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Chapter 513 Something Happened To Emily!

Jordan immediately opened the tracking app on his phone.

The app would show Emilys location in real-time.

“Success! Now, we just wait for Emily to go back to Victoria and the rest.”

Dragon grew solemn.

“I wonder if Mr.

Jamie will resist Mr.

Jordans attempts to bring him back…”

If Jamie was unwilling to return with Jordan, the two of them would definitely engage in a fierce battle! Tim smiled.

“Dragon, are you afraid of Phoenix”

Dragon snorted disdainfully.

“You dont have the right to say that to me.

Phoenixs strength is below mine.

Even in the worst-case scenario, I will be able to retreat in one piece.

But for you two, once he sets eyes on you, you better pray for your lives!”

Tim swallowed hard.

Was Phoenix so ruthless

Meanwhile, Salvatore was oblivious to Dragons warning, because his eyes were still fixed on Emily.

A minute later, Salvatore suddenly frowned.


Jordan, Ms.

Emily didnt return to her seat after she finished singing on stage.”

Jordan was surprised.

“Oh According to the plan, the interpreter was to lead her back to her seat after planting the tracking device on her phone.”

Jordan checked her location in his app and saw that she was still in the stadium.

However, she was on the move.

“She might have gone to the toilet or maybe shes making a call,” Jordan said.

Salvatore didnt suspect anything at first, but after a few minutes, he asked again, “Mr.

Jordan, wheres Ms.

Emily now”

Jordan glanced at Emilys position.

“Shes at the entrance of the venue now.

Is she leaving That cant be right.

She likes Ji Chang-wook so much.

Theres no reason for her to leave


Salvatore immediately picked up the phone to call the person they had specially planted to sit behind Emily in the audience

“Hello Aaron, did Ms.

Emily leave early”

Aaron replied, “Yes, she did.

After Emily left the stage, she was taken away by two security guards.

Didnt you arrange it”

To ensure Emilys safety, all the security guards at the concert venue were specially arranged by Salvatore.

Salvatore immediately became very anxious.

“When did I get the security guards to take her away! Which security guard took her away”

Aaron said, “I didnt see clearly.

It was so dark.”

Salvatore put down the phone and reported it to Jordan.


Jordan, Ms.

Emily was taken away by our security guards, but I didnt instruct them to do so.”

Jordan looked at Emilys position on his app.

After Emily left the venue, the speed of her movements suddenly increased!

The speed increased from 80 km/h to 100, and then 110!

“Oh no! Emily has been kidnapped!”

This tracking device could record Emilys speed of movement.

Jordan was sure that something had happened to Emily when he saw the sudden increase in her speed.

If Emily had chosen to leave of her own accord, she would not drive so fast in the city.

“Get the car.

We have to follow her!”

Salvatore said, “Yes!”

Half an hour later, in an abandoned amusement park in the suburbs of Houston.

Emily, who was wearing a pink dress, was tied to a chair.

Her mouth was gagged, preventing her from screaming.

Suddenly five to six fierce men surrounded her!

A man with a buzz cut walked over and removed her gag.

The moment he removed it, Emily screamed.



The man with the buzz cut did not care that she was a female.

He slapped Emilys cute and delicate face!

“What are you screaming for If you continue to scream, Ill smash your mouth!”

Emily was stunned! She had been well protected by her sister since she was a young child.

When had she ever been slapped like this

She didnt dare to scream anymore.

Tears streamed down her face.

At this moment, a slightly plump man came forward and smiled.

“September, why are you so violent towards beautiful women”

The buzz-cut man snorted.

“August, dont tell me youve taken a fancy to this girl Let me remind you, were here on official business.

You wont be able to bear the consequences if you ruin our boss plans!”

August, September.

These were clearly code names and not their real names.

August didnt say anything more.

September looked at Emily.

“Are you Emily”

Emily immediately denied it.

“Im not.

Youve caught the wrong person!” September coldly replied, “Ive never grabbed the wrong person in my life.

Emily, let me ask you, where are your sister and Jamie”

Only then did Emily understand why she was kidnapped.

She raised her head and said, “I dont know any Jamie.

My sister has been missing for a long time, so I dont know where she is.”

September said coldly, “If you didnt know, would Jordan be so free as to invite a South Korean idol to Houston for you to admire”

Emily was stunned.

“What did you say Ji Chang-wook was invited by Jordan”

She never thought that her idol would have anything to do with her ex-brother-in-law.

September said, “How else could it be If Jordan didnt specially arrange this concert for him, would Ji Chang-wook be able to hold a concert for ten thousand people in Houston with his lousy singing skills I was below the stage and listened to him sing for two hours.

My ears were almost damaged from listening to him.

What kind of bull** is that!”

Emily was pissed.

“You are not allowed to insult Ji Chang-wook!”

September laughed.

“Little girl, youre really a pampered flower who spent all its life in a greenhouse.

Have you been spoiled Youre about to die, and you still have the mood to defend others Youd better cut the crap and tell us where Jamie is!”

Emily insisted.

“I dont know!”

September was furious.

He was about to raise his hand to slap her again when August stopped him.

“August, what are you trying to do”

September looked at August with a murderous expression.

August laughed and sized up Emily, especially her long legs.

He was nearly drooling.

“September, I already told you that shes a beauty.

Dont keep hitting her.

Do you think youll be able to find out about Jamies whereabouts just by hitting her”

September lowered his arm and snorted.

“What despicable idea do you have then, August Are you going to drug her like what you did to the previous one”

Rubbing his fat hands together, August chuckled with a leer on his face.

“Although my method is despicable, you have to admit that it is the most appropriate for beautiful women.” August took out a box from his pocket.

There was a pink pill inside.

Emilys heart skipped a beat when she saw the pill.

She knew what the pill was for.

Terrified, she instinctively squeezed her legs together.


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