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Chapter 505 Zephyr Three!

How could Jesse not know that his grandfather was testing his and Jordans abilities He was letting them compete! After all, Charleston always made the three brothers compete against each other from a young age.

Jesse clenched his fists.

“Grandpa, I will definitely find Jamie before Jordan.

Just wait and see!”

With that, Jesse walked out indignantly.

Jordan packed his luggage and bade his family farewell.

He didnt waste any time in seeking out Dragon.

“Dragon, its been a long time since we last worked together.

Fly Zephyr Three over to the castle to pick me up.

You will be going on a long trip with me!”



“Got it!”

A strong wind suddenly blew by an empty lawn outside Steele Castle.

Jordan was carrying his luggage, and his hair and clothes were fluttering in the wind as he stood rooted to the ground.

He looked very domineering! “Oh my god, what is this Is Hubby in danger” Standing at the entrance of the castle, Lauren looked at Jordan in the distance and became worried.

Marissa and Jesse were also standing at the door.

They had come to send Jordan off.


Marissa also asked, “Jesse, is it going to rain again Why is there such a strong wind all of a sudden”

It often rained in England and since Marissa arrived here, she rarely saw clear skies.

Jesse explained, “Lauren, Mrs.

Howard, dont worry.

Thats our familys stealth jet.”

“Stealth jet”

Lauren and Marissa were momentarily stunned.

It was not rare for rich families to have private planes.

As an example, the Howard family also had their own private jet.

The Steeles even had a golden carriage, so it was not surprising that they also had a private plane.


However, even these two ladies from the wealthy Howard family had never even seen a stealth jet before.

A white silhouette soon appeared on the spacious lawn.

Gradually, the entire jet appeared!

This was Jordans personal stealth jet, which also had combat capabilities.

It was called Zephyr Three!

Jesse explained.

“This is Jordans personal stealth jet, Zephyr Three.

Our family has a total of three stealth jets.

They are called Zephyr One, Zephyr Two and Zephyr Three.” “Zephyr One is with me.

Jamie has Zephyr Two.”

Lauren was very excited as she looked at Zephyr Three.

Since she was married to Jordan, Zephyr Three also belonged to her.

However, Jordan had never mentioned it to her.

Lauren asked, “Brother Jesse, I dont know much about planes, but my brother loves all things military.

I heard from him that a stealth jet can only hide from radar detection.

It cant be invisible to the naked eye.

Logically speaking, we should have been able to see the stealth jet.

But why couldnt we see this jet”

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Jesse didnt answer directly.

Instead, he smiled.

“Lauren, you know too little about the Steeles.

Its not that I dont want to tell you, but for certain things, even your own husband doesnt have the right to know!” Lauren found herself irritated by Jesses arrogance.

She replied, “I believe in my husband.

One day, he will know everything!”

Seeing Laurens attitude, Marissa immediately berated, “Lauren! How can you talk to your brother-in-law like that”

Jesse looked at Lauren and snorted coldly.

Without saying anything, he turned around and returned to the castle.

At the same time, Zephyr Three landed on the lawn and a tall person walked out of the plane.

This person was 1.93 meters tall and weighed 105kg.

He had long hair that was tied back and looked both refined yet capable of great violence.

It was Dragon!

Dragon was cold and unsmiling.

He approached Jordan and greeted him respectfully.

“Greetings, Master!”


Apart from Dragon, there were also over a dozen men in suits following behind.

All of them looked very dignified.

They were Dragons subordinates.

The men came from a wide range of nationalities.

They were among the elite in their respective countries! This was Jordans power!

They were completely loyal to Jordan!

“Greetings, Master!” The men shouted in unison.

Jordan carried his luggage and patted Dragons shoulder before walking to the entrance of the jet.

“Come with me.”

As soon as he boarded the plane, it became invisible again.

Taking a seat in Zephyr Three, Jordan looked surprised.

“I havent been on this plane for three years.

The interior has changed.”

Dragon said, “The changes were made by the original designers of this jet.”

Jordan nodded.

“Dragon, Grandpa asked me to find Jamie and bring him back.

We might have to fight against Phoenix and Zephyr Second.

Are you confident”

Dragon replied calmly, “If its just one-on-one, I can defeat Phoenix.”

A smile crossed Jordans face.

“Are you sure I remember that you lost to him in the last one-on-one fight.”

Dragon looked embarrassed.

“Phoenix is too wicked.

He broke the rules.”

Jordan said, “With Jamie as his boss, he will only become increasingly wicked.

Youre indeed stronger than him in terms of proper abilities, but if we include trickery and deception, I think the two of you are on par.

Or perhaps, his chances of victory will be higher.”

Dragon was very ashamed.

“Sorry to disappoint you, Master!”

Jordan patted his shoulder and said, “Dont worry.

I admire your righteous side.

By the way, do you know where Jamie is”

Dragon shook his head.


Jesse and Chimera have been searching for Mr.

Jamie all over the world, but they havent been able to find him.

Ive also sent people to investigate, but theres no information at all.”

Jordan was confused.

“With Jesses ability and our familys worldwide connections, its impossible that we cant find someone after so long.”

Dragon said, “Mr.

Jamies anti-reconnaissance abilities are especially strong.

Moreover, Mr.

Jesse relies too much on the Steele familys connections.

Once he reaches a country or region, he will immediately get the local government to help.

However, this alerts Mr.

Jamie and gives him a chance to run.”

Jordan nodded.

“Thats right.

Grandpa didnt deprive Jamie of his right as a member of the Steele family.

He can also use the connections we have.

In addition, when he was training around the world, he developed a wider and better network than us.

Those people might stand on Jamies side.

They might even help Jamie deceive Jesse.”

Among the three brothers, Jamie was the best at people-to-people connections and had a vast network of resources.

Dragon said, “Looks like you have to be prepared for a long-term search.


Jamie also has a stealth jet that we cant detect.”

Jordan felt a little dismayed.

Was he going to keep looking for her forever He did not want to waste so much time!


Jordan recalled that Salvatore had been following Victoria from the last time.

It would be much easier if Salvatore had discovered something!


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