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Chapter 512 Emily Appears!

Jordans word was law in the US entertainment industry.

Who would dare to go against Jordan Steele

Now that he had come to South Korea, he was still as domineering as ever! Song Cheong-su quickly said, “Ji Chang-wook, hurry up and thank President Steele for giving you this opportunity.

It is an honor for a South Korean artiste to hold a concert in Houston!”

Upon hearing his bosss words, Ji Chang-wook had no choice but to agree.

He replied respectfully, “Thank you, President Steele.

Ill do my best to train my singing skills so that you wont be disappointed by my performance!”

Jordan wondered if Ji Chang-wook had misunderstood something.

He looked at him strangely.

Could it be that he thought that Jordan was Ji Chang-wooks fan And that was why he was inviting him to perform in the US

This kind of thing had happened before.

Rich second-generation heirs often invited their favorite idols to sing at their birthday parties.

Jordan did not want Ji Chang-wook to think that he admired him.

“I dont care if your performance is good or not.

Im not going to watch it anyway.

I invited you because of my sister.

My sister is a fan of yours.

She has been out of contact for a long time.

I want to use you to help me find her.

So the concert performance isnt the main point.

Your mission is to install a tracker on my sisters cell phone.”

Jordan did not plan to show himself after luring Emily out.

He planned to get Ji Chang-wook to secretly plant a tracking device on Emilys phone.

In this way, he could track Emily when she went back to meet Victoria and Jamie!

Ji Chang-wook hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

“President Steele dotes on your younger sister so much, I will definitely help


Shortly after, GE Entertainment swiftly announced that their artiste, Ji Chang-wook, would be holding a concert in Houston next week!

To let Emily know the news as soon as possible, Jordan even paid money to boost the online announcement across internet search engines and social media, making it a trending topic.

Dreams Entertainment, the subsidiary of GE Entertainment, would be in charge of ticketing.

Once the news was released and the tickets were released for purchase, Jordan, Tim, Salvatore and the rest of their team sat in front of their computers to track the ticket sales.

As buyers had to use their real names to purchase their tickets, Jordan would immediately know when Emily bought her tickets.

To prevent scalpers or Ji Chang-wooks fans from snatching up all the tickets, Jordan had deliberately raised the ticket price to an unreasonable amount.

For example, the tickets that were usually priced at USD 80 were being sold for USD 800.

VIP tickets that were usually priced at USD 800 were being sold at USD 8,000.

This way, even if Emily only knew about the concert at the last minute, she would still be able to buy tickets.

However, Jordans actions caused fans to be unhappy.

Many netizens complained and questioned if Ji Chang-wook was worth such high ticket prices.

Online arguments between netizens and hard-core fans became increasingly heated.

Seven oclock in the evening.

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Salvatore was suddenly overjoyed.


Jordan! Ms.

Emily just bought a VIP ticket worth USD 8,000!”

Tim also smiled.

“Haha, Emily has fallen into our trap.

In a week, well be able to follow her and successfully find Victoria and Mr.


Jordan smiled too.

“USD 8,000 is nothing to Emily.

I knew she would buy a ticket.”

Dragon also complimented, “Master, youre really impressive.


Jesse has been searching for so long, but he didnt manage to find any clues.

You made such great progress in less than a day.”

Jordan remained humble.

He was not trying to prove that he was better than his brother.

“You cant say that.

After all, I know Emily very well.

If Victoria wasnt with Jamie, I wouldnt have been able to find Jamie.

Anyway, everyone is to keep a low profile and stay hidden.

We have to wait for Emily to show up and then follow her when she leaves.

Then we can then uncover Jamies whereabouts and complete my last mission!”

Dragon, Salvatore and Tim said in unison, “Yes, sir!”

Jordan said to himself:Victoria, Ill see you soon…

A week later.

Houston, White Oak Music Hall.

After Emily bought her VIP ticket, the ticket prices returned to normal levels.

Other fans also rushed to buy tickets.

That night, the venue was packed with people.

It was no surprise that Ji Chang-wook was indeed very popular here.

“Ji Chang-wook! Ji Chang-wook! Ji Chang-wook!”

Tens of thousands of fans shouted in unison, including Emily!

Emily was wearing a pink dress and sitting in the VIP seat in the first row.

She was holding a cardboard sign and waving it around.

“Wow, Ms.

Emily is so beautiful!”

Backstage, Salvatore watched the surveillance cameras and was extremely excited.

Tim teased him, “Salvatore, what kind of eyes do you have Its pitch black but you can still see Emily”

The concert was held at night and the lights in the audience area were turned down.

It was basically impossible to see anything clearly.

Salvatore retorted, “Just now, a beam of light swept across Ms.

Emilys face.

She looked like the moon goddess herself, too beautiful!”

Jordan sat quietly, anticipating the interaction between Emily and Ji Chang-wook.

According to the plan, Ji Chang-wook would choose an audience member to sing on stage with him during the final part of the concert.

And Ji Chang-wook would choose Emily!

Two hours later.

Ji Chang-wook held the microphone and said happily, “Thank you for everyones enthusiasm.

Now, I want to choose a fan to perform on stage with me.”

Upon hearing this, the fans all screamed.

Ji Chang-wook walked towards the area where Emily was and pointed directly at her.

“This beauty, are you willing to come on stage and sing with me”

Emily was shocked.

She never thought that she would be chosen!

“I am!”

It was the dream of every fan to be able to be on the same stage as her idol.

With that, Emily was pulled onto the stage, and the two of them sang a duet.

After the song, Ji Chang-wook continued to perform on stage while his interpreter walked over to Emily.

“Hello, Miss.

You sing very well and look very pretty.

Our artiste likes you a lot and wants to add you to his private social media account.

Is that okay”

Emily was surprised.

“Sure, sure!”

The interpreter said, “Please give me your cell phone and Ill enter his profile name.”

Emily immediately took out her cell phone.

She was completely unsuspecting as she passed her cell phone to the interpreter.

Jordan had arranged this little interaction with the interpreter.

While the interpreter was entering the information, she also secretly planted a tracking device in Emilys cell phone case!

After that, the interpreter returned Emilys phone to her.

“Thank you!”

The tracking device was already planted.

Now, they only had to follow Emily!


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