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Chapter 524 Jordan Bullied Me!

Jordan took the box from her and read the words on it.


Jordan was embarrassed.

Did his future father-in-law, Norman, send this over The old man seemed to be quite capable.

He knew what to do the moment Jordan arrived…

Meanwhile, it was clear that Emily looked jealous…

Moreover, she had deliberately thrown it at Jordans abs.

This reminded Jordan of her infatuation with his abs in the backseat of the Buick GL8.

This little girl had done it on purpose!

Victoria was also very embarrassed and her cheeks flushed pink.

“Jordan, why dont we talk later tonight… Ill sneak into your room tonight.”

How could Jordan bear to wait until nighttime He picked her up directly.

“Youre not a little girl anymore.

Besides, your father has agreed.

I wont let you off!”

“You… you are so hateful.”

Victoria kept smacking Jordan, but Jordan knew that she was not rejecting him at all.

She was just too shy.

After all, although Victoria was already 30 years old, she was still a little girl when she lost her father.

Now that her father had returned, Victoria had reverted to that obedient girl from more than ten years ago.

Meanwhile, Jordan liked this current state of hers.

This was because he did not know the Victoria from when she was just a young girl over a decade ago.

Two hours later.

Norman cooked and served out some dishes to Jordan, Salvatore and Dragon in the villa.

Although they were on a remote island, the cutlery and food in the villa were all very high-end and exquisite.

It was no different from eating at a five-star hotel.

Of course, there was also all sorts of premium alcohol available.

Picking up his wine glass, Jordan said to Norman, “Uncle Norman, Im sorry.

I havent had the chance to know you, even though your daughter and I go back a long way.

Victoria and I are truly in love.

Weve been together for a long time.

I swear that Ill definitely treat her well.

I hope Uncle Norman will allow us to be together.

Let me give you a toast.”

With that, Jordan downed his glass of wine.

A gratified smile appeared on Normans face.


I know Victoria likes you a lot.

If the two of you can really be together, that would be for the best.”

Norman appeared to know about Jordan and Victoria, so he very much approved of the two of them being together.

However, Emily rapped her knuckles on the table and said to Jordan, “Hey, hey, Jordan, arent you going too far Not only did you snatch my sister away the moment he entered the house, you even occupied my sister for two hours.

Did you forget that you also brought over Dragon, Salvatore and 200 men My father and I are just an old man and a weak little girl.

We cant stop you from touching my sister.

Arent you just bullying our family”

Emily spoke as if Jordan was a hooligan.

He had snatched Victoria away with force the moment he arrived!

Jordan was embarrassed and explained to Norman, “No, I dont mean to disrespect you.

Its just that I havent seen Victoria in a long time.

Its just that…”

Emily snorted.

“Dad, Jordan is a bad man.

Not only did he bully my sister, but he also bullied


Jordan broke out in cold sweat.

What was Emily trying to do Was she going to expose him in front of his future father-in-law and Victoria

‘Hey, hey, hey.

You were the one who initiated that incident in the car!

Norman asked, “Oh How did Jordan bully


Jordan was so nervous that he did not know what to do!

Emily answered, “He threw my phone at Jamie! Dont you think hes bullying me! Dad, help me scold him and hit him! Hes so mean!”

Jordan heaved a sigh of relief.

Emily was too good at scaring people.

She had scared him for nothing.

Jordan immediately clarified.

“Uncle Norman, its like this.

I installed a tracker on Emilys phone, and Jamie had just stolen my Zephyr Three plane.

Thats why I threw her phone at him.

My goal was to track Jamie.”

Jamie looked at Dragon.

“Wheres Jamie now Has he stopped somewhere”

Dragon looked at the location on his phone app and said, “No, the plane is still flying at a very fast speed towards Asia.”

Jordan was troubled.

Jamie said that he was going to fool around with a sweet underaged girl.

Normally, Jordan couldnt care less what Jamie did.

But this time, they were flying his plane!

Jamie asked Norman, “Uncle Norman, do you know where Jamie went”

Norman shook his head.

“Im not sure.

Jamie only told us that he was leaving, and I didnt


Jordan nodded.

“Did he save you from my grandfather”

Norman nodded.

“Yes, he brought me out.

However, it cant be considered a rescue.”

Jordan was very curious.

“Uncle Norman, where have you been hiding all these years What were you doing Why did you stay in hiding and not contact Victoria and Emily”

Norman looked conflicted.

Instead, he asked, “Mr.

Jordan, have you completed all the training tasks in the family”

Jordan shook his head.


Capturing Jamie is my final training mission.

Its a pity that he escaped.”

Norman said, “Im sorry, but this matter concerns your familys secret.

I cant tell you for the time being.

In the future, after you complete the familys training missions and your grandfather tells you the familys secret, you will naturally understand without me having to explain.”

Jordan nodded.

He understood the reason why Norman could not tell him.

However, Emily couldnt stand it.

She hurriedly shook Normans arm and whined.

“Oh, Dad, tell me.

What kind of secret does Jordans family have Are they time travelers or from outer space Could it be that theyre not humans but morphed from cats and dogs Tell us.”

Jordan was speechless.

Emily had such a rich imagination!

If I were a dog, then wouldnt you have…

Jordan said, “Emily, dont make things difficult for your father.

Hes doing this for our own good.

Although I dont know what the family secret is, Im sure that you guys better not know about it.

It wont be good for you guys if you know.

Instead, itll be dangerous.”

Emily recalled how she was kidnapped during the concert and immediately let go.

“I dont think I should know anything then.

Jordan, when you complete the mission and know the familys secret, dont tell me, or Ill be kidnapped by some hooligan again.”

Norman and Victoria were shocked.

“Emily, you were kidnapped Are you alright Did they do anything to you Are you still a virgin”


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