took the initiative to say, “Marissa, I must apologize.

You came to England and were robbed at a casino.

I was negligent and I apologize to you.

I promise that nothing like this will happen again.”

Charleston was a big shot and senior to Marissa, yet he was apologizing to her in such a humble manner.

Marissa said, “Mr.

Steele, youre welcome.

It was just a small accident.

Moreover, your eldest grandson already settled it.

I have to thank him!”

Stefan added, “Its all Marissas fault for being stubborn.

Jordan wanted to go to pick her up, but she insisted on going to the casino.


Steele, please dont take this to heart.”

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At that moment, Butler Frank walked up to Jesse with an authorization form.


Jesse, the Crockfords Casino has been purchased.”

Jesse put down his cutlery and nodded.

He took the document, stood up, and walked to Marissa.


Howard, Ive already bought the Crockfords Casino you went to last night.

Im giving it to you.

Sign it and the casino will be yours.”

Marissa stared at Jesse in astonishment.

“What You bought the Crockfords Casino And youre giving it to me”

Stefan was also shocked.

“I heard that the casino has a 200-year history.

Its very famous.

Jesse, your gift is too much.

We cant accept it!”

Charleston nodded with a smile.

“Its rare for Jesse to be so kind.

Stefan, Marissa, please accept it.”

Jesse added, “Thats right.

I dont want Jordans mother-in-law to encounter such a thing again.

After Mrs.

Howard becomes the boss of Crockfords Casino, I will equip the inside with at least 20 security guards.

The next time you visit, you dont have to worry about being robbed.”

Marissa looked at Jesse, her heart feeling very warm.

She gently reached out and took the document.

“Jesse, thank you…”

Jesse smiled.

“Youre welcome.


Howard, youre Jordans mother-in-law.

We are all family.

You can always come to me if you need anything.”

Marissa nodded happily.

“I will have to trouble you again if I need any help.”

Jesse smiled.

“No problem.”

Stefan quietly tugged at Marissas sleeve under the table and reprimanded her in a low voice.

“Did you hear what you just said Do you really plan to trouble him again in the future We should try our best to avoid causing trouble here.

Dont trouble the Steeles for nothing.”

Marissa snorted softly.

“Why do you care Hes my son-in-laws brother.

Whats wrong with me asking him for help Didnt you ask Jordans aunt for help”


At the mention of this, Stefan was rendered speechless.

At that moment, Jordan and Lauren also thanked Jesse.

“Thank you, Jesse.”

Jesse smiled and returned to his seat.

“Jordan, youre being so polite to me.

Im going to get angry.”

Lauren was very happy.

She didnt expect her husbands family to be so harmonious.

It was very unlike the Howard family.

Brad and Alex behaved like strangers whenever they met.

And if a personal benefit was at stake, they would definitely fight.

In contrast, Jesse and Jordan had a good relationship.

Lauren whispered, “Hubby, your brother is so nice to you.”

Jordan nodded.

“Jesse and Yumi are very nice people.

Moreover, they dont care about money.”

“Hey, where is Yumi” Lauren suddenly asked.

At this moment, Yumi entered in her kimono.

She was very proper and polite, and would always bow when greeting someone.

Yumi bowed politely to Marissa.

“Hello, Mrs.


Marissa hurriedly stood up.

“Hello, Mrs.


We meet again.

You have become even prettier than last time.

Your kimono is so beautiful.”

Marissa kept praising Yumi, saying that she was beautiful, elegant and well-mannered.

Yumis looks and personality were indeed worthy of such praise.

However, Marissa was showering her with compliments mainly because she felt guilty.

After all, something had happened between her and Jesse earlier!


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