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Chapter 503 New Training Mission!

Just like that, another week passed.

One morning, Jordan went to his grandfathers room as soon as he woke up.

He had two dreams last night.

The first dream was the one he often had.

It involves sunshine, the beach, and the wedding dress.

Jordan and Hailey were getting married again.

Beside them was Elle, who had undergone plastic surgery and her best friend, Rachel.

Meanwhile, Rachel, that unfaithful woman, had reconciled with her husband, Cory.

They were holding hands.

After waking up in the middle of the night, Jordan had a second dream.

In that dream, Victoria was shot and her blood splattered all over the ground! He missed her too much.

He had to ensure her safety and find her.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to rest in peace!


“Grandpa…” Jordan knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Charleston was already up and was looking at a world map with a magnifying glass in his room.

Jordan walked in and said, “Grandpa, assign me the next training mission! I cant wait to find out the truth behind everything!”

Putting down the magnifying glass, Charleston said, “You and Lauren only toured England over the past two weeks.

Arent you going to visit the other countries in Europe Once you start your new training, you wont have much time to spend with your wife.”

Ever since he came to England, Jordan had gone sightseeing in several English cities with Lauren and Marissa.

Jordan said, “I cant just enjoy being happy with Lauren and forget all about Victoria!”

Charleston nodded.

“I know you still miss her.

I also thought that she would be the first woman you would bring home.

Speaking of Victoria, she was fatherless all these years.

She thought that her father died because of the Steeles…”

At this point, Charleston refused to continue because the following words would involve the family secret.

Instead, Charleston said, “The next mission Ill give you will also be your last mission.

After you complete this mission, I will tell you all the secrets of the family and the truth behind us faking Normans death!”

Hearing this, Jordan was excited.

Could he finally know the truth Could he finally know the secret of his family

He had already experienced everything that he needed to.

He was not young anymore.

It was time to inherit the family business!

Jordan asked, “Grandpa, please tell me what this mission is”

Charleston said, “For this mission, I want to test your investigative and combat abilities.

I want you to find your second brother, Jamie, and bring him back to the family.”

Jordan was stunned.

“Find Jamie”

This mission sounded very simple on the surface.

But in fact, it was more difficult than any mission Jordan had ever undertaken!

Jesse, Jordan and Jamie had all undergone the same training since they were young children.

They were all experts at avoiding detection!

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If Jamie wanted to hide, no one would be able to find him! Jesse had been looking for Jamie for a long time, but he still didnt have a clue where he was.

The Steeles had also sent Salvatore to find Jamie and Victoria.

It was like finding a needle in a haystack!

It was the same for Jordan.

If he were to go into hiding, he was confident that no one would be able to find him within a year or two!

Moreover, Jordans grandfathers request was not just to find him.

He wanted him to bring Jamie back to the family! If Jamie didnt want to return, there would definitely be a fight!

In addition, Jamie had the great Phoenix under him! Phoenix might just be one person, but he also represented one of the top forces in the world!

Moreover, Charleston set a rule when he was grooming Dragon, Chimera and Phoenix.

Once they were assigned, these three would only be loyal to their masters.

In other words, Dragon, Chimera and Phoenix could even disregard the orders of Charleston and Jordans parents.

They would only listen to Jesse, Jamie and Jordan!


Jordan had a headache when he thought of that sinister fellow.

It would be difficult to deal with him if he encountered him.

Jordan asked, “Can I use Dragon”

Charleston said, “Of course, you can use all the resources and connections you have.

But I want you to promise me that you wont hurt your second brother.”

Jordan nodded.


“When are you planning to leave” Charleston asked.

Jordan said, “Grandpa, Ill leave now.

Ill bring Jamie back to see you soon!”

Jordan left the room and returned to his room.

However, as soon as he entered, he realized that Marissa was also here to see Lauren.

Seeing that Jordan was back, Marissa asked, “Jordan, where were you this morning Lauren and I were just talking about going to France today.

Take us there.”

Jordan started packing his luggage anxiously.

“Im sorry, Im busy.

My grandfather gave me a new mission.

I have to go.”

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Hearing this, Marissa and Laurens faces turned pale.

Marissa hurriedly asked, “What mission did your grandfather give you”

Jordan said, “He asked me to find my second brother.”

When Marissa heard this, she said, “Find your second brother You call this a mission Hes your grandfather.

Cant he just give Jamie a call Can your second brother disobey your grandfathers orders”

Lauren hurriedly pulled Marissa back and said, “Mom, you dont know my husbands family.

Dont spout nonsense.

Theres been no news of Jamie over the recent period.

No one in the family can contact him.”

Marissa snorted coldly.

“Jordan, dont think I dont know that Jamie is with your former lover, Victoria.

I think youre just pretending to look for Jamie when in fact, youre looking for Victoria, right No wonder youre in such a hurry to pack your luggage!” Jordan was surprised that Marissa knew about Victoria being taken away by Jamie.

Kicking Jordans luggage aside in a domineering manner, Marissa stood in front of him to stop him from packing.

“Jordan, let me ask you.

Will you meet Victoria when you find Jamie”

Jordan did not lie.


Marissa continued.

“Okay, let me ask you again.

If you see Victoria, will you cut off all ties with her Or will you be with her again”

Laurens expression changed.

She stood quietly at the side and did not speak.

Jordan was not one to lie.

He replied, “I dont know.”

Marissa was furious.

“You… you dare to say you dont know This means that you still want to be with her! Let me ask you, do you still like Victoria!”

Jordan replied, “Yes!”


Marissa slapped Jordan.

“Youre a scumbag.

How did I end up with a playboy and irresponsible son-in-law like you! Youve only been married to my daughter for two months and youre already looking for your former lover How can you treat Lauren like this!”


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