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Chapter 515 The Terrifying Dragon!

Jordan rarely killed people so ruthlessly.

He did not even kill Tyler and Cayden.

Hailey was the one who was willing to have an affair.

They didnt force her, so she was also responsible.

However, if Hailey had been coerced like Emily was, Jordan would never let that person off so easily!

There was no one Jordan hated more than scum like that!

How dare he have designs on Emily He was courting death!

Salvatore had sped all the way here like he was in an F1 race.

This was why they were able to stop them in time.

Thank the heavens that Jordan had asked the interpreter to place the tracker in Emilys phone case.

Otherwise, Emily would have been tarnished by these bastards!


Salvatore gritted his teeth and looked at the chubby August with murderous eyes! There was no one who cared more about Emilys safety and chastity!

Salvatore immediately stepped on the accelerator and charged forward!

“Be careful not to hit Emily!” Jordan warned.

Initially, August was standing with Emily.

However, when Salvatore drove over, August quickly rolled to the side.

“Good dodge!”

Salvatore swerved the steering wheel and charged straight at August!

Bang! “Ah!”

There was a loud bang followed by a mans scream.

Salvatore had pinned August against a wall!

Jordan immediately instructed Dragon, “Apart from him, there are three other men.

Settle them quickly.

I want them alive.”

Dragons killing intent soared.


Dragon picked up a katana and was about to alight.

However, Dragon could get out of the car, Salvatore walked out of the drivers seat first.

His anger still wasnt appeased even though he had killed August.

Salvatore went over to hit and curse Augusts body.

“F*ck you! You little b*stard! How dare you rip Ms.

Emilys skirt Im going to smash your pig face!”

Salvatore couldnt stand the thought of another man other than Jordan touching Emily.

Even though he had killed August, he still felt that it wasnt enough.

At this moment, September and the others were more than a little scared.

Their comrade had been killed just like that.

They had no idea how powerful Salvatore was and their wariness of him was increasing rapidly.

“Who are you” September demanded.

Salvatore was still in a rage.

Beating a dead body was not as satisfying as beating a live one!


September immediately picked up a brick and charged at September.

However, September kicked Salvatore to the ground!

Salvatore had been on the streets for many years and physical combat was one of his best skills.

However, compared to professional thugs like September, he was not on their level.

September stepped on Salvatores face in disdain.

“I thought you were very powerful.

It turns out that youre just a piece of trash.

With your mediocre skills, you dare to try and be a hero”


At this moment, Emily saw Salvatore and shouted his name.

September was still stepping on Salvatores face.

Salvatore wished he could kill this scum who had insulted his goddess!

However, his ability did not allow him to do so!

Nevertheless, he still tried his best to look up and glare at Septembers arrogant face.

“Kid, in a minute, Ill be the one stepping on your face!”

September laughed out loud.

“Oh Are you that fierce You can still fight back when you are under my foot Come on, show me how you plan to do that!”

Salvatore looked at the Buick GL8!

September realized that there were other people in the car!

The cars windows were very thick and dark.

No one could not see through to the inside.

The only thing they could see was the reflection on the glass.

Therefore, September did not realize there were others inside.

September became cautious.

“Brothers, be careful.

Theres someone else in the car.”

His men smiled.

“Theyre just a motley crew.

Even if 10 cars came, they wouldnt be our match.”

September laughed, too.

“Thats right.”

September shouted at the Buick, “A*sholes, do you dare to come out Are you so scared that you peed your pants You killed August.

Today, everyone in the Buick will die!”

At this moment, the 1.93-meter tall Dragon stepped out.

His hair was pulled back into a ponytail and he was wearing a black t-shirt, revealing his strong muscles and cool tattoos.

A shiny katana was in his hand! “Who are you calling a*shole” Dragon walked over coldly.

Seeing the intimidating figure, September and his men retreated in fear!

“Youre… youre Dragon!”

The arrogant September immediately became a worm when he saw Dragon!

Dragon said coldly, “You know me But I dont know you.”

Just as he finished speaking, Dragon attacked at lightning speed!


Whoosh! Whoosh!

Dragons movements were extremely fast.

In a split second, he had arrived in front of the men with his katana! He slashed Septembers leg before cutting off the hand of another man who wanted to grab his gun.

With another slash, Dragon killed the third man who was pointing his gun at him!

A crushing defeat!

Dragon did not give his opponents any chance to retaliate! September and his men barely had the chance to move a finger!

Salvatore got up from the ground and knocked the bleeding September to the ground with a punch.

He then stepped on Septembers face with its foot.

“Kid, was I bragging I said that I would be stepping on your face in less than a minute!”

At that moment, Jordan and Tim got out of the car.

Jordan could have subdued the three men himself.

However, with Dragon around, he no longer had to do such things himself.

September was even more terrified when he saw Jordan walking over.

Instead, Jordan walked to Emily and untied her.

“Emily, are you alright” Emilys eyes were misty as she held Jordan with both hands.

“Jordan… youre finally here.

I knew you would save me.”

Jordan patted Emilys head and comforted her, “Emily, its alright.

Im here.

I wont let anyone bully you.”

After comforting her, Jordan instructed Salvatore.

“Help Emily back to the car.”


Meanwhile, Jordan walked towards September and the man beside him.

He asked, “Who sent you guys Why did you kidnap Emily” The two men suddenly had strange expressions on their faces.

Shortly after, both of them vomited blood and fell to the ground!


Jordan, they bit their tongues and committed suicide!” Dragon said.

“Damn it…”

Jordan did not expect such loyal hitmen to exist.

They chose to commit suicide in order not to expose their masters identity.

Salvatore had been escorting Emily back to the car but he suddenly ran over.

He grabbed Jordans sleeve and kept shouting, “Mr.

Jordan, bad news, bad news.



“What happened to her”

Salvatore said, “She seems to have been drugged!”


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