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Both Tyler and Hailey were stunned.

Victoria and Ashley both laughed while standing behind Jordan.

Tyler guffawed too.

“Haha, youre the owner of Cloud Cafeteria Stop pretending! Ive already checked it out.

This is not the only restaurant that Steve Williams sold.

All his restaurants in Orlando were bought by the same person for 10 million dollars! Youre just a penniless man.

Are you sure you can afford 10 million dollars”

Hailey didnt believe that Jordan would have 10 million dollars, although she knew that he would want to buy the restaurant to deal with Zack!

“Hah, you dont believe me again, huh”

Jordan had gotten enough of the condescending and arrogant nature of these wealthy scions who loved looking down on others.

He called the middle-aged woman who was sweeping the floor over.

“Maam, please come here for a moment.”

The middle-aged woman walked over as she was told.

Having seen Jordan in the morning, she knew that he was the owner of the restaurant.

“Yes, boss”

Jordan pointed at Tyler and said to the middle-aged woman, “Hit his face with the broom, and Ill give you a bonus of nine times your salary this month.”

“Nine times”

The middle-aged woman was elated.

She grabbed the broom and swung it against Tylers face.

“Ah! Ew!”

Tyler was completely caught off guard, and he could not believe that he, the scion of the Collins, would get hit by a janitor.

While dodging, Tyler spat out the garbage that had been stuck to the broom and gotten into his mouth.

“Damned cleaner, do you have a death wish!! Dont you know who I am”

The middle-aged woman replied, “I dont know who you are.

Im just here to clean the restrooms.

Since my boss is paying me, Ill do whatever he tells me to.”

The middle-aged woman was about to continue hitting Tyler, but Jordan stopped him.

“Do you believe it now If you dont believe me, Ill have the other employees come to beat you up one by one,” Jordan said, staring at Tyler.

Tyler pointed at Jordan and snapped furiously, “Jordan Steele, I was wondering who the culprit who sabotaged my proposal plans is.

It turns out that its you! Why Are you getting flustered now that Im proposing to Hailey Are you jealous and heartbroken”

Hailey knew that Jordan was still in love with her and that he definitely didnt want to see another man proposing to her.

However, Jordan said, “Ive already divorced Hailey Camden and you proposing to her has nothing to do with me.

However, if youre in my restaurant, you must adhere to the rules, and you cannot do this without my permission.”


Tyler was enraged, but Jordan was the restaurant owner while he was just a customer, so he didnt have the advantage of being on his own turf.

Tyler said, “Jordan, you definitely wouldnt have had the money to acquire this restaurant.

You even hired a popular rapper.

I reckon Miss Clarke is the true owner of this restaurant, huh”

Victoria did not completely deny it.

“I do own a share in this restaurant.”

Upon hearing that Jordan was taking over the Orlando restaurant industry, Victoria invested 1.5 million dollars straight away because she knew they would be able to monopolize it with Jordans ability to run a business.

She was sure that there would be guaranteed returns on this investment.

Tyler humphed coldly and said, “Miss Clarke, youre probably the largest shareholder while Jordan Steele just holds a small number of shares, right Jordan Steele, you probably own only one percent of the shares.

What are you so proud of”

As Tyler said that, he took out a Tiffany box from his pocket and opened it to take out a diamond ring.

The instant Hailey saw the diamond ring, she got a great shock because the color, clarity, and quality of the diamond ring were enough to drive any woman crazy!

Tyler said smugly, “This is a three-carat diamond ring thats worth more than $600,000! Even if you work as a bodyguard for the rest of your life, you cant afford to give one to Hailey!”

“Today, Ill use this diamond ring to win over the woman youve loved for three years!”

After saying that, Tyler looked at Hailey while on one knee.

“Hailey, marry me!”


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