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“Damn, why is there no sound at all!! I cant even hear what hes singing!”

“Whats going on Are they trying to fool us What nonsense is this!!”

Although the slip-up had just happened, many customers were already enraged.

All of a sudden, there were customers throwing items down from the third, fourth, and fifth floors at the same time.


A banana peel hit Tylers face.

Another orange peel landed on Haileys thigh.

“Ah!” Hailey began to panic.

“Damn it, who did that!! Come down!” Tyler hollered furiously and stood up.

After seeing that, Victoria exclaimed, “Well done! An adulterous pair does deserve to get things thrown at them!”

Jordan didnt have the time to comment or mock Hailey and Tyler.

He said to Victoria, “This matter is not that simple.

The microphone that he used is of the best quality, and nothing should go wrong.

Its very likely to have been swapped.”

Victoria panicked and asked, “You mean someone deliberately created this slip-up Do you think its Zack Smith”

Jordan glanced at the guests upstairs.

In addition to Zacks tampering with the microphone, they sent some people to pose as guests and incited the guests to attack the people below by smashing objects.

Fortunately, Jordan and Victoria did not choose the room that Tyler did.

Otherwise, they would have been the ones to have been hit by the fruit peel.

The fool Tyler had actually spent $90,000 on a seat that caused him to end up getting hit by the fruit peel.

However, Jordans restaurant management team was the top in the nation.

Seeing that there was something wrong with the microphone, they immediately replaced it.

The rapper started performing the song repeatedly from the start and everyone chorused along, completely forgetting about the slip-up.

After the end of the performance, everyone clapped in satisfaction.

“Thank you everyone, please enjoy your dinner and the rest of your night, goodbye!”

The rapper was just about to leave with the microphone.

At this moment, Tyler took the microphone from the rapper and exclaimed at the customers upstairs.

“Everyone, wait a minute, dont go back to your rooms yet.

I have something important that I would like all of you to witness!”

In Cloud Cafeteria.

Guests on the second to fifth floors who had planned to go back to their private rooms after watching the performance turned around when Tyler spoke.

Jordan also frowned and looked at the second floor.

A few staff members clad in the uniform ofJoy Balloons suddenly appeared beside Tyler and headed into the private room where Tyler and Hailey were in, with colorful balloons in hand.

There were many balloons themed around the colors white, pink, and red.

A few people on the other side of the room carried boxes of rose petals that they scattered on the ground.

“Wow, is this a marriage proposal A tycoon is proposing!”

“I heard that that private room costs $90,000 to book!”

“Damn it! Ive been so focused on the performance that I didnt even realize how beautiful the lady being proposed to is!”

“That woman is gorgeous! Id be willing to trade ten years of my life for a chance to sleep with her once!”

“Youve had too much to drink, havent you A woman like her will only marry mega-rich scions.

How can we be fit to have a woman like her”

Tylers actions sparked a considerable discussion.

Jordan was furious!

‘You set up a proposal in MY restaurant in front of MY guests without my permission, to MY woman

‘Screw you!

Jordan quickly called the restaurant manager over and ordered, “Clean up the rubbish on the second floor immediately! Take the microphone away too!”


On the second floor, Tyler took the microphone and got down on one knee while facing Hailey.

“Hailey, will you… Hello Hello”

When Tyler was talking, he suddenly realized that the microphone had stopped working.

That wasnt all.

A restaurant waiter walked over and poked the balloons that symbolized romance and purity with a needle.




Dozens of balloons were poked and burst one by one.

Tyler panicked.

“What the hell are you doing! Why did you pierce my balloons!! They were meant for my proposal!”

During his temper tantrum, a woman in her forties walked over with a broomstick and said, “Lift your feet up, please.”

While saying that, she swept all the rose petals on the ground into the dustpan.

Tyler jumped up again.

“Ah! My roses! Dont sweep them away!”

However, the service staff ignored Tyler because she was carrying out Jordans orders.

At this moment, the guests also burst into laughter.

“Hahahha, this punk had a romantic marriage proposal all planned out, but who knew his plan would be ruined by the service staff of the restaurant”

“Im laughing so hard.

I reckon the proposal is going to be a flop, haha.”

“Why am I so happy Although we are not worthy of that beautiful woman, I just dont want such a ravishing beauty to marry an evil scion!”

The guests laughed for a while and then returned to their respective private rooms.

Seeing that the proposal setup had been destroyed and the onlookers had left, Tyler flew into a rage.

He barked, “Get the owner of this restaurant to come out! Damn it, does he know who I am Im Tyler Collins! Tell him to find out about my status in Orlando!”

Jordan initially didnt intend to pay attention to them.

Still, since Tyler wanted to see him, he decided to make his way downstairs from the third floor.

With his hands in his pockets, Jordan said to Tyler, “What are you clamoring about If you dont want to continue dining, just get lost.

Dont disturb my customers!”

Tyler had yet to figure out what Jordan meant.

“Its none of your business! Get out of the way.

I want to see the owner of this restaurant!”

“I am the owner of this restaurant!” Jordan snapped sternly.


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