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Chapter 530 Tim Was Beaten Up!

Tim was furious.

This guy wanted to rape Jordans woman and then dared to frame him for it If Salvatore and Dragon heard this, Lee Min-joon would probably be dead by now!

Fists clenched, Tim hated himself for not knowing how to fight.

His master had been humiliated, and he couldnt even take revenge for him!

Tim pointed at Lee Min-joon.

“Youre courting death! Do you know the price for offending Mr.


Lee Min-joon said angrily, “Arrogant bastard! How dare you talk to me like this in my territory Do you know who I am Do you know my power in Seoul! Even Mr.

Adler will not dare to go against me in this city!”

Tim cursed, “What a braggart! Jae, teach him a lesson for me!”

Jae examined this group of people seriously, especially Lee Min-joon.

He looked very scary.

Lee Min-joon smiled at Jae.

“Youre the one who injured my subordinates, right I heard that your fist is very powerful.

I wonder if your fist can block my bullets”

With that, Lee Min-joon suddenly took out his pistol and fired at Jae!


Fortunately, Jae was prepared and dodged quickly.

The door of the operating theater was blocked by Lee Min-joons subordinates.

There was no way out.

Wasting no time, Jae rolled to the ground and ran towards the window.



Lee Min-joon continued firing.

He missed Jae, but one of the bullets hit Doctor Cheol!

Doctor Cheol fell to the ground.

“F*ck! He has a gun!”

Tim was frightened and hid in a corner.

Jae was good but he was not a top-notch expert like Dragon, Chimera or Phoenix.

Against more than a dozen men with guns, he had no chance of victory.

Therefore, Jae had no choice but to escape quickly.

He could not rescue Tim.

“Damn it, he escaped.”

Lee Min-joon didnt expect this fellow to dodge his bullets and escape successfully.

It seemed like he was not an ordinary person.

However, Tim was left behind and hiding in a corner.

Lee Min-joon completely disregarded the dead Doctor Cheol.

He pointed at the trembling Tim and said to his subordinates.

“Look at this cowardly man hiding in the corner.

Doesnt he look like a dog Hahaha…”


“Exactly like a cowardly dog, he doesnt even dare to resist, haha.”

Everyone started mocking him.

Lee Min-joon said, “Capture this brat!”


Tim was brought to Lee Min-joon who pointed the gun at him.

“Who did you call a braggart earlier Huh”

Tim realized that the man in front of him dared to kill a doctor in a public hospital in South Korea.

This meant that he was definitely not an ordinary person!


President, I was talking about me.

Youre so wise and mighty, how could you be

Now that Jae had fled, Tim knew he would probably die if he continued being stubborn with Lee Min-joon.

As long as there was life, there was hope.

He decided to suck up to Lee Min-joon first.

However, Lee Min-joon did not buy it.

Lee Min-joon said in disdain, “Youre sucking up to me now You admit defeat now Werent you acting all high and mighty when you beat up my subordinates just now!”.


Lee Min-joon punched Tim in the face.

The man had a violent tendency and loved beating people up.

Sometimes, when there was no one to beat up, he would even beat up his subordinates.

Therefore, he would usually personally take action in such situations.

Lee Min-joon stood up and glanced at Tims medical report which listed all his plastic surgery procedures.

He smiled.

“You ugly foreigners love coming to South Korea for plastic surgery.

F*ck! Dont you have plastic surgery hospitals in your own country Why do you have to come here! Youre polluting the South Korean air! You want to have plastic surgery, right Ill help


Lee Min-joon aimed a heavy punch at Tims nose!

Tims nose instantly bled.

However, Lee Min-joon didnt seem to be satisfied yet.

“I need to adjust your nose a few more times.

Your eyes too.”

Bang! Bang!

Lee Min-joon punched and kicked Tim, who did not dare to resist.

He had never been beaten so badly in his life.

He couldnt help crying

Lee Min-joon smiled.

“Hahaha, what a cowardly fool.

To think youre cowering there crying from a beating.

I wanted to shoot you, but a coward like you isnt worthy of my bullet.”

“Remember, dont come to South Korea again.

Otherwise, Ill hit you every time I see you!”

With that, Lee Min-joon left arrogantly with his subordinates.

Tims tears and blood mixed together as he struggled to get up from the ground.

“B*stard, if I dont kill you, I swear Ill never call myself a man again!”

Tim picked up his phone and called Jordan!


Jordan was on a jet-propelled plane shaped like a dolphin when he picked up Tims call.

This plane was currently one of the fastest jets in the world, and Jordan had named it Dolphin One.

It was even faster than Zephyr Three.

But it couldnt carry as many people as Zephyr Three and its interior was not as luxurious.

At that moment, Jordan had already left Deadmans Island and was heading to South Korea to capture Jamie.

Jordan also arranged for Victoria to be sent to the capital.

In addition, Jordan had called Lauren to tell her to return to the capital as soon as possible.



Tims sobbing could be heard on the other end of the line.

Jordan frowned.

He knew that something had happened to Tim.

“Whats wrong, Tim Did Jamies men bully you”

Tim replied, “No, Mr.

Jamie treats me very well.

He didnt beat me up.

He even let me go for plastic surgery.

I came to the hospital and saw Haileys younger cousin.”

Jordan asked, “Are you talking about Elle”

“Yes, Elle acknowledged a godfather and he has been pursuing her to sleep with her.

He even colluded with the president of the Bank of Korea and abducted her,” said Tim.


Jordan thought for a moment and suddenly recalled that Elle had acknowledged an old man as her godfather at their wedding.

At that time, Jordan was very angry.

He did not want Elle to sleep with the old man for the sake of her career.

Therefore, he took the initiative to help her.

Elle should have already cut ties with Mr.


Was Mr.

Adler doing this because he was angry at being subsequently rejected by Elle

Jordan scoffed.


Adler uses the excuse of taking in goddaughters so that he can sleep with them.

I hate these types of dirty old men.

Dont worry.


Howard Sr.

knows Mr.


Ill speak with Mr.

Howard Sr.

and Mr.

Adler wont dare to touch Elle again.”

Tim said anxiously, “Mr.

Jordan, its not only Mr.

Adler who wants to sleep with Elle.

President Lee from the Bank of Korea also wants to sleep with her! And he has already brought her to his house! He also said…”

Jordan asked, “What did he say”

“He said that after raping Elle, hell frame you for the act!”


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