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Chapter 519 Jesse Wants To Cure Lauren!

Lauren straightened her posture and smiled.

“Thank you for your praise, Uncle Hutton.”

Hutton just waved his hand, which was holding an expensive cigar.

“Hey, you dont have to thank me.

I just say whatevers on my mind.

I dont know how to be polite.

I praised you for being beautiful because I think youre really beautiful.

Moreover, with that little rascal Jamie around, I already knew that the wives of the three Steele brothers will definitely be gorgeous.” Lauren didnt know how to respond to Huttons words.

When Lauren was in the capital, she followed her family and saw many upper-class people.

But she had never met someone like Hutton before.

Jesse smiled at Lauren.

“Uncle is like that.

No need to read too much into what he says.”

Hutton looked at Lauren and continued, “I see that you dont look too well.

You seem to be worried about something.

Child, to live in this world, you need to enjoy the present.

As they say, easy come easy go.

Why are you worrying about things that havent happened yet”

Lauren was a little surprised.

Hutton seemed to be able to read minds.

It had been less than a minute since they met, but he could already see that something was on Laurens mind.

And it had not happened yet.

At that moment, Lauren was indeed worried about what would happen after Jordan and Victoria reunited.

No woman who knew that her husband was going to meet his ex, would treat it as if nothing had happened.

Hutton laughed.

“Do you think Im very good at psychology That I can read your mind Im not considered that good.

Ill introduce you to the worlds top psychiatrist, and also the worlds top pharmacist.

My daughter, Helen.”

Only then did Lauren look at the woman beside Hutton.

“Hello, Im Helen.

Nice to meet you.” Helen took the initiative to shake hands with Lauren.

Lauren returned her greeting.

“Hello, Im Lauren.”

Helen had rather ordinary looks but exuded a very elegant aura.

Hutton looked at Lauren.

“By the way, I heard that you have a very strange illness.

You can only be touched by Jordan, and you cant have sex with other men.

Is that true”

Lauren didnt expect this guest to ask such a private question at their very first meeting.

However, from the way he and Jesse interacted, Hutton must indeed be a very close friend of the family.

So Lauren answered frankly, “Yes.”

Hutton laughed out loud.

“Thats why I said that among the three of you, Jordan is the luckiest! His wife has no choice but to be loyal to him and will never cheat on him.

Hahaha… Lauren, all men want their wives to have your illness.”

Beside him, Huttons daughter said seriously, “Mrs.

Jordan, Ive studied all kinds of illnesses in the world.

Im very interested in your illness.

If possible, I hope to cure you of this illness.”


Lauren was stunned for a moment.

She had never thought of changing her current condition.

Hutton took a puff of his cigar and said with a wicked smile, “Helen, youre so insensible.

Isnt it good to have such an illness Jordan doesnt have to worry that his wife will cheat on him.

He can rest easy when hes not around.

If you cure her illness, Jordan might find you for revenge.”

Helen said, “Mrs.

Jordan Ive heard about your situation.

Hypnotherapy is a very dangerous thing.

That doctor had no experience but treated you as a test subject.

He nearly caused you lasting damage.

For your mental and physical health, I strongly advise you to undergo treatment and return to being an ordinary woman.”

Jesse added.

“Thats right, Lauren.

You love Jordan so much.

Even if you dont have this illness, even if you have the ability to do anything with another man, we all know that you wont betray him.

It is still an illness after all.

It will affect your mental and physical health.”

Lauren didnt know how to react for a moment.

Hutton and his daughter seemed to have come especially for her illness.

After thinking for a moment, Lauren said, “Ms.

Helen, thank you for your kindness.

My illness is very difficult to treat.

My husband is already ingrained in my heart… My doctor has tried before but failed.

I think you shouldnt waste your time.”

Hutton smiled.

“Child, you are comparing that mediocre doctor with my daughter.

It is an insult to her.

I have to tell you that you know nothing about the top medical professionals in this world!”

Helen also smiled.


Jordan, your illness is really no obstacle to me.”

Lauren was a little surprised.

Were they that confident

Doctor Matt was also considered one of the top doctors in the world.

Was he really that inferior to Helen

Once again, Lauren thought for a moment and still rejected them.

“Im sorry.

I think Im in a good state now.

Maybe you think Im crazy, but I like it like this.

I will only love Jordan in this life.”

Seeing how determined Lauren was, Hutton didnt persist in trying to persuade her.

He got up.

“Why isnt Charleston home today Did he go to the Queens place for tea again Helen, lets come back another day!”

Hutton was much younger than Charleston, but he still called him by his first name.

“Uncle, Ill see you off.”

Jesse and Lauren sent them off together.

When they returned to the castle, Jesse immediately turned to Lauren.

“Lauren, Helen is the worlds most talented pharmacist.

Some of the Steele familys life-saving medicines are personally concocted by her.

To be able to receive treatment from her personally, Im afraid that even the top figures in some countries in the world are not qualified.

You shouldnt forgo this opportunity!” Lauren asked, “Jesse, why do you want to cure my illness Youre Jordans brother.

Jordans ex-wife, Hailey, cheated on him before.

You know that.

If I am cured, arent you worried that Ill cheat on him and hurt him”

Jesse was rendered speechless by her question.

He paused for a moment before answering, “Lauren, youre a good girl.

Of course I believe that you wont do something like that! How could you bear to hurt Jordan Its more that Im worried about your mental and physical health! What kind of stupid hypnotherapy did that scumbag doctor use to make you treat Jordan as the most perfect man in the world

“The man you are in love with will only be perfect forever in your imagination.

But the real man will grow old one day and deteriorate.

What if Jordan becomes less outstanding one day…”

Lauren interrupted.

“I believe that Jordan will be outstanding forever.

He will be the most perfect man in my heart for the rest of his



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