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Chapter 529 Elle Got Caught!

The yellow-haired boy and his gang knelt on the ground.

“Sorry, President! We couldnt bring Jenny back! We encountered two foreign men who stopped us and beat us up!”


Lee Min-joon was furious.

“Bastard! This is South Korea! How dare a couple of foreigners beat up my subordinates and go against me They are courting death! What are their names”

The yellow-haired boy replied, “We dont know their names, but one of them said that his masters name is Jordan Steele.

He also said that Jenny is Jordans woman and she is saving her first time for him.

No other man is worthy of her.”

Lee Min-joon thought for a moment.

“Jordan Steele”

He was from South Korea but he spoke fluent English and knew many big shots from all around the world.

“Ive never heard of him at all! I think Jordan Steele must be some small fry compared to Mr.

Adler! Hmph, how dare he snatch Mr.

Adlers woman.

He overstepped himself!”

Lee Min-joon adjusted his suit and said, “Listen, Mr.

Adler is a long-time VIP customer of our bank.

Since he asked us to get this woman, we have to get her.”

The yellow-haired boy said, “But the guy is very skilled.

Perhaps even ten men cant defeat him.”

Lee Min-joon sneered.

“Whats the point of being good at physical combat Can fists be faster than bullets Gather your men and bring your weapons.

Ill personally oversee this mission!”

The hooligans replied in unison, “Yes! President!”

Ten minutes later, a black off-road vehicle arrived at the entrance of TL plastic surgery hospital.

Lee Min-joon was still in a suit as he led the way.

Behind him were over a dozen men brimming with murderous intent.

“Sir, do you have an appointment”

The receptionist felt that something was wrong and hurriedly went forward to stop him.

However, she was kicked down by Lee Min-joon.

Lee Min-joon and his men then rushed to Elles room.

At that moment, Elle was lying there doing facial maintenance.

Lee Min-joon was stunned by the sight of Elles curvy figure while lying on the bed.

Elles figure was superb!

Elle heard the commotion and sat up in shock and panic.

“Who are you”

Lee Min-joon sized up Elle and gave an inward sigh.

‘She is indeed premium quality! No wonder Mr.

Adler is willing to pay any price to get this woman.

This womans figure is one of the best Ive ever seen in my life!

Lee Min-joon had always believed that South Korean women were the most beautiful and had the best figures.

However, after seeing Elle today, he realized that the celebrities he had slept with could not compare to her at all!

Elle was better than any female celebrity in South Korea!

Lee Min-joon did not behave fiercely.

He smiled.

“Youre Ms.

Jenny, right”

Elle covered her chest with a blanket and nodded nervously.

Although Lee Min-joon was in a suit and looked very refined, she felt that this man was not a good person.

Lee Min-joon continued smiling.

“Im Lee Min-joon, the president of the Bank of Korea.

Im good friends with your godfather, Mr.


Im here to bring you to meet him.

Please come with me.”

When Elle heard that Mr.

Adler had sent him, she immediately said, “Im not going! Please leave! Tim!”

Tim was currently undergoing surgery in the next room and was not with Elle.

As Jae was also with Tim, he had no idea that Elle was in trouble now.

Lee Min-joon gestured and two of his subordinates immediately rushed towards Elle.

They grabbed her arms and Elle, who was just a weak woman, could not break free from their restraints.

“President, should we bring this woman to Mr.

Adlers hotel” One of the subordinates asked.

Lee Min-joon couldnt resist reaching out to lift Elles chin.

He examined her figure from top to bottom and clicked his tongue in admiration.

“Her figure looks so good even in such ordinary clothes.

She would be even more stunning in a tight cheongsam!”

Lee Min-joon had taken a liking to Elle.

“Send her to my place.

Get the housekeeper to clean her up and then tie her naked to my bed.

Ill enjoy myself with her first!”

The subordinate was shocked.

“President, isnt this the woman whom Mr.

Adler wants If you enjoy yourself with her, wont Mr.

Adler be angry”

Lee Min-joon said, “Doesnt she have a boyfriend called Jordan Steele When the time comes, just tell Mr.

Adler that this b*tch is no longer a virgin.

Jordan Steele already took her first time.

If he is angry, he can settle it with him!”

The subordinate smiled sinisterly.

“President, youre brilliant! You want to play with Jordan Steeles woman and then make him take the blame.”

Lee Min-joon snorted in disdain.

“An ordinary man doesnt deserve such a top-notch woman!”

With that, Elle was dragged out by two burly men.

“No, help! Tim, Jae, save me!”

Elle kept shouting, but the room was soundproof.

Tim and Jae could not hear her.

After Elle was taken away, Lee Min-joons sinister smile suddenly turned serious!

“There are two other men here.

One is called Tim and the other Jae.

They should be the ones who injured my subordinates earlier.

Find them immediately!”

Lee Min-joon was furious and took out his gun!



Lee Min-joon and his men kicked open the doors one by one.

Soon, they found the room where Tim and Jae were in.

By this point, Tim had just settled down, ready to undergo surgery.

Doctor Cheol, who was performing surgery, said, “Who are you Were about to begin an operation.

Please leave.

Dont disturb our distinguished guests!”

When the yellow-haired boy saw Jae and Tim, he immediately shouted, “President, its them!”

Tim immediately sat up.

When he saw Lee Min-joon and his men, he said, “You yellow-haired brat, we gave you a thrashing earlier and now you have returned with reinforcements.

Oh no, wheres Elle Did you do anything to her”

Lee Min-joon said, “Do you mean Jenny She is being sent to my mansion where she will be tied naked to my bed, all ready for me to pay her a visit.”

Tim was furious.

“B*stard! How dare you touch Mr.

Jordans woman!”

Lee Min-joon said in disdain, “Mr.

Jordan Jordan Steele Haha, is he Jennys boyfriend Tell him that I will help him take his womans first time.

Afterwards, Ill also help him tell Jennys godfather that it was him who took her first time.

Im such a helpful person, arent I But he doesnt have to thank me.



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