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Chapter 510 Destroy The Company!

If he was honest with himself, Jordan was a little excited to meet this woman again.

This woman had once said something hurtful to


At that time, on the Syrian battlefield, Jordan stayed by her side for three days, protecting her and sharing a life and death experience together.

Back then, they had been hiding in the water at the bottom of a valley.

It was the most romantic place across a hundred-mile radius.

To express her gratitude, Madam had kissed Jordan.

There was no one around.

Jordan liked this woman so he wanted to go further with her.

However, Madam rejected him.

“Youre not worthy to have sex with me.

If you want to sleep with me, come find me when youre stronger and more powerful.

Ill wait for you in Seoul!”

Jordan still remembered Madams charming smile when she said that.

He had not told her his real identity.

She did not know that he was from the Steele family and had come to the battlefield to train.

He was not an ordinary soldier.

Perhaps, this beautiful woman would not reject him if she knew that.

Salvatore smiled mischievously.


Jordan, do you want to go down and greet your old lover”

Tim said, “Why dont we just deactivate Zephyr Threes invisibility mode Theyre no match for us.

If Madam sees such an awesome stealth jet, she will definitely take the initiative to book a room at the best hotel in Seoul to wait for you tonight.


Salvatore smiled.

“Why go to a hotel Theres so much room on Zephyr Three.


Jordan looked at Salvatore “Arent you Emilys supporter If I take this woman in, with her personality, any love rival who is a threat to her will be eliminated.

Arent you afraid that she will kill Emily”

Salvatore immediately became serious.

“F*ck, is this woman that ruthless”

Dragon gave a faint smile.

“This woman dares to venture into the Syrian battlefield.

How can she be a simple woman”

Jordan nodded and said, “Lets wait for a while.

Well make our move after they leave.”

Just like that, Jordan and the rest waited quietly on the spot for more than 20 minutes.

Madam and an unfamiliar man ended their conversation.

They drove off.

Ten minutes after they left, Jordan and Salvatore walked out of the plane and drove to GE Entertainment.

Jordan had specially hired an interpreter before going to GE Entertainment.

Actually, the level of English in South Korea was not that bad.

But when it came to long conversations, there was a chance it might be difficult to communicate properly.

Salvatore drove to the building where GE Entertainment was located.

Jordan looked up and saw the name of the building and felt a sense of familiarity.

“TRUTEC Building Why does this name sound so familiar I think Ive seen it somewhere before,” Jordan said.

Dragon reminded him, “I think this building belongs to Mr.


Realization dawned upon Jordan.

“Oh, right.

Jesse bought this building.

However, my wife and I own this building now.”

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Tim asked curiously, “Why”

Jordan said, “My brother let Lauren and I choose a number of his assets to be transferred to us.

Lauren chose 15 of them.

This building is one of them.”


Jordan, your brother treats you so well,” Tim said enviously.

Salvatore added, “Damn, Mr.

Jesse is so generous.

I reckon this building is worth at least a few hundred million dollars, right”

Dragon asked, “Do you think a few hundred million dollars matters to Mr.


Tim said, “You cant say that.

Even though Mr.

Jordan is very rich, if this building belongs to someone else, they might not be willing to sell it no matter how much it costs.”

Jordan said, “Alright, lets go up.”

They took the elevator to the first floor of GE Entertainment, where a beautiful service staff received them.

“Do you have an appointment” The girl with exquisite makeup asked.

In response, Jordan said, “I spoke to the president of your company earlier, but I cant contact him now.

Is he in the office I have something to discuss with him.”

The receptionist said, “I am sorry, our president isnt in the office.

Please leave your phone number and name.

We will contact you


Was she going to send Jordan and his men away just like that Salvatore couldnt help saying, “We took a plane over from the Philippines.

You want us to leave a phone number and wait for news” “Do you know who this is The President of J Films! Hes the most powerful person in the US entertainment industry! Get President Song to come out and see us!”

The interpreter translated and the beautiful receptionist looked at Jordan in disbelief, “You are the President of the biggest company in the US entertainment industry”

Jordan nodded.

The receptionist said, “You must be joking.

Youre so young, you dont look like a president at all.

Are you fans of our companys artistes and are here to sneak a peek”

Salvatore was furious.

“Nonsense! Were fans of your artistes Ji Chang-wook isnt even as good as our President! Why would we be fans of him!”

Salvatore asked the interpreter to translate his words.

The receptionist snorted and crossed her arms and her stance and expression became one of arrogance.

“What did you say Ji Chang-wook isnt as handsome as him He cant even compare to our artistes toes, okay Ugly liar.

How dare you demand to meet our boss Ive seen too many frauds.

You will think of any devious methods just to meet our artistes!

“If youre so capable, dont be fans of our artistes.

Be a fan of your own countrys idols.

Doesnt your country have any good idols Heh.

If your countrys entertainment industry is so great, why the need to come all the way here to seek out our artistes “Korean films and songs are the rage across the world now.

Your country has done countless remakes based on our movies.

Listen, even if you are really looking for our boss to discuss business, were not interested! Get lost!”

As they did not understand Korean, Salvatore and the others did not know what she was talking about.

However, they could tell that this woman was scolding them!

Salvatore stared at their interpreter.

“Translate every word for me.

Dont leave out a single thing!”

The young interpreter did as instructed.


Salvatore slapped the receptionist.

“B*tch! How dare you insult Mr.

Jordan and our countrys entertainment industry!”

The receptionist was stunned.

“You… you dare to hit me”

By this point, Jordan could no longer stand the arrogant receptionist.

He ordered Salvatore, “Destroy this company!”


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