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Chapter 528 My Master Is Jordan Steele!

Jae belonged to Jamie.

He was a top-notch fighter and killer that Phoenix Bird had discovered in South Korea and groomed.

He was cold and professional, like all the men under Dragon and Chimera.

When carrying out a mission, he would only perform his masters orders and not poke his nose into other peoples business.

His current mission was to make sure Tim did his plastic surgery.

If the surgery was a success, he would bring Tim back to see Jamie.

If not, he couldnt care less.

As for Elles troubles, it had nothing to do with him.

Tim was very anxious because he liked Elle very much.

Any man would drool at the sight of her figure.

In addition, Elle could be considered a celebrity.

Reaching out, Tim tugged at Jaes clothes and pleaded, “Jae, please help us.

These hooligans are nothing to you.

You can probably get rid of them with a single word.”

Jae noted that those men were indeed very average.

They could be dealt with in less than a minute.

He asked, “Why do you guys want to capture her”

The leader, a boy with dyed yellow hair, glanced at Jae and said, “Kid, dont poke your nose into other peoples business.

Pretend you didnt see anything.

Do you hear me”

With that, he grabbed Elles fair wrist and was about to leave.

A sneer crossed Jaes face.

These hooligans were probably still in diapers when he was running the streets of Seoul!

Jae shoved the yellow-haired boy.

“Kid Dont you know how to respect your elders Im asking you a question.

Why do you want to capture this woman!”

Seniority and respect were very important to South Koreans.

Therefore, Jae was very bothered by this hooligans choice of words.

The yellow-haired boy fell to the ground from Jaes push.

He knew that Jae was not an ordinary person.

As he was scrambling to his feet, his gang shouted.

“Lets kill him!”

But the yellow-haired boy held out his hand, not wanting any trouble.

The yellow-haired boy said, “Were not hooligans.

Were not here to kidnap her.

Dont misunderstand.

We know her.

Were bringing her to see her godfather.”

Jae translated the yellow-haired boys words to Tim.

Tim looked confused and asked Elle, “Elle, they said that your godfather sent them.

Who is your godfather”

Elle instantly panicked!

She did have a “godfather”.

In fact, she acknowledged him as her “godfather” at Jordan and Laurens wedding! At that time, she had specially gone to Laurens wedding to network with the big shots in the capital so that she could break into the film industry.

However, right after she managed to get Mr.

Adler to be her “godfather”, Jordan found her out.

Jordan did not want Elle to sleep around with powerful men, like what many girls in the entertainment industry had to do.

Therefore, Jordan helped Elle with her debut.

However, this meant that Elle had to brush Mr.

Adler aside.


Adler didnt accept Elle as his “god-daughter” because he cared for her like a daughter.

He just wanted to sleep with her.

It was no surprise that Mr.

Adler was furious at Elle for ignoring him now.

Elle said, “Tim, that man is a big shot in the capital.

Hes not my godfather or anything.

I didnt ask him for anything.

We dont have anything to do with each other.

He constantly sends people to harass me.

I didnt expect him to come for me in South Korea.

Tim, you have to save me.

“If I get captured, Mr.

Adler would definitely force me to sleep with him.

I want to save my first time for Jordan.

I will never let that old man tarnish me!”

After Tim heard that, he was determined to save Elle.

Otherwise, Jordan would blame him if he found out about this incident.

Grabbing Elle from the hooligan, Tim said angrily, “You dont know English but I am sure you know the word f*ck! F*ck off!”

The yellow-haired boy was furious.

“Rascal, you want to do things the hard way Alright! Guys, attack!”

The hooligans rushed forward!

Tim was so frightened that he grabbed Elle and hid behind Jae.

“Jae, were counting on you!”

Jae looked exasperated.

“You sure know how to cause trouble.”

Initially, Jae didnt want to poke his nose into other peoples business, but Tim was involved now.

He couldnt ignore this.



Bang! Jae punched each of them until they couldnt get up.

Within seconds, the yellow-haired boy had his ribs broken.

After the fight ended, Tim stood up and kicked those boys repeatedly.

“Go back and tell your boss that Elle is my masters woman.

How dare he snatch my masters woman Is he stupid or what!”

Tim turned to Jae.

“Jae, please translate it for


Jae rolled his eyes at him and ignored him.

He had already fought those hooligans for Tim, and now he still wanted him to act as an interpreter

Fortunately, there was an interpreter in Doctor Cheols office.

Tim grabbed the frightened interpreter and said, “Lady, please translate what I just said to them.”

The female interpreter nervously translated his words.

The yellow-haired boy held his side in pain and asked, “Who is your master”

The female interpreter translated and Tim replied, “Listen carefully, my masters name is Jordan Steele!

The female interpreter repeated.

“Jordan Steele!”

The yellow-haired boy said, “Jordan Steele.

Alright, Ill remember this.

Just you wait.

You dare to go against our boss, Ill let you all die in South Korea!”

With that, the hooligans limped out of the hospital.

Tim didnt understand the boys parting words.

He asked the female interpreter, “What did he say just now”

The interpreter said nervously, “He said… that you and Jordan Steele will die in South Korea.”

“F*ck!” Tim was furious.

“F*ck, I should have kicked him a few more times.

How dare he be so arrogant! A big shot In front of Mr.

Jordan, hes just a fart!”

Ten minutes later, the hooligans arrived at the building of the Bank of Korea.

A handsome man in his 30s and wearing a suit was talking to Mr.

Adler over the phone.


Adler, dont worry.

Ive already sent someone to capture your goddaughter.

You can fly over now.

Should I place your goddaughter in a hotel”

This man was the president of the Bank of Korea, Lee Min-joon.

Not only was Mr.

Adler a big customer of the Bank of Korea, but the two of them also had several other close business ties.

After learning that Elle had gone to South Korea, Mr.

Adler requested for Lee Min-joon to use his local connections to capture her.

He would then teach this goddaughter a good lesson.

On the other end of the line, Mr.

Adler said, “Thank you.

After this is done, I will definitely convince my friends to help you finance that ship investment!”

Lee Min-joon replied, “Thank you, Mr.

Adler! Ill wait for you to come over then!”

After hanging up the phone, Lee Min-joon smiled.

However, when he saw that the yellow-haired boy and his gang had returned injured, Lee Min-joon immediately stood up and questioned.

“What happened Why are you all injured Wheres Jenny” Even now Lee Min-joon still referred to Elle by her stage name “Jenny”.


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