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Chapter 531 Rescuing Elle!

Jordan was furious when he heard that!

Elle was the cousin of Jordans ex-wife.

He considered her family! To think this President Lee dared to make a move on Jordans family and frame him for the crime.

He was courting death!

“Did he really say that How did he know about me”

Tim answered, “When they sent someone to kidnap Elle, I warned them that Elle is your woman.”

Jordan was speechless.

“What nonsense are you talking about Only Victoria and Lauren are my women.”

Tim said, “But Elle said that she wanted to save her first time for you, so…”

Jordan felt exasperated.

Elle had been pursuing him ever since she found out about his true identity.

He didnt expect her to be so persistent even after becoming a celebrity.


Jordan, President Lee has brought Elle to his house.

I reckon that in less than an hour she will be assaulted by that b*stard! Can you make it here in time”

After glancing at his current location, Jordan said, “No, Im afraid I cant make it.”

Tim sighed in helplessness.

“Sigh, I didnt expect that all my efforts would be in vain.

President Lee is too lucky!” He had nearly lost his life to protect Elles body for Jordan.

He had done his duty.

Jordan asked, “Tim, are you alright Why do you sound so weak”

Tim smiled.

“Im fine, Mr.


Dont think about this anymore.

When you arrive, Ill go with you to beat up that Lee fellow.”


Jordan hung up.

Salvatore asked, “Boss, what happened with Tim”

Jordan repeated what Tim told him to Salvatore and Dragon.

“Master, the fastest speed on this plane is 3,600 kilometers per hour.

Even if we fly at full speed, it will take at least two hours to reach South Korea,” said Dragon.

If only they had a drone.

One of the Steele family drones could reach a speed of 9,000 kilometers per hour.

Jordan sighed.

Elle would be ruined by President Lee by then!

Salvatore said, “Mr.

Jordan if you ask me, you shouldnt worry about this.

Elle is none of your business anyway.

Her cousin is no longer your wife.

Why should you bother about her How did the Camdens treat you during those three years Hailey, Elle and Drew were so bad to you.

Others might not know, but I do.

“Elle brought this upon herself.

Back then, when she acknowledged that old fellow as her godfather, she had already accepted the unspoken rules.

Besides, its not like we dont want to save her.

But we really cant make it in an hour, right”

Salvatore could tell that Jordan was feeling guilty.

Even though Elle was not Jordans woman and he never planned to have her, he still felt very upset when he heard that Elle was going to be violated.

Therefore, Salvatore was trying his best to badmouth Elle to make Jordan feel better.

To make Jordan realize that Elle deserved what was happening to her today.

Jordan thought of that petite girl again.

He recalled the time they kissed in the office of Ace Corporation…

Jordan could not resist turning on his phone to search for her Instagram account.

He realized that her fans updated news about her 24/7.

“I didnt expect Elle to have so many fans in just one or two months.”

He believed that her fans would be very sad if they knew that something like this had happened to her in South Korea!

Salvatore continued to console Jordan.


Jordan, go and get some rest.

Although that Lee fellow will take Elles first time, well definitely kill him when we get to South Korea! We will help avenge Elle!”

Jordan shook his head.

“No, I cant let that Lee fellow succeed! Although Elle isnt my woman, shes a celebrity in our country.

I made her famous.

I cant let a scoundrel from South Korea trample all over our artistes!”

Salvatore said, “But we cant make it in an hour! By the time we reach Seoul and his house, he might have already succeeded.”

Jordan said, “Previously in Houston, I invited the great Michael Jordan for J Films anniversary celebration.

At that gala, he said to me,Youre the most capable person Ive ever met.

Theres nothing in this world that you cant do!

“If you find that you cant do something, it can only mean that you never had much desire to do it in the first place! The reason why we cant think of a way to save Elle is that we dont have enough motivation! If the one whos in trouble is Lauren or Victoria, I would have thought of a solution long ago.”

Dragon nodded in agreement.

There was no problem in this world that Jordan could not solve.

Even if they were far away, even if they were not in South Korea, they could still stop anyone!

Jordan thought for a moment and asked, “Dragon, do we have anyone in South Korea”

Dragon said, “Yes! What instructions does Master have”

Jordan said, “Were robbing a bank! Were robbing that b*stards Bank of Korea! I dont believe he will have the mood to fool around with women after his bank has been robbed!”

Dragon answered, “Got it!”

Half an hour later.

Yeouido, Han River, Seoul.

This was one of the most expensive places in the entire South Korea.

The top South Korean celebrities resided here.

It was no surprise that Lee Min-joon, the president of the Bank of Korea, also had his mansion here.

Lee Min-joon had returned to his residence and asked the housekeeper, “How is it Has that woman been dealt with”

The middle-aged housekeeper nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, President.

After showering her and taking off her clothes, shes now tied to the bed in your bedroom.”

“Very good.” Lee Min-joon smiled wickedly.

When he saw Elle at TL plastic surgery hospital earlier, he felt that this womans figure was amazing.

He really wanted to see what she would look like naked.

The middle-aged housekeeper asked, “President, where did you get this woman She doesnt sound South Korean.”

Lee Min-joon raised his eyebrows.

“So what”

The middle-aged housekeeper quickly said, “No, no I was just curious.

Ive lived for more than 40 years, but Ive never seen such a perfect woman.

Im so envious!”

Lee Min-joon was very amused by the housekeepers words.

A woman who could move a mans heart was nothing.

To be able to make an old woman in her forties feel jealous, meant that Elle was indeed a top-notch woman!

“Haha, Jenny, you are Jordan Steeles girlfriend but Im sorry, youre going to belong to me soon!”

With that, Lee Min-joon walked to the bedroom and placed his right hand on the doorknob.

A top-notch woman and popular celebrity was only a door away from him! The moment he pushed open the door, he would be able to see a sight that the millions of Jennys male fans had often dreamed of!


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