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Chapter 506 Emilys Strange Situation!

Taking out his cell phone, Jordan called Salvatore.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is not available.

Please try again later.”

Jordan frowned.

Why had there not been any news of Salvatore since he started tracking Victoria Could he have been discovered and killed by Jamies men

Salvatore was one of Jordans favored subordinates.

He had done a lot for Jordan.

If Jamie had killed Salvatore, Jordan would never let him off.

At this moment, Tims name suddenly appeared on Jordans phone.

He was calling Jordan.

“Hello, Tim, whats the matter”

Jordan picked up the call immediately.

Since he had sent Tim to find Salvatore.

There must be some news!


Jordan, I found Salvatore!”

Jordan was delighted.

“Where is he”

Tim said, “Hes in the Philippines, but hes locked up in prison.


Jordan, I cant visit him.

Do you have any connections here who can save Salvatore”

“Locked up in prison”

Only then did Jesse understand why he could not contact Salvatore over the past period.

“Send me the location, and wait for me there.

Ill be there soon.”

After hanging up, Jordan instructed Dragon.

“Head to the Philippines!”

Zephyr Three immediately entered stealth mode and flew towards the Philippines.

10 hours later, Jordan arrived in the Philippines.

Tim stood in an open space and watched as Jordan walked out of thin air.

He was stunned.

“F*ck! F*ck! This is an invisible plane! F*ck, this is too awesome.


Jordan, you looked like you just walked out of a magic portal!” Tim couldnt stop babbling.

At this moment, a familiar figure ran over.


Jordan!!!” It was Salvatore.

As they were flying over, Jordan had someone use their connections to get Salvatore out of the prison.

Tim was also shocked.

“F*ck! Salvatore! Youre out I went to the prison to visit you in the morning, but the people there wont even let me see you.


Oh yes, Salvatore, I heard that you were locked up because you ate a childs arm.

When did you become so crazy”

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Salvatore said angrily, “Who the hell ate a childs arm! I was framed!”

Jordan couldnt help smiling when he heard the ridiculous reason that sent Salvatore to prison.

“Jamie must have done this.

He loves sending people to prison.

Moreover, he always makes up bizarre crimes.

Salvatore, you must have been discovered by Jamie when you were following Victoria.”

Salvatore sighed.

“Sigh, since hes your brother, Ill let it go.

If it were anyone else who played me like this, I would definitely settle the score with them!”

Jordan felt that Jamie had already been very kind to Salvatore.

At the very least, he didnt kill or cripple him.

He just had him locked up for a bizarre crime.

“Lets not talk about that anymore.

Salvatore, tell me.

What did you discover when I asked you to follow Victoria” asked Jordan.

Salvatore hurriedly replied, “That day in the capital, after leaving the hotel, I followed Victorias car the whole way.

I was very careful and she definitely didnt notice me! She arrived at the airport and I followed her to the Philippines.

But after I came to the Philippines and continued tracking her, I was suddenly arrested.

They accused me of eating a childs arm.

“Damn it.

I havent even seen anyone under the age of 15 since I came to the Philippines!”

Jordan thought about it carefully.

“Could Jamie and Victoria be in the Philippines”

There were many islands in the Philippines, such as Boracay and Colon Island.

They were all very beautiful and remote.

If Jamie was here, he would be able to stay hidden while enjoying the sea, sun and beach.

Perhaps there would even be top-grade beauties.

Dragon reminded him.

“Chimera sent someone to search the Philippines two days ago, but they didnt find anything.”

Jordan frowned.

He knew that Jesse had been focusing on the Southeast Asia region.

Since Jesse couldnt find Jamie here, Jordan and Dragon wouldnt have many results either.

At this moment, Salvatore suddenly said, “Mr.

Jordan, I saw someone at the airport!”

“Who” Jordan was encouraged by Salvatores excited expression.

Not many people could make Salvatore so excited.

Salvatore said in high spirits, “Ms.



Jordan was confused.

“Youre saying that Emily and Victoria appeared at the same time and place! In that case, Emily might be with Victoria! She probably knows where she is!”

Jordan recalled Emilys reaction after Victoria went missing.

Emily was indeed very anxious when she first found out, as she had always blamed She kept blaming Jordan for her sisters disappearance.

Back then, Emily would often call Jordan and send him multiple messages asking if he knew about his sisters whereabouts.

However, after a while, Emily stopped asking.

In fact, it had been quite some time since Emily had contacted Jordan!

Victoria was Emilys dear sister and she blamed Jordan for her disappearance.

Would Emily suddenly stop pestering Jordan!

The only plausible reason would be that she knew where Victoria was! In fact, she might even be with Victoria now!


Jordan smacked his forehead.

“Damn it! I didnt notice the change in Emilys behavior! She hasnt asked me about Victoria in such a long time.

Moreover, she became increasingly indifferent.

She keeps posting all sorts of gourmet food photos on her social media account and appears very happy.

I should have noticed her sudden change!”

If Emily knew where Victoria and Jamie were, this mission would become much easier.

Jordan couldnt contact Victoria and Jamie, but he could contact Emily! As long as he followed Emily, he would be able to find Jamie and Victoria!

“Lets go back to the plane.”

Jordan returned to the jet and asked Dragon to turn on the tracking program.

As long as Emily answered Jordans call, he would know her location.

After determining her location, Jordan could fly over in his stealth jet!

After preparing everything, Jordan called Emily.

The call went through, but Emily did not answer.

Jordan tried calling again, but Emily did not answer.

“Is Emily at work” Tim asked.

“Maybe shes sleeping.

I am sure Ms.

Emily looks very lovely while sleeping…”

Salvatore drooled as he fantasized.

After half an hour, Emily finally replied with a message.

Emily: “Whats the matter, Jordan I was busy earlier and didnt hear your call.”

Jordan smiled as he read the message.

She was deliberately avoiding Jordans call.

Was she afraid of being tracked

Very good.

If that was the case, it just proved that Jordans conjecture was correct.

Emily was with Victoria!


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