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Chapter 516 Salvatore Rebels!


Jordan observed Emily carefully and realized that her cheeks were flushed and her clothes were messy.

She did look rather out of sorts.

“Jordan… I feel terrible…”

Emily held Jordans hand as she spoke with much effort.

Jordan comforted her, “Emily, dont be afraid.

I have the antidote here.

Youll be fine after taking the antidote.”

Taking out the medicine box his family had given him, Jordan looked for the antidote to the usual street drugs sold on the market.

“Here, swallow it.”

Jordan personally fed Emily.

She took a sip of soda and swallowed the antidote.

Seeing that Emilys body was flushed and warm, Jordan instructed Salvatore.

“Turn the air conditioner in the car to the maximum.”


Salvatore hurriedly adjusted the air conditioning

At this moment, Dragon said, “Master, Ive already arranged for someone to deal with the dead bodies.

We shouldnt stay here for long.

We must leave the scene as soon as possible.”

Jordan nodded.

After all, there had been several deaths.

Although three of them had committed suicide, Jordan and his men would still be in trouble if they were seen.

Jordan and the rest got into the car.

Salvatore drove them away and returned to the Houston central district.

All the while Salvatore was constantly observing Emilys condition through the rearview mirror as he drove.

Salvatore asked, “Mr.

Jordan, how long will the antidote take to take effect”

Jordan said, “It usually takes five minutes.”

Salvatore said, “Its been six and a half minutes since you gave her the antidote.

But judging from Ms.

Emilys expression, she still seems to be very uncomfortable.” Jordan looked at Emily.

Her condition did not seem to have improved.

“Emily, are you feeling better”

Emily shook her head honestly.

“No… the antidote doesnt seem to have any effect.”

“What How can it be ineffective!”

The Steeles had given Jordan this antidote.

He had tested it before and it should be very effective against the typical street drugs sold on the market.

Why was it ineffective when it came to Emily

Unless the knock-out drug used on Emily was not an ordinary drug!

Dragon said, “Master, your medicine was specially concocted by the family.

Its a level higher than the normal antidotes on the market.

Its impossible that its ineffective.

Unless, of course, the drug they used was also very advanced.” “Could it be…”

At that moment, both Dragon and Jordan thought of the same person.


There were not many people in this world who could possess a drug that even Jordan could not counter.

Jordan did not try to ponder too much about this now.

His current top priority was to solve Emilys problem!

Emily was feeling very hot and fidgety.

The drug had strong aphrodisiacal effects and now, she was sitting in the back row with Jordan and Dragon.

She felt extremely uncomfortable.

Emily suddenly said, “Jordan, did you invite Ji Chang-wook especially for me”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, I know you like him, so I invited him over to hold a concert just to lure you out.

Im sorry.

If it werent for me, none of this would have happened… and now that youre in a bad state, Im responsible.”

Jordan was willing to do a lot of things for Emily.

He would even shed blood for her.

But how could he, as her brother-in-law, help her in such matters

Emily suddenly became very shy as she whispered, “Um… Jordan, can you… can you…”

Seeing that Jordan was a little embarrassed, Jordan asked, “Do you want Ji Chang-wook to do something for you Tell me.

He accepted my money and he will do anything for you as long as I ask.”

Emilys face turned even redder.

“Can you… send me to him”

Jordan was stunned.


Emily nodded.

By now, Ji Chang-wook should have already finished his concert and returned to the hotel.

But how could Emily face anyone in her current state!

Could it be that Emily wanted to…

Jordan asked, “Are you planning to… with Ji Chang-wook”

Emily said in an embarrassed voice, “Ji Chang-wook is my idol.

If hes my first man, I… I can accept it…”

“No! Absolutely not!”

Salvatore suddenly went crazy and shouted, “Emily, you cant be with that South Korean! How can that fellow be worthy of you! I firmly object!”

Tim was also very unhappy.

“How can we let that South Korean benefit like this We gave him so much money, arranged a concert for him and now, we are even offering him a top-grade beauty F*ck! On what grounds!”

Jordan was in a dilemma.

He also did not want to offer a nice girl like Emily to some foreign stranger.

However, since Emily had voiced this request and this man was the one she liked, what reason did Jordan have to reject her

At this moment, Salvatore suddenly stopped the car by the roadside.

“Dragon, Tim, come out for a moment!”

Salvatore got out of the car and took the car keys with him.

After Dragon and Tim alighted, Salvatore suddenly pressed the lock button!

The car was locked.

Jordan and Emily were trapped inside!

Dragon immediately became alert and scolded, “Salvatore, are you trying to rebel What do you mean by locking your master in the car”

Tim instantly understood why Salvatore was doing this.

He explained, “Dragon, please calm down.

Salvatore is doing this to create an opportunity for Mr.

Jordan and Ms.

Emily.” Salvatore said, “Thats right! In short, I will never give Emily to that South Korean!”

Dragon shouted angrily, “How can you go against Masters wishes Drive Emily to the hotel immediately and carry out Masters instructions.

Otherwise, dont blame me for attacking you!”

Salvatore knew that he was definitely no match for Dragon!

But he was also very grateful to Dragon for teaching September a lesson earlier.

Looking around, Salvatore realized that there was a small river nearby.

He had an idea and immediately ran towards the river! “You overestimate yourself!”

Dragon shook his head in disdain.

In a race, he could defeat Salvatore with just one leg.

As expected, Dragon caught up with Salvatore in just two steps and kicked him to the ground.

However, he didnt expect Salvatore to throw the car keys into the distance.


The car keys were thrown into the river.

On such a dark night, it was impossible to find those keys.

“How dare you! I dont know why Master kept you with him for so long!” Dragon berated Salvatore.

They were both Jordans subordinates, but Dragon had undergone the Steeles strict training for many years.

The most important thing was loyalty.

He was completely loyal to Jordan and could not go against any of his requests.

As for Salvatore, he originally belonged to Pablo Dalton.

He was loyal to Jordan, but his loyalty could not be compared to Dragons.

Picking up his cell phone, Dragon called Jordan.

“Master, Salvatore threw the car keys into the river.

Do you want me to smash open the front window and save you guys”


It was a womans voice on the other end!


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