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Chapter 520 Deadmans Island!

Even Lauren didnt realize that she might really be “ill”.

She usually respected Jesse a lot as he treated her very well.

Lauren wouldnt dare to talk back to him.

However, if Laurens husband was involved, no matter who it was, she would not allow anyone to insult her Jordan.

Seeing this, Jesse smiled.

“Lauren, no wonder you dont want to cure your illness.

I guess its because of Victoria”

Lauren was stunned.

She didnt expect Jesse to suddenly mention Victoria.

“What does it have to do with Victoria”

Jesse said, “I received news that Jordan has found Victorias whereabouts.

I believe they will meet soon.

With their past relationship, they will definitely be together again.

By then, Jordan will make a choice between you and Victoria.

“Youre ill.

You cant have sex with other men in this life, so Jordan will either dump Victoria or accept the two of you.

No matter what, Jordan would never abandon you.

Hehe, as expected of a Howard family woman.

You are really smart and resourceful!”

Jesse was trying to incite Lauren.

As expected, Lauren fell for his instigation.

She explained immediately, “I never thought of that! I… I want to compete fairly with Victoria.

I can accept whoever Jordan chooses.”

Jesse smiled.

“Compete fairly How can it be fair when you have this illness You know that Jordan is soft-hearted and that he wouldnt leave you if he knew that you wont have a good life without him.

Lauren, your actions are too despicable!”

Lauren stuttered.


She found herself rendered speechless! Thats right.

Lauren had this illness.

With Jordans upright good character, he would never abandon her in this way.

Even if Jordan wanted to choose Victoria, he would not part with her because he would pity Lauren for her illness.

However, once Lauren was cured of this illness, she could be tempted by the outside world like an ordinary woman…

“Congratulations, Sister-in-law.

Youre now firmly sitting on the throne.

I believe that no matter what happens between Jordan and Victoria, you will always be the daughter-in-law of the Steele family.”

With that, Jesse sneered and walked away.

Jesses words made Lauren feel very upset.

She was from the capital and had her pride.

She would never allow herself to be pitied by others.

“Alright, I agree to the treatment!” She suddenly burst out.

Jesse smiled.

“Lauren, you have to think this through carefully.

After youre cured, Jordan wont be the only man in the world who can attract you and make you fall head over heels for him.

Dont accuse me of forcing you to treat your illness when Jordan comes back.

As his elder brother, I will be seen as guilty of a heinous crime.”

Only then did Lauren realize how despicable Jesse was.

He was clearly the one who kept inciting her to treat her illness, but after she agreed to do so, he immediately turned around to claim that he had nothing to do with this matter.

Lauren said stubbornly, “Ive thought it through.

I want to compete fairly with Victoria.

I cant let Jordan choose me just because he pities me.

Jesse, please invite Uncle Hutton and his daughter back.”

A sinister smile crossed Jesses lips.

In the Atlantic Ocean, along a major European flight path to Canada.

Jordans Zephyr Three was flying stealthily towards Deadmans Island.

Dragon said, “Master, we will reach Deadmans Island in three minutes.”

Jordan nodded.

They were finally here.

He could finally meet Jamie and ask him the truth.

Finally… he could see Victoria!

“Boss, there are many sunken ships in the sea! And there are signs of life!” Tim reported.

Zephyr Three had the most advanced technology.

It could detect all living things nearby.

Jordan said, “This is theAtlantic Ocean Graveyard.

Over the past few hundred years, countless ships have sunk here.

However, most of them have already sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Zephyr Three shouldnt be able to detect them.

So… these sunken ships should be recent ones!”

Dragons eyes lit up as he looked at the island.

“Master, looks like someone came to look for Mr.

Jamie before us.”

Zephyr Three landed on Deadmans Island.

Judging by the many planes and corpses here, it meant that a battle had just occurred here!

Tim trembled in fear.


Jordan, can I not go down There are so many dead people.

I… Im afraid.”

Tim was different from Salvatore.

Salvatore was originally a gangster who relied on fighting to survive.

On the other hand, Tim was originally Victorias driver.

He was quite smart, but his combat strength was very weak.

Jordan said, “Its useless for you to follow me anyway.

Just stay here and guard the plane.” Tim hurriedly thanked him.

“Thank you, Mr.


Jordan instructed, “The rest of you, follow me! Leave ten people behind to guard the plane.” “Yes!”

Dragon, Salvatore and 200 of Dragons men all alighted.

As soon as Jordan stepped onto the beach of Deadmans Island and inhaled the air, he could not resist covering his nose.

The air here smelled very strange and unpleasant.

Moreover, there were many corpses on the ground, and the smell of blood was very strong.

“It must be Phoenix.” Dragon looked at the corpses on the ground.

Salvatore was also a little afraid.

“Phoenix is really ruthless.


Jordan, I wonder if he will be so cruel to us”

Jordan stated firmly.

“Would he dare”

If Phoenix dared to offend Jordan, who was superior in status to him, there would probably be no place for him in this world!

Jordan added, “Although he wont dare to do anything to me, hell definitely kill you guys.

Salvatore, be careful.”

Salvatore nodded vigorously.

“Emily, wheres the villa” Jordan asked.

Emily pointed at a high area.

“On that mountain.” Everyone approached cautiously.

10 minutes later, they arrived at the spot but found nothing “What villa Its all deserted.

Theres not even a bird.


Emily, did you remember wrongly”.

Salvatore looked around.

Emily scratched her head.

“Eh, thats not right.

The last time I came, the villa was here.

Im not lying!” Dragon said, “It might be a mobile villa.

If so, they would have moved the villa elsewhere.

Thats not surprising.

Lets continue our search.”

“Wait!” Jordan suddenly stopped them.

“Whats the matter”.

Jordan frowned.

“We didnt see any of my brothers men along the way.

Somethings not right.

Shit, weve fallen into a trap! Call Tim immediately!”

Jordan turned back as he spoke.

Salvatore called, but no one answered.


Jordan, Tim isnt answering.

Did something happen”

Jordan said, “Jamie wants to snatch my Zephyr Three.

Everyone, we have to go back immediately!”


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