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Chapter 502 Asking About The Steele Familys Secret!

Yumi was wearing an orange and pink kimono with a crane pattern, perfectly displaying her noble status as the top beauty of Japan.

She was the type of beauty who grew on you the more you looked at her.


If anything, Yumi was not at all inferior even to the most beautiful female celebrities in Japan!

Yumi smiled at Marissa.


Howard, if you like, I can give you one.” Marissa hurriedly thanked her.

“Alright, thank you, thank you.”

At this moment, Jesse asked Yumi, “Yumi, have you done the things I asked you”

Yumi nodded.


She handed a Smythson notebook to Jesse.

Taking the notebook, Jesse stood up and passed it to Lauren and Jordan.

Jordan asked curiously, “Whats this”

Jesse replied, “This is a record of all the shops that the Yumi and I own worldwide, including the casinos in Las Vegas and Macau, hotels in Japan, innovation facilities, and plastic surgery hospitals in South Korea.

You, Lauren, Mr.

and Mrs.

Howard can take a look and see if theres anything you like inside.

You can choose whatever you want.

Ill give it to you.”

Lauren was touched.

Wasnt this brother too nice To think that he would willingly give his younger brother any of his assets.

Marissa immediately praised Jesse, “Mr.

Steele, you sure know how to bring up a child.

Look at how close Jesse is to Jordan.

As his older brother, Jesse is always giving in to his younger brother.

He doesnt fight for anything and even offered his assets for Jordan to choose from.

Sigh, if only my two sons are just half as good as yours.” Stefan also joined in the flattery.


Steele, you really have to teach us how to bring up a child the right way.

We have much to learn from you.”

Charleston laughed.

“I didnt do that much.

They have always been sensible kids.

Jesse and Yumi dont care about material things like money.

Lauren, Stefan and Marissa, since Jesse has offered, please choose whatever you like.

Dont stand on ceremony.”

Marissa was delighted.

“Alright then, we wont be shy then.


Marissa sat beside Lauren and happily opened the notebook.

She realized that Jesse owned more than 800 companies across the world!

The assets listed ranged from plastic surgery clinics and hospitals to hotels and casinos.

Moreover, they were all high-end establishments.

In the end, Marissa and Lauren chose 15 companies.

Jesse immediately informed the person-in-charge of the 15 corporations to change their ownership to the Howard family.

Two days later, Jordans aunt left first.

A week later, Stefan left as well.

Marissa did not leave with him.

Instead, she chose to stay and continue accompanying her daughter.

Another day passed.

Yumi went back to Japan because her grandmother was seriously ill.

One afternoon, Jordan and Lauren were in the fruit grove.

They were wearing sunshades as they walked through the grove to pick fruits.

They were playing and laughing as they worked.

Meanwhile, Marissa and Jesse were in a room in a remote part of the castle.

Marissa straightened her clothes, her face flushed red.

“Jesse, thank you.

I havent been this happy in a long time.

Youve brought me back to the time when I was young and in love!”

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Jesse smiled and said, “I can only be with you in this way.

I have to tell you that I wont separate from Yumi.”

Marissa nodded.

“Of course, I understand.

I wont leave the Howard family either.”

The two of them were smart adults.

This was just a mutually-beneficial arrangement.

It was not the kind of relationship that one would take too seriously and get a divorce for.

Marissa also knew that she was not worthy of Jesse at her current age.

She looked at him.

“Sigh, if only Jamie had thrown my daughter at you back then.

I do wish you could have been my son-in-law.”

Jesse laughed.

“Jordan is also very outstanding.

You should try to like him as much as you like


Marissa retorted.

“As long as my son cant stand up and walk, I will never forgive Jordan! Oh, yes, Jesse, can I ask you a personal question Will you tell me”

Taking Marissas hand, Jesse said intimately, “Were already in such a relationship.

I definitely wont hide anything from you.

What do you want to know”

Marissa asked, “What secrets does your Steele family… have”

Martin had always wanted to know the Steele family secret.

If Marissa could find out about this, her trip to England would not be in vain.

She would definitely be praised when she returned.

e answe

Jesse answered, “Actually, our family doesnt have any secrets.

We deliberately created an illusion that there are secrets so that the top families will be curious about us.

This way, you will give us benefits and find a way to get close to us.

You will also be willing to marry our descendants.

For example, your daughter, Lauren, and my wife, Yumi.

They are both from very influential families.”

Marissa was stunned.

“Huh No secret Its just an act”

Jesse smiled.

“Are you thinking that the Steeles are just a bunch of liars”

Marissa smiled awkwardly.

“No, no.

It is a good strategy.

Sigh, my father-in-law has always thought that the Steele family has some secret.

He insisted on marrying Lauren to Jordan.

If not for that, I wouldnt have agreed to let Lauren marry Jordan! Its a pity that Lauren and Jordan are so close now.

As her mother, I dont think I can break them apart.”

Jesse said, “Actually, Jordans relationship with your daughter might not be that strong.

Your daughter does love Jordan a lot, but he only likes or feels obligated to your daughter.

The woman he really loves is Victoria Clarke!”

Marissa was incensed when she heard this.

“What did you say Hes already married to my daughter and bore a child with her.

Why is he still thinking about that ex-girlfriend”

Jordan smiled.

“Victoria isnt Jordans ex-girlfriend.

They never broke up.

I heard from Jordan that when Victoria went missing, he suspected that it was the Howard family who was behind it.

In order to find out about Victoria, he had no choice but to marry Lauren.

“If Jordan does locate Victoria one day, he will definitely be with her.

Victoria is a little older.

Why dont you consider letting your daughter be the mistress”


Marissa threw the cup in her hand onto the ground and said angrily, “He can forget about making my daughter a mistress! Hes married to my daughter now.

No matter how deep his relationship with Victoria is, I will never allow him to marry another! My daughter only loves him in this life.

He has to love her wholeheartedly too! If he cant do it, then let them divorce!”

There was a smile on Jesses face when he heard the word “divorce”.


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