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Chapter 522 Finally Meeting Victoria!!

As Emily spoke, she started to head toward the mountain peak.

Grabbing Emilys slender arm, Jordan cussed at Salvatore.

“Dont say things halfway!”

Jordan explained to Emily.

“Emily, youve misunderstood.

I did give your phone to Jamie on purpose.”

Emilys expression turned strange as she was horrified.

“You… youre so perverted.

I have to tell my sister, I cant let her marry you.

Otherwise, shell be in trouble if she sees her own photos on some dodgy website one day!”


Jordan was thinking that Emily was just spouting nonsense.

He grabbed her tightly and


“The reason why I threw your phone to Jamie is that theres a tracker in your phone! With the phone in his hand, I can know his location at any time!”


Emilys exquisite and cute face was filled with question marks.

Jordan said, “Do you still remember when you were asked to sing with Ji Chang-wook at his concert After you sang with him, did a female interpreter want to exchange contacts with you She even took your phone”

Only then did realization dawned upon Emily.

“Oh, no wonder you could save me in time.

So you planted a tracker in my phone! Hehe, I know you arent a pervert.” Emily held Jordans arm with both hands.

Jordan was speechless.

He pushed Emily away immediately.

Victoria was at the top of the mountain.

There might be hidden cameras here.

He would be doomed if Victoria saw them.

Jordan said, “Emily, stop taking those explicit photos in the future.

Youre a girl.

Itll be too easy for others to snatch your phone.”

Emily pouted.

“But I want to.

How about this Ill send all such photos to you in the future.

You help me save them, okay”

Jordan scratched his head in exasperation and changed the topic.

“Why is your password 696969”

“Ahem… Mr.

Jordan, how can you ask such a question Ms.

Emily will be too embarrassed to answer.” Salvatore smiled mischievously.

Emily said innocently, “Whats there to be embarrassed about I remember that Jordan has a phone with the password 969696.

I just used the reverse.”

Jordan, Salvatore and Dragon all felt rather awkward.

Emily, the innocent girl, was the only one who did not understand the implication.

Soon, Jordan and his men arrived at the top of the mountain.

There was indeed a mobile villa there!

The outside of the villa was indeed filled with greenery.

There was grass, flowers and trees.

The villa was in a beautiful European style.

It was made of wood and looked very sturdy.

One could only wonder how Jamie had managed to transport this villa here.

“What a beautiful place… this is the kind of environment which Victoria likes.”

Jordan heard the chirping of birds and saw cute little rabbits hopping across the lawn.

They jumped onto his feet.

He suddenly remembered the villa he and Victoria had bought in New York.

Victoria had bought it with her own money.

At that time, Victoria paid for everything and Jordan was like her toy boy.

No woman had ever treated Jordan as well as Victoria did…


Emily was leading the way and called out to a middle-aged man who was drawing water outside the villa.

The middle-aged man was Norman, who had disappeared for more than ten years!

Norman was dressed in refined clothes and looked very cultured.

Jordan walked forward and greeted respectfully, “Hello, Uncle Norman.

Im Jordan Steele.”

Norman looked at Jordan in admiration and nodded.


Jordan felt guilty facing Norman because the Steele family had taken him away back then, keeping him away from his two daughters.

Norman seemed to have read Jordans mind.

“Youre here for Victoria, right Shes inside.

Go see her.”

At that moment, Victoria was the person whom Jordan wanted to see the most!

“Thank you.”

Jordan did not say anything else.

He climbed the yellow wooden stairs into the villa.

Pushing open the door of the villa, he saw a clean and simple interior.

Jordan found his eyes drawn to a woman in casual clothes.

It was Victoria!

Victoria was wearing very ordinary clothes at this moment.

She no longer had the imposing manner of a domineering female president.

Instead, she looked like a demure and gentle woman.

Finally seeing her beautiful face again after such a long time, Jordan felt as if he was seeing the light at the end of an extremely long tunnel!

Victoria had a new hairstyle and looked even younger! “Victoria!”

Jordan could not hold it in anymore.

He ran over and hugged her tightly!

He had encountered a fake Victoria before, but he knew that this person before him was definitely real.

The regal aura of a female president and the loving way she looked at Jordan was not something that other women could imitate!

Tears streamed down Victorias face when she saw Jordan.

She looked even more charming with her eyes sparkling.

Jordan had a lot to ask her, but at that moment, he did not want to do anything but kiss her!

Victoria seemed to be surprised as well.

She could not resist the man she loved deeply, but she still pushed Jordan away two minutes later.

“Jordan, dont be like this.

You already have a wife.

Lauren will be very sad if she finds out.”

Victoria wiped her tears and tidied her clothes and hair.

Even so, Jordan continued to kiss Victoria for a while longer.

Only then was his deep longing for her finally tamed down.

He asked her, “Victoria, why did you suddenly leave me In the beginning, I thought you were kidnapped.

I was so worried about you and went around asking about your whereabouts.

But later on, I saw you at Martins birthday banquet.

I knew then that you could contact me all along.

So why havent you contacted me”

Victoria said, “I never thought of leaving you.

Perhaps this is the will of the heavens.

At that time, Jamie came to my place and found me.

He said that he could bring me to see my father, so I left with him.

Later on, I did meet my father, but Jamie said that if I wanted to be with him, I had to leave you.”

Jordan was furious.

“Jamie, that bastard.

Why is he so cruel!”

Victoria said immediately, “Jordan, dont blame Jamie.

Actually, Jamie did this for your own


“For my own good” Jordan was confused.

Victoria explained.

“Jamie said that Jesse wants to monopolize the Steele familys assets.

But your grandfather has his eye on you as the successor.

He was worried that Jesse would harm you one day, so he wanted you to marry someone from the Howard family.

After all, the Howard family is very powerful.

Under the protection of the Howard family, Jesse wont be able to touch you no matter how capable he is.”

Jordan was shocked.

‘Jesse wants to kill me


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