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Chapter 508 Emilys Idol!

Jordan kicked Salvatore to the ground.

“Are you f*cking crazy How many times have I told you Emily is Victorias biological sister.

How can I marry her after marrying her sister! Do you want me to sleep with both sisters! Norman will kill me!”


Salvatore had always wanted Emily to be Jordans wife because he liked her.

He actually said so out loud.

There was absolutely nothing between Jordan and Emily.

Was Salvatore crazy Tim hurriedly intervened.


Jordan, dont be angry.

Salvatore must be feeling the after-effects of being in prison.

He has a lot of pent-up frustration.

Oh yes, Mr.

Jordan, why dont you continue chatting with Emily You suspect that she is with Mr.

Jamie, right Continue chatting and find out more!”

Jordan shook his head.

“My brother is very sensitive.

I cant make it too obvious.

If he senses anything strange, all my efforts will be in vain.”

Salvatore apologized to Jordan.

“Im sorry, Mr.


I shouldnt have said that.

How are you going to find Ms.


Jordan opened Emilys social media account to check her recent posts.

The most recent one was:Wow, Ji Chang-wook is so handsome! The Korean drama “The K2” is really good.

I love Ji Chang-wook! A photo of a handsome male idol accompanied her words.

That must be Ji Chang-wook.

Emily had lived a carefree life since she was young.

After her parents left, her sister took care of her.

Therefore, like other ordinary girls, she liked to chase after handsome male celebrities.

Ji Chang-wook was clearly one of her recent infatuations.

Jordan instructed Tim.

“Tim, look up information on Ji Chang-wook.”


Tim immediately searched for information on Ji Chang-wook.

“Ji Chang-wook is a popular Korean actor who has acted in many idol dramas.

Hes quite handsome, but his fame in the US is only average.”

Salvatore glanced at Ji Chang-wooks photo and said in disdain, “Is this the idol that Ms.

Emily likes Tsk, hes not that handsome.

Anyway, hes not as handsome as Mr.


“Does this male idol sing” Jordan asked.

Tim took a look and replied, “Yes, but he hasnt released that many songs.

His main profession is still an actor.”

Jordan immediately instructed, “Find Ji Chang-wooks management company and tell his manager that I want to invite him to hold a concert in Houston.”

“Private concert”

Tim and Salvatore were taken aback.

But they soon understood Jordans intentions.


Jordan, are you planning to use this Korean celebrity to lure Emily out” Tim asked.

Jordan nodded with a smile.

“Thats right.

A girl like Emily will definitely do anything to meet her idol.

Moreover, it will be in Houston, right at Emilys doorstep.

Its impossible that she wouldnt come and meet her idol when hes in town, right”

Tim immediately gave a thumbs-up sign.

“Boss, thats a brilliant move! You didnt ask her out directly, but you are indirectly enticing her using a Korean celebrity.

When we see Emily, well follow her and find Victoria and Mr.


Jordan nodded.

This was indeed his plan!

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As Jamies anti-detection abilities were especially strong, he couldnt use a direct approach with Emily.

Only with Jordans plan would he be able to track them without notice.

Based on Jordans understanding of Emily, if Ji Chang-wook held a concert in Houston, she would definitely turn up.

Tim immediately picked up the phone and dialed.

Previously, Jordan had pretended to be the president of J Films.

He reigned over the entire US entertainment industry.

Jordan had handed most of J Films matters to Tim.

Therefore, he knew many big shots in the entertainment industry.

Soon, Tim received a call from the president of GE Entertainment company.

Tim put the call on speakerphone.

“Annyeonghaseyo.” A man answered the phone with a “Hello” in Korean.

Jordan said in English.

“Im the president of J Films.

Get an interpreter who knows English.

I have something to tell you.”

The other party replied in English, “Im the president of GE Entertainment, Song Cheong-su.

I can speak English!”

The other partys English was not very good, but it was passable.

Jordan said, “Hello, President Song.

I admire your artist, Ji Chang-wook.

Hes very popular in our country.

I would like to invite him to hold a concert in Houston.

The stage lights and sound effects will all be top-notch.

Moreover, I will pay a very good fee for the performance.

I will also cover all expenses.

What do you think”

Song Cheong-su did not reply for a long time.

Jordan was puzzled.

After a long time, Song Cheong-su replied in a soft voice, “Please wait.

Ill get an interpreter…”

Jordan was speechless.

Nevertheless, Jordan had stayed in South Korea for a year and knew that not many Koreans were fluent in English.

Song Cheong-su soon returned with an interpreter and Jordan repeated his offer.

After Song Cheong-su understood the situation, he asked the interpreter to reply, “President Steele, our president thinks your offer is very tempting.

He will contact Ji Chang-wook immediately to discuss the proposed concert with him.”

Jordan stated.

“Give me a reply in half an hour.”

Half an hour later, Song Cheong-su called again.

Song Cheong-sus interpreter translated, “President Steele, we are really sorry.

Ji Chang-wook is unwilling to hold a concert in Houston!” Jordan asked, “What Why not” The interpreter explained, “Ji Chang-wook doesnt think hes famous enough in the US.

Besides, hes an actor.

Singing isnt his main profession.

His fans are all from his movies.

Hes worried that it will be an empty stadium if he holds a concert in the US.

Not many people will attend.

As you know, our artistes are idol stars.

We care a lot about our reputation.”

Jordan said, “Dont worry about the attendance.

If no one buys the tickets, Ill pay people to go.

I guarantee that it will be a full house!”

The interpreter paused for a moment and said, “We are really sorry.

Our artistes have their own pride.

We dont want to hire fake fans.

We dont want to earn this kind of money.

President Steele, I dont think we can accept your offer!”


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