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Chapter 532 Anger!

After Jennys “Idol Creation Camp” talent show exploded across the country, she became the most popular celebrity in the US entertainment industry! Although she did not have outstanding talents, with her perfect looks and invincible figure, she received more attention than any other female artiste.

In the annual Goddess Selection, she defeated all the beautiful celebrities in the US to clinch the top position!

How strong was her allure How seductive was her figure

From the number of legal letters her management company had to issue, it could be seen just how sexy she was!

Some too many men harbored all sorts of indecent fantasies about Jenny.

Some used high-tech software to create fake, R-rated videos and photos of Jenny and posted them on various pornographic websites.

There were also those who used Jenny as a subject matter to publish erotic online comics and stories.

In just a month, Jennys management company had to make no less than 30 police reports!

No wonder a tycoon like Lee Min-joon, who has had all kinds of women, would be so excited at this moment.

With a wicked smile on his face as Lee Min-joon leered at her, he slowly pushed open the door, his phone suddenly rang.

Lee Min-joon paused and picked up the call.

“Whats the matter Has the hospitals matter been settled Didnt I tell you that you dont have to report such a small matter to me”

Lee Min-joon thought that the call was for his shooting of the doctor at TL plastic surgery hospital.

In fact, this was not the first time Lee Min-joon had killed someone.

That was why he was so bold.

Unexpectedly, the party at the other end of the line was in a panic.

“President, someone is robbing our bank!”

Lee Min-joon didnt even bat an eyelid.

Instead, he laughed out loud.

“What Rob my bank Hahaha, which crazy fool dares to rob our bank Hahaha, just call the police for such a small matter.

Let the police come and arrest the idiots.

No need to bother too much about this.

Anyway, they cant take away all our money.

I have something important to do now.

Ill hang up first.”

Lee Min-joon knew his bank very well.

He knew that even if there were bank robbers, they would only be able to get at the cash at the front counter.

There was not much cash there.

Therefore, he wouldnt delay his opportunity to taste a top celebrity just because of this.

Unexpectedly, the guy at the other end of the line interrupted, “Mr.

President, all the money in our vault has been stolen!”

Lee Min-joon was shocked.

“What did you say The money in the vault was stolen How is that possible! Without my eye scan and fingerprints, how did they open the vault! Also, there is 8 billion won worth of cash in the vault.

The notes weigh 700kg! Dont tell me they managed to move all that!”

The person on the other end of the line said, “Yes, they drove a truck and took away all the cash from the vault! President, what should we do now”

Only then did Lee Min-joon become nervous.

“Damn it! Why did we have to encounter such a thing at such a time! Which direction did they go Chase them immediately! Ill rush over now! If I catch them, Ill beat them to death!”

Lee Min-joon closed the door and turned around.

He said to the housekeeper, “Auntie, dont let anyone else open this door.

Do you hear me”

Lee Min-joon was worried that his subordinates might come here.

They might not be able to resist if they saw the beauty in the room.

An hour later.

Lee Min-joon was in a car following a group of police vehicles to a village outside the city.

They had already intercepted the truck.

It had to be said that the police force in South Korea was very efficient.

They had set up obstacles in advance so that the truck could not pass through.

Fortunately, the robbers were Dragons subordinates.

If it were just ordinary robbers, they probably wouldnt be able to get so far.

“F*ck, these b*stards!”

Lee Min-joon got out of the car and walked to the two criminals who had been cuffed.

He went up and started beating them!



“How dare you rob my bank Are you tired of living!”

With that, Lee Min-joon picked up his gun and aimed it at the two robbers.

He intended to settle this on his own.

A police officer saw this and hurriedly stopped him.

“President Lee, this is against the law! Please put down your weapon!”

Lee Min-joon said, “They robbed me so I am killing them.

What is against the law! Move aside!”

The police officer hurriedly said, “President Lee, this is a critical period.

If word gets out and affects Madam, it wont be good, right”

At the mention of “Madam”, Lee Min-joon obediently put down his weapon.

“Hmph, count them lucky.

Bring them back to the station and interrogate them properly.

Lets see if anyone else is behind this robbery,” Lee Min-joon ordered.


Lee Min-joon adjusted his suit and dusted his trousers before going back to his car.

“Hurry back to Yeouido.


Adler will be here soon.

I have to bed that little celebrity before he arrives.

Otherwise, I wont have a chance.”

The driver replied, “Yes, President!”

10 minutes later.

Dolphin One landed on the tarmac at the rooftop of TL plastic surgery hospital.

Jordan did not waste any time.

He descended quickly to find Tim.

The deplorable way Tim was beaten up left Jordan stunned.

Tims face was swollen and covered in blood.

His nose had been broken!

It was a tragic sight!

Salvatore was also shocked and shouted, “F*ck, Tim, how did you get beaten up like this! Was it that Lee fellow F*ck, that beast, he was so ruthless.

Dont worry, I will definitely take revenge for you and beat that beast to death!”

Jordans heart ached as well.

Tim had been with him for so long and had always given his best to him.

In particular, during the battle at Martins place in the capital, Jordan would probably have died there without Tims help in operating the drone!

“Damn b*stard, how dare you beat up my people like this!”

Jordan clenched his fists in anger!

He suppressed his anger and walked to Tim first.

“You call this fine”

Jordan could tell that something was wrong with Tim over the phone.

But Tim claimed that he was fine.

Tim smiled.

“I didnt want Mr.

Jordan to worry about me.”

Jordan said, “Tim, youve always been smart but timid.

Moreover, Elle isnt someone Im particularly close to.

Why would you pay such a huge price for her”

Tim explained.

“Elle said that she wanted to save her first time for you.

I cant let another b*stard snatch that away! No matter what, Elle is the most popular female celebrity in our country now!”

Salvatore patted Tims shoulder.

“Tim, well done! No one can snatch a woman away from our Mr.


Salvatore looked at Jordan.


Jordan, I think you should have Elle too.

Otherwise, Tim would have been beaten up for nothing!”


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